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Chapter 124 - Negotiations (2)Edited by Ilesyt

“We have to carefully consider what to do next….” Ye Chengtian and company wrinkled their eyebrows and the atmosphere became tense.

“Excuse me, are you the patriarch of the Ye family, Ye Yi?” Suddenly, a person appeared and spoke to Ye Yi.

Ye Yi looked the person up and down. He didn’t seem very surprised that he was recognized, because they hadn’t taken any special measures to conceal their identity. As long as someone was focused, they could easily tell.

“Correct, that is indeed me!” Ye Yi replied. He then looked at the person to see if he was going to say what he expected.

Along their journey many people had already extended them olive branches. Ever since they had left the Soaring Sky Empire’s sphere of influence, there had constantly been people asking if they could be allies.

It seemed that every time they arrived in a kingdom like this, some people would ask.

“I represent the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance!” The person said, “I wish to talk to you about the possibility of cooperation!”

As expected, it was yet another person who wished to pull in Ye Chengtian and company’s strength!

“I think that if you know our identities, then you should also know our position. Up until now we have refused to join any forces!!” Ye Yi very directly rejected, “Thank you for your offer and I hope we will have the chance to cooperate in the future!”

“Wait! Sir Ye, perhaps you don’t know, but we are not a single kingdom, we consist of an alliance of several kingdoms. You wouldn’t be joining any kingdom, your position wouldn’t change!” The person hurriedly explained.

The Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance definitely was special in this way and could stay detached from the affairs of a single country, but…

“Not joining a single country but joining the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance is a false cover that’s even worse!” Seventh brother said. He and Seventh sister-in-law happened to be outside, so they avoided the coup. Moreover, they were able to escape Zhao Yarou’s assassins when they came, and now they had already regrouped with everyone else.

Right now it’s necessary to talk a bit about Seventh brother. The Ye family’s Seventh brother seemed to always handle civil affairs and give off a weak feeling, but in reality, he was a master of concealment and was far more powerful than people imagined.

Within Ye Lang’s generation, he definitely could place within the top 3, and it seemed that apart from Ye Lang himself, each and every one of his counterparts were experts as well.

After their escape, the two of them had received a secret Ye family message that explained what had happened. They then chose to directly head towards Ye Yi’s group rather than stay behind and do pointless things.

Within the Ye family, Seventh brother belonged to Ye Chengtian’s line. Although he could stay behind in the Ye family and manage civil affairs, but his father had already left, so why would he stay behind? Second, he was afraid Zhao Yarou would want to deal with Seventh sister-in-law, so for the sake of his wife he would definitely not stay behind in the Soaring Sky Empire’s Ye family!

As for Seventh sister-in-law, up until now she couldn’t believe that her own Eighth sister could do something like that, so when she saw Princess Qi, the feelings she felt could not be put into words!

“We can promise this, no single kingdom can request you to do anything, but on the other hand, they will have a duty to fulfill your requests!” The person immediately explained.

“Oh, this sounds pretty attractive!” Seventh brother said. He was very adept in these negotiations, so it had always been him who took care of this kind of thing.

The person looked in all directions and then respectfully said: “This is not a good place to talk, if you’re interested we can go to the palace to discuss!”

“If you’d like to talk, we can, I need to see if you have any unexpected conditions for me!” Seventh brother agreed, perhaps it was because he had been bored lately, so he agreed to go take a look.

Of course, him going to discuss did not mean everyone else would as well. This was also something Ye Chengtian and company understood, so they didn’t pay attention to what he said.

Ye Chengtian and everyone else only said: “Hurry up and go, don’t delay the journey!”

“What hurry up and go, we’re all going, our negotiations might take all night.” Seventh brother very earnestly said, and when he turned around he secretly gave them a meaningful glance.

“??” The group was confused, but very quickly Seventh sister-in-law and Third brother somewhat understood.

“Cough cough, yes that’s right, let’s all go, I’m sure this palace has places to accommodate us?” Third brother coughed and said.


At this point, it seemed everyone understood. This Seventh brother wanted everyone to go to the palace for free food and shelter and force others to accommodate them. This also saved them the trouble of having to search for an inn, but more importantly it saved money!

This Seventh brother not only knew how to negotiate, he was even better at managing finances. In the past, he had helped Ye Lang make money. Right now he was a bit regretful, at that time why had he helped the empire save money, he should have been more selfish!

Living in the palace didn’t just help save money and time, it also provided a bunch of free bodyguards. Right now, these people definitely didn’t have any nefarious plans against them, and even if they did, they couldn’t openly act against them.

“Okay, then let’s all go!” Ye Yi was somewhat helpless in the face of the younger generation, but he did like this side of their personalities.

Therefore this group of people started heading off towards the palace, no, it should be called the city lord’s mansion instead. At least in the eyes of these people, this palace was just an ordinary mansion!

To quote Ye Lanyu:

“Little Qi, is this the palace? It looks pretty poor, not even a tenth of my family’s home! With so many people, is there even room?”

“It should be fine! It’ll just be a bit cramped. Let’s stick to having 3 people a room.” Seventh princess replied. Along their journey, the three of them had often ended up together; jer, Ye Lanyu, and Zhen Xiaoyan as the third.

“It’s not that bad, my house is only about this big!” Zhen Xiaoyan said. Her home was just an ordinary noble family’s home. Naturally it was much smaller than the Ye family home, but even so it was about as big as this “palace”.

“It’s okay, It’s still better than an inn!”

Even a sparrow was anatomically complete, and this was a sparrow only relatively speaking, in the eyes of normal people this mansion was plenty big.

(TL note: there’s a Chinese saying that a sparrow is anatomically complete indicating that you shouldn’t look down on small things)

Ye Chengtian and company entered the city lord’s mansion (it really could only be called a city lord’s mansion), and after a short greeting, proceeded to each find a room to rest in.  Seventh brother was left behind by himself to negotiate.

“What are they doing?” the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance’s representatives were startled. They originally thought that they would be talking with Ye Yi and the rest, yet unexpectedly they greeted them and then proceeded to leave.

Seventh brother slightly smiled and said: “They’re tired from their journey. I can negotiate by myself, I have the authority! As for them, please arrange a banquet to welcome them!”

Seventh brother’s smile was very bright and very sincere……

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