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Chapter 153 - Coldblood Five (3)Edited by Ilesyt

Ye Lang stayed in the lab everyday now, indulging himself in pleasure, already forgetting his original plan and putting aside what he intended to do!

This day, after finishing an experiment, Ye Lang suddenly felt tired, so he went outside for some fresh air and looked for something to eat as well. There was still much food in his ring, which was prepared by Zhen Xiaoyan, but he resisted eating it now. If he ate it too quickly, there would be nothing left for him to eat.

Now, he realized that Zhen Xiaoyan did not prepare enough food for him, as he had already eaten most of it. When he was mistaken as a mercenary before, he always pigged out, citing additional physical labour. In the end, he ate too much and too quickly.

Fatty, what should I do without you?

At this moment, Ye Lang suddenly felt that Zhen Xiaoyan was so important. But if someone asked Ye Lang to choose between Zhen Xiaoyan and the food prepared by her, his answer would be only one. That was……


(Some time ago)……

In an obscure moment, Zhen Xiaoyan looked at Ye Lang with hazy eyes and asked him in a vague tone: “Ye Lang, which one do you prefer, me or the dessert?”

Without any thought, Ye Lang directly said two words:

“The dessert!”


(Back to now)……

“One, two, three, four; one, two, three, four……”

In the yard, Ye Lang was doing stretches, feeling at home here. Alas, only he would feel this way, without any thought of leaving or any sense of crisis.

At this moment, one group member came in and asked Ye Lang: “Frank, hasn’t Master Thirteen come out yet?”

“Not yet. Maybe he died inside.” Ye Lang answered with a guess.

“Damn you. You just want him to die, so you’ll be safe.” The group member said sourly and then left.

“What does my life have to do with his life or death? He can do nothing to me.” Ye Lang continued his stretches, speaking carelessly, while no one heard what he said.

Even if anyone heard Ye Lang, they would not care, as they thought Ye Lang was just ignorant.

“With the exercises, I feel hungry again. Take a shower and go to the kitchen for some food.” Touching his stomach, Ye Lang smiled and ran into the bathroom.

After the shower, he got changed and left the small yard. No one watched him today, so he headed to the kitchen alone!

Don’t ask him whether he knows where the kitchen is or not. Of course he knew it. In this period, he had already become familiar with the situation here and was quite familiar with important places like the kitchen.

When approaching the kitchen, Ye Lang saw a group of people outside. He knew these people: the cooks and helpers in the kitchen. But why are they working outside instead of inside? This is really strange.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Lang asked them while standing behind.

“We have no choice. It’s not that we don’t want to work inside, but in the kitchen……” At first they thought it was a superior who asked, and were about to explain when somebody soon found that it was Ye Lang.

“Frank, it’s you. You must be hungry again. But it’s not the right time, someone is using the kitchen right now.” One guy, who looked like a cook, with a big head and a round face, said.

From this sentence, no matter the tone or the content, one thing was certain, that the people here were very familiar with Ye Lang and knew that he would come here for food when he was hungry.

“Who is so bored to occupy the kitchen? Just drive him away……” Ye Lang said immediately. He only knew that he was a little hungry and that nothing was more important than eating at the moment.

“Hush!” Those nearby instantly hissed and asked Ye Lang to keep quiet, as if for fear of disturbing the person in the kitchen.

“What’s wrong? If you don’t dare to, I’ll do it!” Ye Lang didn’t have any awareness of fear, rolling up his sleeves, wanting to go fight against the person inside seemingly.

“Frank, you silly boy, come back! At most, you just stay hungry for a while. If you go inside, you’ll die!” Those by the side pulled and held Ye Lang right away.

“Do you know who is inside?” Someone asked Ye Lang meanwhile.

“No. I only know I am hungry now. I want something to eat!” Ye Lang shook his head, trying to get rid of these people.

“We told you to stay hungry for a while. It’s Lord Five inside. If you go inside, you will come out as a corpse!” The cooks tried to persuade him.

“Lord Five? Coldblood Five??” Ye Lang was dazed for a moment and then added, “I remember Coldblood Thirteen told me about him, a devil who kills people without blinking an eye. He also asked me to keep away from him, as far away from him as possible!”

“Um, that is him. So you just put up with the hunger for a while. He should finish his work soon. It’s about time.” One person nodded and said while watching the time.

“What? You mean, he comes here frequently?” Ye Lang was a bit confused. Since they knew the time, it meant that it was not the first time and would not be only one or two times.

They could calculate the length of the time, so it has happened for many times!

“Yup! Right, sometimes he will borrow the kitchen and make something. After he leaves, we’ll clean up the kitchen carefully. After all, he is Lord Five……”

“You are right. We should guard against someone like him. Had better sterilize the whole kitchen and check all the food, just in case!” Ye Lang agreed with a nod.

In his eyes, these people must be afraid of Coldblood Five, the devil killer, who would also kill those on his own side by adding poison in the kitchen.

“……Don’t be so serious……”

“You had better do so. I can do this for you, but you have to treat me to something delicious.” Ye Lang nodded with a smile.

“……You kid, are you trying to cheat us or something. Actually, Master Thirteen gives you cover. You just have to ask.”

“Then I want to eat snow dragon fish, royal honey, the lost fruits……” Ye Lang said, counting on his fingers.

“What the hell, don’t overdo it. Even the imperial palace can’t get these things, let alone us.” Those people suddenly got angry and yelled. But they became quiet immediately afterwards, as if afraid of being heard by Coldblood Five in the kitchen.

“You said I just had to ask. Why not this time?” Ye Lang looked at the group of people with innocent eyes.

The group of people was left dumbfounded. Then they said in a low voice, “What you say should have a limit, or at least say something we can get.”

“All right, then get me braised bear’s paw with soy sauce and shark fin soup.” Ye Lang said, asking for the second best.

“Okay okay, we’ll prepare these for you!” The group of people replied at once. Though these were rare food, at least they had ways to get it.

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