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Chapter 154 - Killer (1)Edited by Ilesyt

“That’s good. Later on when Coldblood Five leaves, you cook for me at once.” Ye Lang said with a smile.

“How come I feel that you just tricked us?” Everybody had a feeling of seemingly being fooled, but they also thought that was impossible when looking at Ye Lang.

Put up with something impossible first and propose something that was difficult but can be done. This seems to be a tactic.

If Ye Lang asked for something like braised bear’s paw with soy sauce directly at the beginning, they would definitely refuse it. But now they agreed with heartfelt delight.

So it is true, that the seller can ask for a sky-high price, while the buyer can make a down-to-earth offer!

They stood on standby, waiting for Coldblood Five to come out with the thought that he would finish his work soon. But things didn’t go as they expected. It was not the usual case with Coldblood Five this time. Time passed by bit by bit, but there was not any sign of him coming out!

“Why hasn’t he come out yet? I’m almost starving to death! No, I’m going in!” Ye Lang couldn’t stand it. He would not care who was inside, even the top authority had to step aside.

Hunger breeds discontent!

“What?! Frank, wait……”

Before everybody could react, they found Ye Lang had already appeared in the kitchen doorway, opened the door and went inside. No one dared to stop him at this moment.

Even if Ye Lang didn’t get to the kitchen doorway at this moment, these people would not necessarily risk their lives to stop Ye Lang. After all, they did not have so good relations with Ye Lang, but were only common acquaintances.

For them, the distance within three meters away from the kitchen was a dangerous area, where they would die at any time.

By this time, someone felt a little strange of how Ye Lang could go over there so quickly just now, almost in the blink of en eye he appeared there.

Could it be that they were too dazed to realize the situation?

“Hmm? It smells so great……” Opening the door, Ye Lang smelt a tangy flavor, which made him even more hungry and begin drooling.

“?!” In the kitchen, one person was watching the fire and greatly surprised when they saw Ye Lang suddenly appear, as he never thought that someone would come in.

This person was the only person in the kitchen. The kitchen was big, but it was clear at a glance!

So, in theory, this person should be Coldblood Five!

“Wow ha ha, what is this? ...... May I eat? If you don’t say no, I’ll eat it.” Ye Lang didn’t care whether this was Coldblood Five or not, as he only saw the food placed on the table.

The exquisite cuisine looked so tasty that Ye Lang completely ignored the existence of this person and even disregarded what these dishes may be.

Don’t forget that there is only Coldblood Five in the kitchen. Accoridng to everyone’s understanding of Coldblood Five, there must be something wrong with the dishes, it must be a tool he uses to kill people.

There were several times in the past when he used delicious food to allure the target, while in the food he put poison taken from Coldblood Thirteen, which no one had antidotes for.

Simply speaking, the delicious food on this table was most likely a tool to kill people by underhanded means!

Everybody here did not dare to eat the food. Even Coldblood One did not dare to eat the food made by Coldblood Five. Even if the latter told him that it was not poisonous, he would not try it easily.

In this place, maybe only Ye Lang dared to eat the food without even thinking of the result. In fact, he didn’t need to care about this, as he was invulnerable to poisons and knew plenty about poisons.

To be honest, Ye Lang did not think of this at all, but directly went to eat the food first.

“Hmm, it tastes good. A bit inferior to Fatty’s food, but it can be considered delicious!” While eating, Ye Lang spoke highly of the food.

However, at the moment, in the kitchen, Coldblood Five was shocked when seeing Ye Lang. It seemed that he never thought someone would be so bold to enter the kitchen and eat the food on the table.

“You……Who are you!!” Looking at Ye Lang, Coldblood Five said in a cold tone, which made the listeners feel like being pierced a cold wind!

This is bloodlust, making people feel a fear of death!

Nevertheless, it made no difference to Ye Lang!

“I’m……They call me Frank. You can call me that too.” Ye Lang replied.

“Frank? Why have I never heard of this name before?” Coldblood Five tried to recall his memory, but still failed to think of this person. “Forget it, you should be a newcomer and do not know who I am, that’s why you are so bold!”

Originally, Coldblood Five wanted to let go of Ye Lang, as Ye Lang was ignorant. But unexpectedly...

“I know who you are. You are Coldblood Five. They told me that you are here. Originally, I wouldn’t come in if you were here, but I’m starving too much. Did you make these yourself? I never thought you had this talent. Can I come to you for meals in the future?” Ye Lang was eating while talking, without any fear.

“You really have guts!” Coldblood Five said coldly.

“I don’t know if I have guts or not. They all say that I am a fool, not fearing anything.” Ye Lang said with a smile, as if proud of being a fool.

Coldblood Five was speechless and dazed for a while, and then said when looking at Ye Lang: “You are indeed a fool. How did you come here?”

Coldblood Five felt strange that there would be someone like Ye Lang in the Coldblood Group. Wouldn’t it make the location here unsafe, as Ye Lang would tell all the secrets here after he goes out?

“Coldblood Thirteen brought me here. He said to study my physique.” Ye Lang answered without any concealment.

“Oh, I see. What’s special about your physique?” Coldblood Five asked carelessly. He knew there were lots of people like Ye Lang in Coldblood Thirteen’s hand, so he was not surprised.

His last question, he just asked offhandedly, it didn’t matter to him whether he would have the answer or not.

“Nothing special, I’m just invulnerable to poisons and also have no attributes.” With the food in his mouth, Ye Lang replied casually, as if casually chatting with Coldblood Five. If anyone saw this scene, they would be astonished.

It was Coldblood Five, the well-known cruel killer in the Coldblood Group, who was freely chatting with a young boy. You could imagine how amazing the scene was.

“What?! What did you say just now?” Coldblood Five screamed slightly after hearing what Ye Lang said. The expression on his face was rarely seen, as basically he always had the same look—— a cold look!

From the look on his face now, it showed how surprised he felt at what Ye Lang said.

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