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Chapter 131
Chapter 131 - Absolute luck (1) Translated by NEET Edited by Ilesyt



“I also want to…” Princess Qi said from the side and giggled as she looked at Ye Lang.


“Go away, right now I can’t deal with any more hugging, why not kiss me instead?” Ye Lang said. Right now, apart from his head, his whole body was covered by the two women.


“Okay!” Princess Qi nimbly darted in and kissed Ye Lang. Of course, this kiss wasn’t on the mouth but on Ye Lang’s muddleheaded face.


“…I was joking, I haven’t washed my face for several days!” Ye Lang stupidly said. This was obviously the case as he had been here inside this room for the last couple days and there were clearly no washing facilities.


“…” Princess Qi fell silent and then immediately started spitting, “Puh, puh. You brat, how dare you trick me!”


“I didn’t, I just didn’t expect you to actually do it…..” Ye Lang said in an embarrassed tone.


At this time, Ye Lang took the opportunity to sweep a glance across the room: “You’re all here, that’s great, now I don’t have to look for you. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find you guys. Also, shouldn’t you all be ahead of me?”


Ye Lang didn’t understand it, he clearly was a long way behind them, yet he somehow ended up in front of them. Actually the solution was simple, Ye Lang had constantly been traveling at full speed with the mercenaries, while Ye Chengtian’s group had previously been evading the pursuit and later invitations of others, so they were naturally much slower than Ye Lang’s group.


Getting back to the topic at hand, after glancing around the room, it seemed that Ye Lang wanted to focus back on himself, but very quickly he felt that something was off….


In an instant, Ye Lang’s attention became focused on one person, no; it should be described as two people. He struggled out of the embrace of his mother and sister and looked at one person--


That female warrior!


“Mandy, why are you threatening Fatty?’ Ye Lang’s voice was somewhat cold because he saw the female warrior holding Zhen Xiaoyan with a knife at her throat.


This female warrior really was sister Mandy!


Originally, Ye Lang had also called her sister Mandy, but right now, looking at her kidnapping Zhen Xiaoyan, he decided to drop the sister prefix.


“I…” looking at Ye Lang’s cold attitude towards her, sister Mandy was at a loss. She had done this for him, not knowing that he was none other than the legendary Ye Lang.


“No matter what the reason, release her!” Ye Lang said rudely.


Sister Mandy became even more troubled and let her sword drop. Thus, Zhen Xiaoyan escaped her status as a hostage.  In truth, she already wanted to release Zhen Xiaoyan. Once she knew that her great young master was Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan was his good friend, why would she still hold her hostage!


But because everything had happened so fast, she had forgotten to do so!


“Fatty, raise your head….” Zhen Xiaoyan came in front of Ye Lang and obediently raised her head when Ye Lang asked.


“You’re bleeding, fortunately it’s not too deep and won’t scar!” Ye Lang softly brushed his hand across the cut on Zhen Xiaoyan’s neck. Everyone watched the cut disappear completely as his hand moved!


Not even the slightest trace of it remained as if it had never happened, mystifying many people. However, when they thought about Ye Lang’s skill in alchemy they calmed down.


“Ye Lang, you can’t blame Ms.Mandy, she only kidnapped me as a hostage because she wanted to save you. She didn’t know who you were. She didn’t know we were friends!” Zhen Xiaoyan raised her head and kept it raised as she spoke, since she didn’t know if she could lower it again.


She didn’t want Ye Lang to mistakenly blame those who cared about him, treating sister Mandy this way was just too cruel.


“So that’s the case, okay, and you can lower your head!” Ye Lang more or less understood Mandy’s viewpoint, and since Zhen Xiaoyan was more or less unhurt, he apologized. “Sister Mandy, sorry for that just now, I wrongly blamed you! Also, thank you for taking care of me these last few days, now that I’ve found the people I won’t bother you any longer!”


“No need to apologize or thank me, these are all things that I should do. That’s where the job of a mercenary lies!” Sister Mandy shook her head and slowly replied.


“I understand that you are a person who treasures promises, however I don’t understand why you kidnapped Fatty and undertook this venture when I wasn’t in danger?


“Great young master, how was I supposed to know you were safe? At that time they didn’t say anything and just “invited” you over. After two days without any news, who knew what could have happened!” Sister Mandy unhappily said.


“Didn’t I say that I was just going to play with them for a few days and that you guys could leave and I’ll catch up later?” Ye Lang said.


“We could leave? If we really left without worrying about you, there’s no way you’d catch up. You might end up going back to where you came from. Also, how can we not worry about you, you…..” Sister Mandy continued.


“Sister Mandy, don’t try and talk to him about this problem, you’ll never get an answer.” Princess Qi shook her head and stopped sister Mandy from speaking further.


“Yeah, he was dropped on his head as a baby, you’ll never be able to reach an understanding with him.” Ye Lanyu nodded her head and assented and followed up by asking Ye Lang, “Little brother, why were you invited here, did you do something?”


“I didn’t do much, I just saw a casino and decided to go in to lose some money on a whim.” Ye Lang said.


Lose some money? Did you say it wrong? You should have said win some money.


People who didn’t know Ye Lang’s personality thought that Ye Lang must have misspoken, but those familiar with him knew he spoke correctly. This brat was definitely aiming to lose money.


“Did you end up winning?” Princess Qi guessed. If he hadn’t won, he probably wouldn’t have been invited by this king Gaofei.


“Exactly, I won and even won the casino itself, ai…” Ye Lang nodded his head and replied as he lamented this outcome.


“….” Everyone was speechless at how lucky this brat was, even like this he could still win someone’s casino.


As for seventh brother, at this time his eyes lit up and started praising Ye Lang: “Thirteen, nicely done, this way we have another asset!”


“Casino…. Was that casino called Zhizun casino?” A subordinate asked.


“I don’t remember, but that seems right yet a bit off at the same time!” Ye Lang naturally wouldn’t remember these things, or rather he wouldn’t even bother looking or paying attention to these things.


“It has to be the Zhizun casino. That belongs to his majesty, so perhaps that was why he invited you to come gamble. He wanted to win his casino back while also indulging in his gambling fever.” The subordinate continued speaking.


“So that’s the case, before I thought he had discovered my identity so I followed him. Who knew he would start gambling with me without saying anything else. If he wants to gamble, naturally I would oblige him, this young master doesn’t fear anyone!” Ye Lang patted his chest and declared.


From Ye Lang’s words, sister Mandy could vaguely tell the real reason why Ye Lang didn’t want her to care about him was because he didn’t want to implicate them and wished for them to quickly leave.

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