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Chapter 125 - Negotiations (3)Edited by Ilesyt

“Oh, understood, that’s only natural, we’ve already prepared for that, the food will be ready soon! As for out negotiations, do we want to wait until later or start now?” The representatives asked.

“Right now!” Seventh brother replied, to him, having time to negotiate was more important than food.

“Good, let’s start!” The representatives couldn’t ask for more. They assumed they had an advantage over Seventh brother to start with, because with so many people they definitely had more strength, and now Seventh brother wasn’t even going to eat, giving them even more of an advantage.

But very quickly, they changed their mind and could only sigh inside, the members of the Ye family were truly extraordinary as expected. If they could gain their assistance, the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance would definitely experience great progress!

Who could be considered a hero of verbal sparring? Right now, Seventh brother was one. He became more and more spirited while his opponents became weaker and weaker, more and more suppressed…

“Sister, your husband is so strong, he can even do this?” When Princess Qi, who was accompanying Seventh sister-in-law, came over and saw him, she was very impressed.

“Of course, your sister’s husband is very strong!” Seventh sister-in-law proudly said.

“True, if he wasn’t so good at talking you wouldn’t have been swindled into marrying him.” Princess Qi nodded and laughed.

“Stop, it’s you who’s being swindled by that little brat Thirteenth.” Seventh sister-in-law immediately rebutted Princess Qi.

Princess Qi continued giggling: “You even refer to him as ‘husband’, when will you be calling each other mother and father?”

“That’s too embarrassing, it’s off in the future….. Hmph, how dare you laugh, what about you and Thirteenth, when will you go greet his parents?”

Although everybody clearly knew that they didn’t have that kind of relationship, they all wished they would get together. The two of them had been together since they were little and had always been on good terms, if they didn’t get together it would be a great shame.

Yes, this was how everybody, especially Ye Lang’s parents, thought!

“Ah, it won’t be long, as long as Ye Lang is willing to propose I will marry him!” Princess Qi naturally said. This question didn’t warrant further discussion.

“Wait for him to propose? Then you’ll have to wait for the rest of your life. Who doesn’t know how muddleheaded he is, he won’t propose in this lifetime.” Seventh sister-in-law said, voicing everyone’s thought.

Princess Qi smiled and said: “Isn’t that even better? This way he’ll never marry his entire life and I will be able to be by his side the whole time.”

“However, if he’s willing and gets married, what will you guys do?” Seventh sister-in-law asked. The ‘you guys’ she spoke of referred to the people close to Ye Lang, including Princess Qi.

Yes, regardless of what happened in the future, Princess Qi would always be the person closest to Ye Lang. These ten year old feelings would never change.

“If he gets married, I will be the first, and everyone else will have to wait behind me!” Princess Qi smiled and replied. Of course, even though this was what she most desired, if Ye Lang met somebody he truly liked she would back down.

After all, she understood that what a girl most desired is to be with the person she liked, and if Ye Lang also liked her back then he would want to treat her best.

And this backing off was something she was doing for him, so of course she would do it!

Yes, at least, that’s what she thought right now!

“It looks like he might keep talking until tomorrow and still not stop. You should go back and rest.” Seventh sister–in-law looked at Seventh brother. He was still arguing with those people and she knew that these negotiations would drag on very long.

Thus, she told Princess Qi to head back and rest first. As for herself, of course she would stay and continue accompanying Seventh brother.

“Oh, got it, you shouldn’t stay up too late either, otherwise there won’t be anyone to pamper your husband!” Princess Qi yawned. She really was getting sleepy. She had spent the whole day on the road after all.

“Got it, I won’t stay too late.” Seventh sister-in-law replied.

One night later…

“Your…. Your conditions are hard for us to accept, we need time to discuss this……” That group of representatives now had black bags under their eyes and had no way of continuing. They even seemed a bit afraid of Seventh brother.

A nightmare, this was definitely a nightmare, how could someone this scary exist!

Seventh brother had a smile on his face and was very energetic; he didn’t look like he had stayed up all night at all…

He smiled and said: “You can discuss, but hurry up, because we’re running out of time!”

“Very quick! We won’t make you wait long!” These people nodded out of habit. They already no longer knew what they were saying, only that they should agree.

“We won’t wait for you and are leaving soon. So if you don’t answer before then, we can only drop the matter!” Seventh brother waved his hand and then cheerfully prepared to leave with a very fulfilled smile on his face.

It had been a long time since he last felt this refreshed…..

“Oh, understood…. Wait, what did you just say? You’re leaving soon?!” When Seventh brother was about to leave the room the group of people reacted.

“Yes, thank you for taking care of us!” Seventh brother nodded, smiled, and thanked them politely.

“You aren’t going to be staying for a few more days?” Those people stupidly asked. They thought that although time would be short, they would still have a few days. How could they be leaving already?

“No need, thank you for your kind intentions! We have to hurry on. We rested enough yesterday, now we’re ready to depart!” Seventh brother seemed to not understand the other side’s intentions and treated them like they were asking guests to stay.

“Young master Ye, you haven’t been tricking us the whole time have you?”

The situation was clear, Seventh brother clearly wasn’t sincere and was just treating them as an inn.

“Not at all, I have been very sincere, otherwise why would I have negotiated with you all night!” Seventh brother earnestly replied and those words made these people who didn’t understand him feel that he was correct.

If a person wasn’t sincere, he wouldn’t spend an entire night negotiating with them!

Seventh brother looked at those people and continued: “It’s just you couldn’t agree to my conditions and couldn’t find someone who could make those decisions. This matter can only be dropped!”

Seventh brother pinned the blame all on them and caused Seventh sister-in-law, who was waiting outside, to call him shameless in her heart!

Seventh sister-in-law had already woken up. She had just been preparing to fetch Seventh brother back. It had already been an entire night, he had had enough fun. If it wasn’t for the fact she knew he hadn’t had so much fun in a while, she would have forced him to go to sleep last night.

“It’s not like we don’t have anyone who can agree, it’s just that he hasn’t come….” Among those people, one of them wrinkled his eyebrows and replied. It seemed he was unwilling to mention that person.

“True, what’s up with him, wasn’t it agreed that he would come with us to negotiate. Why hasn’t he come yet?” Another person asked doubtfully.

Listening to them, it seemed there was another important person who hadn’t attended. Was this the truth or was it just an excuse??

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