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Chapter 128 - Coincidence (1)Edited by Ilesyt

Judging by the appearance of that female warrior, it seemed that most likely she was a mercenary.

Out of the experts here, most likely all of them had all been mercenaries before. Within the continent this was the most commonly used training method, thus practically all warriors and magicians had been mercenaries at one point.

If she was a mercenary, then that raised new questions, according to reason, for this kind of thing mercenaries wouldn’t be used. Could it be that they were trying to avoid getting blamed? Even if that was the case, they should have hired first rate mercenaries. How could mercenaries like this deal with them?

As for how Zhen Xiaoyan was captured, it’s not hard to understand, that was because Zhen Xiaoyan doesn’t know how to use douqi or magic. Although she was an alchemist, her sense of danger was weak so it was very easy for others to catch her off guard.

And this “Palace” might be called a palace, but it was really just an ordinary city lord’s mansion. There were many holes in the defenses!

Above all else, everybody wanted to know what this female warrior wanted and why did she capture Zhen Xiaoyan!

“Get out of my way, all of you! Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that she will remain in one piece!” That female warrior softly threatened Ye Lanyu and everyone else. She moved the sword at Zhen Xiaoyan’s neck closer until you could see a thin red line.

“Lady, please don’t rush, state your demands, upon my name of Ye Chengtian, as long as it’s within my power I will do it as long as you let go of that girl!” Ye Chengtian looked at that female warrior and said seriously.

Who was Zhen Xiaoyan, she was someone who followed Ye Lang through heaven and hell. Even if it meant becoming a wanted criminal in the Empire, even if it meant being chased down and killed, she would still stand by Ye Lang’s side.

This kind of girl, as Ye Lang’s father, could Ye Chengtian not protect her? He and Long Anqi were just short of calling her Second daughter-in-law. They couldn’t treat her too well after all!

“Marshall Ye, I believe you, but I still must see the person before I release her!” That female warrior coldly replied. It seemed that she wasn’t surprised by the existence of Ye Chengtian and his group, and even knew who they were.

If that was the case, then that could only mean one thing, that female warrior most likely didn’t accidentally capture Zhen Xiaoyan, but did so on purpose. She looked up information on them and knew that Zhen Xiaoyan was someone who was important yet didn’t possess fighting prowess.

“Say it, what’s your goal.” Ye Chengtian wrinkled his eyebrows and felt that that warrior may have been targetting them.

“My goal is very simple. I want them to release the great young master they have kidnapped!” The female warrior pointed at the people of the “palace”.

“Great young master?”

At this time, everyone was startled. Both sides didn’t understand what the female warrior was talking about, or at least right now nobody could understand.

Could this female warrior have come for her great young master who had been kidnapped by the people here?

If that was the case then it was understandable. As long as Ye Chengtian and the rest of them started moving, then they could definitely reach that goal and it might be even more effective so she had kidnapped Zhen Xiaoyan.

Right now the question was, who was her great young master and why had the kingdom’s people kidnapped him?

Ye Chengtian and his group looked at the representatives of the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance. From their puzzled looks they understood one thing: they weren’t very clear on what was going on either.

“Great young master? Could you be talking about that odd youth that’s inside gambling with King Gaofei?” At this time, the official who had gone in suddenly connected the dots and thought of something.

“Gambling? The great young master knows how to gamble?” The female warrior was somewhat doubtful, suggesting that either she wasn’t certain the youth inside was her great young master or perhaps she wasn’t familiar with her great young master.

As for gambling, that word, it gave Ye Chengtian’s group another piece of information, it turns out the king wouldn’t see them because he was gambling with someone!

Towards this, towards the king putting them all aside because he was gambling, they didn’t feel indignant at all!

They only felt pity towards this kingdom with their king that didn’t care about the future of the country yet cared about gambling with others!!

But upon further thought, this kind of small country didn’t have much of a future anyways…

“Your family’s great young master doesn’t know how to gamble? Then perhaps the person inside isn’t him, for him to have gambled with His Majesty for two days and two nights, he has to be a very good gambler!” The speaker was a subordinate who understood King Gaofei very well. They were very certain that the youth inside was a master of gambling.

The people on the continent who could gamble with King Gaofei for two days and two nights could be counted on one’s fingers.

“I don’t know if he knows, I’ve never seen him gamble before. Then again, a prodigal son should know how to gamble, and someone as thoroughly prodigal as him should be even better.” The female warrior spoke regretfully.

“Prodigal son….”

Those two words jogged the memory of Ye Lanyu and the rest. It made them think of Ye Lang, the person who was so stubborn about being prodigal that it made one forget the origin of the term.

“Then can you be certain that the youth inside is your great young master? In truth, even if he is the youth inside, it isn’t a problem, because His Majesty won’t make things difficult for the people he gambles with, if he does, he does so with his gambling skills!”

The subordinate continued: “Therefore you need not worry about his safety, you can release that lady for now.”

“Release her? Don’t even think about it! How do I know you’re not lying to me? Until I see him, I won’t release Ms. Zhen Xiaoyan!” That female warrior didn’t loosen her grip and continued holding Zhen Xiaoyan hostage.

“If you know her name, then that suggests my guess was correct, from the very start your target was Zhen Xiaoyan. You wanted to use us to put pressure on them, and the fact that you know who we are and understand us so well suggests that your identity isn’t that simple either!” Princess Qi looked at that female warrior.

“I….” the female warrior hesitated.

“I don’t want to know who you are, that has nothing to do with me! Tell me, what kind of person is your great young master, what are his special traits!” Princess Qi only wanted to confirm that the person inside was her great young master. She only wanted to ensure Zhen Xiaoyan’s safety.

“What kind of person is he, he’s the great young master of a noble family, and he’s a prodigal son. When he has nothing to do he likes to find ways to waste money. To him, the more money he spends the more fun it is. He definitely won’t feel sad because he spent too much money.” The female warrior narrated.

This great young master, doesn’t he start to sound more and more like a certain person?

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