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Chapter 129 - Coincidence (2)Edited by Ilesyt

Ye Lanyu and company were all wondering how this world could have another person like Ye Lang. Truly, the world was full of extraordinary things!

However, the female warrior’s next words made them feel even more certain that Ye Lang and the great young master were carved out of the same piece of wood!

“If he had any special traits, then it should be said that he’s a bit absentminded, he’ll often behave muddleheaded.”

“What’s his name! What does he look like, is he about this tall, this…”

Immediately Ye Lanyu and everyone else started speaking up with voices that were nervous, but with a hint of excitement. However, everyone asked about something different, creating a scene of chaos and rendering the female warrior unable to hear what was being said.

“What’s his name? I don’t know, because he’s running away from home and is afraid of his family finding him, so he never told us. We’ve been calling him great young master the whole time because of that.” That female warrior replied.

“You don’t know? Does that mean you’re not a warrior of his family and he’s not your families young master?” Princess Qi immediately asked. This point had to be cleared up. It was crucial to confirming his identity.

If that great young master had this kind of family warrior, then he definitely wasn’t Ye Lang. How could the people here not know the people by Ye Lang’s side? They had never seen this female warrior before.

“No, I’m not some kind of family warrior. I’m just the leader of a small band of mercenaries! Great young master is someone I met on the road who I promised to escord to Fire Dragon City. Therefore no matter what price I have to pay, I will safely escort him there!” That female warrior gritted her teeth showing them her determination to rescue him.

The female warrior’s words stunned everyone. They were all in awe of the female warrior’s actions. For the sake of upholding her promises she had barged into this “palace” to save him.

Although this “palace” was a bit small, and there wasn’t too much staff, but to a mercenary like her, it was still a perilous undertaking.

Moreover she wasn’t even afraid of offending Ye Chengtian and his group in order to save him, further showing that her promises were not to be taken lightly!!

However, at this time, what Princess Qi cared about was not the female warrior’s promise, but the great young master the female warrior was speaking of. She continued her questioning: “Where did you meet him? As well as when did you meet him?”

“It was about twenty days ago at Mila city, at that time…..” The female warrior said and what she spoke of seemed to match Ye Lang’s circumstances. At the time, Ye Lang had met Sister Mandy at Miweila city and then followed Sister Mandy towards Fire Dragon city.

It seemed that this place was one of the roads to Fire Dragon city……

According to logic, Ye Lang and Sister Mandy should be far behind. How could they have caught up, and moreover arrived a day before Ye Lanyu’s group?

Don’t forget, the great young master inside had been gambling with King Gaofei since two days ago, indicating that he had been here for at least two days and Ye Lanyu’s group had only arrived yesterday.

Therefore, no matter how you looked at it, these people shouldn’t be Ye Lang and Sister Mandy!

If it was them, then how many coincidences would it take? First their routes had to both lead here, then Ye Lang had to get here early and then be “captured” by King Gaofei.

Speaking of which, Ye Lang being captured wasn’t really a coincidence, because he would often run into this kind of thing!

No matter how you viewed it, regardless of who this great young master was, Ye Lanyu and company didn’t know what had happened earlier. They had no idea that Ye Lang had gotten lost and went in the exact opposite direction.

Consequently, Princess Qi despondently said: “Miweila city, that’s in another direction, it’s probably not him!”

“It still could be, Ye Lang is so muddleheaded. He might’ve gone in the wrong direction!” Zhen Xiaoyan said. She felt this great young master was Ye Lang and forgot that she was being held hostage.

“That’s definitely true. The problem is, no matter how foolish he is, he shouldn’t go in the complete opposite direction!” Ye Lanyu said. Towards Ye Lang she still had some trust. Yes, at least this little faith she still had.

“Worst case he would only go to Aila…..”


That wasn’t much of a difference!

“That’s to say, you all think the great young master inside could be our great young master?” Princess Qi looked at the two of them and asked.

“Uh huh!”

Ye Lanyu and Zhen Xiaoyan nodded, but while Ye Lanyu was fine, Zhen Xiaoyan had a knife at her throat, how could she dare to nod. Fortunately that female warrior didn’t make a false move and ensured that Zhen Xiaoyan wasn’t hurt.

“Then only one question remains, do you guys think our young master knows how to gamble?” Princess Qi asked.

“No!” Both people simultaneously shook their heads and replied. Not only them, everyone present, as long as they were from the Soaring Sky Empire, knew that Ye Lang was a person who completely did not know how to gamble. Although he liked to gamble, but that was only when he wanted to waste money.

“Exactly, from when he was small up until now, he has only thrown money into those gambling games. To throw away money, he’s never seriously tried to gamble before; he has no idea how to gamble.” Princess Qi said.

“When you mention it, that’s certainly true, but how could a person so similar exist. Not only does he like to be prodigal, he’s also very muddleheaded….” Ye Lanyu muttered and then loudly said--

“It doesn’t matter! Let’s just go and grab the person inside. Whether or not it’s really brother will instantly become clear!”

These words hit the crux of the issue, what’s the point in blind guessing? Just directly go in and find the answer!

In the end, right now everybody wanted the youth inside to come out. No matter if it was for Zhen Xiaoyan’s safety or to get an answer!


“We can’t open the door, it’s impossible!”

There was no way to open the room inside from the outside apart from using a powerful attack. This room seemed a bit overkill, but those inside were gambling addicts after all. To them, gambling was the most important thing and they disliked being interrupted by others.

However, Zhen Xiaoyan getting kidnapped couldn’t be considered a small matter, therefore Ye Lanyu was the first to lose her patience.

Everyone could only watch as ice crystals appeared on top of Ye Lanyu’s hand and an ice arrow materialized and flew into the door. The loud sound caused everyone to jump up in fright. It seemed nobody had thought Ye Lanyu would be that direct.

“Ms. Lanyu, it’s no use, this room has several special alchemy spells reinforcing it. Apart from high level magic…..” Zhen Xiaoyan explained, but when she reached this point her face suddenly changed, because she knew Ye Lanyu might--

“Don’t! Little Yu, do you want to kill us?”

“Ye Lanyu…..”

“My god!”

The group of people panicked as Ye Lanyu started seriously condensing high level magic with enough power to level the building.

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