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Chapter 13 – Professional Prodigal Son Translated by imakeussmile


Everyone became silent and no one increased the bidding price, unless that person purposely wanted to offend the thirteenth prince, or knew how much the item inside the box was actually worth.

The auctioneer was bewildered for a while and immediately said: “100 000, Ye Family’s thirteenth prince has bid 100 000, is there anyone who is going to bid higher? 100 000 going once……”

Very quickly, the auctioneer finished counting down, unusually fast this time around. This situation was completely different compared to regular auctions, where shouting ‘going once’ would drag on up to a few minutes time.

This was very normal. After all, everyone knew that it was the Ye Family’s prodigal son, thirteenth prince, who bid for that item, making it very hard to find another person who would bid, thus there was no bidding competition at all.

In fact, everyone was very curious as to what was hidden within the box as they were holding their breath in anticipation. The little thirteenth prince however hurriedly left the auction house after paying the money, leaving behind many disappointed faces.

To leave so promptly, could it be that the item hidden within the box was a treasure? Everyone was suspecting this, but if they were to hear the following conversation, they would understand that it was totally different.

“Please go to the Ye Residence!” After flagging down a rental carriage, Tigress looked at the box within her hand and asked: “Young master, do you know what is inside the box?”

Although she felt that the answer she would get from her young master would make her feel very helpless, she still wasn’t able to bear with her curiosity and asked her young master who stood next to her.

“Don’t know.” As expected, the little prodigal son shook his head and answered.

“……, don’t know but you still bid 100,000?” Tigress shook her head helplessly before placing the item inside her space pouch.

Although this little prodigal son also had a pretty good space ring with him, his ring was actually very spacious and empty, almost having nothing in it, since most of his things were safely kept by Tigress instead.

This was not for no reason. The thirteenth prince did not care whether the things he bought could be used by him or not. He also wasn’t really clear about the functional use of the items. But Tigress was different, if she didn’t know, she would go to learn and understand about it. Thus, placing the things that the little thirteenth prince bought inside her space pouch, Tigress would allow them to exhibit the functional use of the items.

There was also one more point, which was that even if the things were left with Tigress, it was the same as being left with this little prodigal son, since both of them were basically inseparable, never leaving each other’s side, just like a pair of couple. Err, wrong, it should be a pair of master and servant.

“I am a professional prodigal son. Other prodigal sons would only pick the things that they liked, or pick those which have value. I am different from them, I don’t care whether I like it or not, I don’t care whether if there is any value. I will be prodigal when I want to be prodigal, squander money when I want to squander money.” Little prodigal son said very solemnly, his tone even having a little bit of despise, as if he was despising those so called prodigal sons.

“Sigh……I knew you would be like this this. Every time when it is something like this, the words you say would only be a little bit different. Could it be that you were born to just squander money and be prodigal?” Tigress felt even more helpless, and at the same time, she also felt very strange about one point, which was that her young master was very obtuse with everything, and even when speaking he would be somewhat unclear too.

But every time when it was about being prodigal, the way he spoke would be tidy and clear, and the logic would always be distorted logic, making people roll their eyes.

Since this little prodigal son did not know what was inside the box, then what was he hurrying for? This was of course because he had to go back home before going to the imperial palace to attend his and his “wife’s” birthday party.

Just now when he was at the auction house, the time had already passed for one hour and a half, reaching the limit of the time he had to go back home. If he still did not return home by then, his parents would surely send someone to fetch him.

“Little bastard, why did you only come back now? Didn’t I tell you that you have to be home earlier today? Don’t say anything, quickly get into the carriage. Tai Ya, help him change his clothes in the carriage.” Ye Family’s biggest prodigal son reached the gate of the Ye Residence, and just after coming down from the carriage, his ear was immediately pinched by someone and pulled into a luxurious carriage, which was already waiting at the side.

“Mom, auaaaa……” Little prodigal son shouted painfully. The person who pinched his ear wasn’t just anyone, but was indeed Long An Qi who was waiting at the gate for him. She was one of the only two people who would do something like this to him.

Why’ the only two people’? That’s of course because there were two people. But the second wasn’t his father, but his bigger sister, Ye Lan Yu.

“Hahaha, serves you right, who told you to run away while I was not paying attention.”  Ye Lan Yu said while clapping with her small hands, looking as if she was venting her anger.

“I didn’t ah?” Little prodigal son shook his head, denying Ye Lan Yu’s accusation.

“Still say you didn’t, didn’t I tell you to go and play together with me.” Ye Lan Yu said with slight anger.

“Yep, you did say that.” Little prodigal son nodded his head and said slowly.

“Then you still say you didn’t!” Ye Lan Yu used her hand to knock on the little prodigal’s forehead.


“But I didn’t agree that I would go and play together with you!”

“……” Ye Lan Yu remained silent.

“I don’t like to go and take a stroll around the streets with you. You would always dress me up into your appearance.” The little prodigal son continued talking, revealing the reason why he didn’t like to go out together with Ye Lan Yu.

“……” Ye Lan Yu remained even more silent.

Is it that you sort of don’t understand what happened? Actually, it was very simple. Our little thirteenth prince saying that he was dressed up into Ye Lan Yu’s appearance, did not mean disguising himself as Ye Lan Yu, but instead he was dressed into the same style as her. Simply said, it was dressing him up as a girl.

At that time, when our little thirteenth prince was still young, his eyes were bright and clear, while his skin was meticulously white.  When he was dressed up as a girl, it could be said that he was capable of overturning an entire city. Of course, this was an exaggeration, but when the little thirteenth prince dressed up as a girl, he was indeed very cute.

After all, he was just a child who was still not past the age of 10. Even if it was changed to another person, as long as he was similarly dressed up by Ye Lan Yu, that person would probably be more or less look just like the little thirteenth prince.

“Xiao Yu, you only have yourself to blame for this. Right now, even little brother is starting to be afraid of you.” At the side, a little lady who was beautiful and had a sort of gentleness attached to her laughed.

“Second sis, you dare to laugh at me. At that time you were also involved in it. If I remember correctly, the idea was even proposed by you.” Ye Lan Yu said unhappily. She still remembered the time when she let her little brother try out her clothes, it was her own second sis who said that their little brother looked very cute, and if he were to dress up a bit, they would have another little sister.

“I did?” Second sister pretended to know nothing about it.


“Stop chattering already. Set out, go to the imperial palace.” Ye Cheng Tian waved his hands, breaking off his daughter’s conversation while declaring to set out.

Inside the carriage, when Ye Lan Yu was looking at Tigress and Long An Qi helping the little thirteenth prince change his clothes, she once again suggested to let him wear her evening dress for a while. Of course, the result was that she was immediately knocked on the head by Long An Qi.

At the side, the little thirteenth prince had a pitying expression while looking at Ye Lan Yu and used his hand to stroke on the spot where Ye Lan Yu was hit. Towards this big sister of his, he was very caring about her.

Although Ye Lan Yu had often teased and deceived her own little brother, it couldn’t be denied that she loved her little brother very dearly and would not allow anyone to bully him.

“Little brother, how about when we go back home, you wear this for me to take a look……” Ye Lan Yu enticed.

“Don’t want!” The little thirteenth prince immediately ran to the other side, hiding beside Long An Qi, making Ye Lan Yu only be able to look, not daring to move..


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