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Chapter 126 - Kidnapping (1)Edited by Ilesyt

I looked for him earlier. My subordinates reported that he was busy and didn’t have time to come!” Another person spoke up. Throughout the night he had frequently gone outside to meet up with his subordinates. It looked like what they had been whispering about was this issue.

Moreover, every time he would receive news, his eyebrows would wrinkle up and he would then order his subordinates to keep on trying!

“What is he doing, how can he not attend something this important! If not for his negotiating technique being so unique, I wouldn’t want to let him come!” Some people rebuked, but they were also helpless.

“??’ Seventh brother looked at those people curiously. Although he didn’t know who they were speaking of, this person definitely did not hold an ordinary position within the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance. Otherwise these people wouldn’t only dare to talk behind his back.

Why was this so certain? It’s very simple, this was no ordinary occasion and this could be a turning point in the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance’s history. If this person wasn’t special, they would have forced him to come long ago instead of gossiping behind his back without daring to do anything.

Thus, right now Seventh brother really wanted to know who this person was. Not only was he curious, he wanted to personally try out his negotiating technique and see why it was uniquel!

Consequently, Seventh brother opened his mouth and asked: Who are you talking about?”

“He’s the king of this All Directions Kingdom. Not only is he good at negotiating, he can make some decisions that we can’t!” They replied.

[TL note: 都方国 is translated as All Directions Kingdom]

Right now the most important thing was to keep Seventh brother and keep the Ye family from leaving. The best thing to do was to answer his question and draw his interest!


Speaking of which, it was pretty unusual to have come here and not have met the king. Something felt weird yesterday and it turned out it was because the king never appeared.

To say nothing of negotiations, just being hosted at this “palace” dictated that as the host, the king should be there. How could he never even show a shadow of himself?

Not only did Seventh brother find it odd, Ye Chengtian and everyone else found it odd as well. Normal people might not notice, but they were people who constantly lived in the halls of power and were fluent in court etiquette.  They knew that this was definitely should not be happening.

The exception was if they were putting on airs, but the airs to put on depended on the other party. For people like Ye Chengtian and his group, even if it were the emperors of the three great empires, they wouldn’t put on airs in front of them.

Then what was this king doing?

Seventh brother asked this question and the response he received was “don’t know”. These people had always been unclear what the king was doing. They only knew that one day earlier, the king had said he would come negotiate, but one day later, he had shut his door and refused to see anyone or allow anyone to disturb him.

“If it’s like this, then I won’t be disturbing you any longer!” Seventh brother politely excused himself and prepared to leave. After all, no matter how good the terms the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance provided were, he wouldn’t be satisfied.

After all, in the past he was a high official in the empire. He alone administered far more than the entire Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance, to say nothing of everyone else.

In the end, he was just negotiating for fun. It was about the process, not the result!!

“How about this, we can all go over and take a look to see what he’s doing!” That group of representatives wouldn’t let the negotiations end like this and somewhat forcefully pulled Seventh brother over.

“….” Seventh brother felt hard pressed to refuse their offer, after all he did somewhat want to see this king and see what kind of person he really was.

Seventh sister-in-law saw the situation and immediately stopped those people from pulling Seventh brother away and pulled him back. She then fiercely glared at those people and caused those people to involuntarily pull back – a step!

As expected of an imperial  princess, she has an uncommon grandeur!

Seventh brother smiled and then grasped Seventh sister-in-law’s hand and very happily, very sweetly...

Kept on walking with those people!

It’s not like they had anything better to do. Even if they went back right now, they still would have to wait for Ye Chengtian and the rest to pack up and prepare for the journey. There was still a lot of time left.

“What do you mean there’s nothing better to do. I still have to help you groom yourself, you didn’t take a bath yesterday and we still have to eat breakfast, and and, you still have to sleep…..”Seventh sister-in-law strongly objected to having nothing better to do and threw out a long list of things that needed to be done. Although these were small everyday tasks, they still were very important.

Yes, at least, to Seventh sister-in-law these were very important, much more important than the country’s political upheavals even!!

“I understand wife, we’ll do it after we go back, but at the very least we have to see the master of the house. After all he did take care of us for a night!” Seventh brother happily smiled.

“Okay!” Seventh sister-in-law obediently nodded and then grabbed Seventh brother’s hand and slowly started walking.

Originally, Seventh brother thought that he would be the first to arrive, at least out of their group he should be the first to arrive, but unexpectedly when he arrived in front of the king’s room he found:

“Hey? Why did you two lovebirds come as well?” Ye Chengtian, his brothers, and a few others were already waiting in front of the king’s room.

Moreover, it looked like they had just arrived and were currently waiting for their arrival to be announced.

“We came to thank our host as a matter of etiquette.”  Seventh brother replied.

“Ah, us as well, but this king is a bit arrogant. Just now someone went in to inform him, but he hasn’t replied at all!” Ye Chengtian unhappily said. This was also said so those representatives could hear.

“Terribly sorry for making you wait so long Marshall Ye. I think King Gaofei is a bit abnormal right now. He often becomes like this. We really can’t do anything!” Those people immediately explained.

[TL note: the king’s name Gaofei means high flying]

The way they addressed Ye Chengtian, Marshall Ye, referred to back when Ye Chengtian was a Marshall in the army. Ever since then he had always been addressed that way up until now.

“If that’s the case then we’ll take our leave. Please give our thanks to King Gaofei, thank him for his hospitality!” Ye Chengtian said in a bad mood.

A tiny country’s king dared to keep his daddy waiting outside his door? Truly incomprehensible!!

“Marshal Ye, please wait, let me go in and get him. Please wait here for just a moment!” Out of those representatives, one of them immediately spoke up. IT seemed he had a bit more authority than the rest.

“Well, alright, I can wait for a moment!” Ye Chengtian replied.

This was entirely out of politeness. He had to wait for a while. However, later on, Ye Chengtian would wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t waited……

“Yes, it won’t be long!” That person answered and at the same time he hurriedly walked inside, with a feeling as if he was jogging.

And when that person entered, he saw the announcer from earlier sitting in the anteroom, somewhat anxiously pacing back and forth……

“What are you doing here? It’s been so long, why haven’t you notified him of our presence!” That person looked at the announcer and angrily spoke. He didn’t look at the situation and investigate why he was still here.

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