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Chapter 123 - Negotiations (1)Edited by Ilesyt

Between the Soaring Sky Empire and the Vermillion Bird Empire, there existed a zone where the influences of both empires could not reach. Within this area there were many kingdoms that consisted of just one city.

A kingdom consisting of just one city meant that each small kingdom had only one city, but they had control over the surrounding countryside. It didn’t mean that the kingdoms consisted of just the city alone.

These circumstances were fairly common across the continent, so the princes and princesses in the continent were a dime a dozen and weren’t worth much at all, *Cough cough* relatively speaking of course.

These kingdoms living in this crevice had both their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage was that because of the complicated power politics in the area nobody would attack them. They were always safe and could derive some benefits from being caught in the middle.

The disadvantage was they were hemmed in within the crevice and would never experience progress, at least in terms of territory. Regardless of whether it was a hundred years or a thousand years, nothing would change.

And in the middle of all this was an unknown small country, just one of the many small kingdoms.

Calling it unknown was not an exaggeration, even the majority of the citizens of the country didn’t know the name of their country.

They only knew that this country was a member of the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance, and everybody simply referred to themselves as citizens of the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance.

The Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance was an alliance that united several kingdoms. This way they were able to find strength in numbers and maintain their existence on the continent.

This alliance had a thousand year history. As time passed, everybody became used to referring to them as the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance and forgot the names of the original kingdoms, until even they themselves forgot their own names.

Although everyone had forgotten the name of the small kingdom, they remembered the name of the city because the name was a bit special, it was called Tianjiu city!

(TL note:

Tianjiu, doesn’t that refer to tianjiu dominoes? Was it named after that?

You would have to ask the person who constructed this city and founded the kingdom to know. Legends say that he was born a ruffian and his favorite pastime was tianjiu dominoes, so he chose this name. If it wasn’t for others opposing him, he might have even named the kingdom Tianjiu Kingdom.

Of course, this was just a legend. After such a long time, nobody knew what had really happened anymore, perhaps this was just a legend!

Regardless of whether it was a legend or the truth, this kind of small country was still a place people wouldn’t pay attention too. Many of the people who came here were just passing through and would hurry through the country.

This time, it seemed yet another group of travelers was passing through, hurrying along as they went…

This group of travelers was a bit special; it looked like none of them were ordinary. Although they looked a bit weather worn, but the mannerisms they exuded made everyone feel they weren’t normal people.

Usually it was unusual for even one person like this to appear, yet right now so many of them had come. This made people feel as if something abnormal was going on.

Of course, this was just a feeling in the end; normal people wouldn’t pay attention to it. However, within this group of people, the men were handsome and dashing, the women were beautiful and graceful, even ordinary people could tell this group of people was extraordinary.

These people weren’t strangers; they were none other than Ye Lanyu and company. They had arrived here after about a month of traveling. Along the way they had met troubles, big and small, which was why they had taken a bit longer than usual.

Perhaps, among the delays, they might have also slowed down intentionally to wait for ye Lang to catch up, but Ye Lang never did!

They also still had some confidence in their own abilities, or perhaps it could be said that they knew the layout of the Soaring Sky Empire’s power too well. They knew that once they left the Soaring Sky Empire they could pretty much be considered safe and would no longer have to worry about being trapped.

“After we leave here we will be in the Vermillion Bird Empire’s sphere of influence and we can sleep soundly at night!” Ye Chengtian looked ahead, seeming to be lost in thought.

“Find a place and rest for a while, everybody’s traveled so far, we’re all tired!” Long Anqi also had her own thoughts, the closer they got to Vermillion Bird Empire, the more scared she became.

This fear was the fear one felt when one returned home, but didn’t dare to knock on the door!

After so many years she had never returned home or met her parents face to face. If she was to meet them now, she would naturally be a bit uncomfortable and hesitant.

“Ai...” Long Anqi sighed. At the same time, Ye Lanyu who stood by her side made the same movements. The mother and daughter pair made the same motions and even had the same expression.

“…… little Yu, what’s wrong? Are you thinking of your younger brother again?” Long Anqi understood, apart from Ye Lang, nothing else could make Ye Lanyu act like this.

“Yes, it’s been almost a month, yet no news has come. Do you think he’s been captured?” Ye Lanyu said in a worried tone. Although she believed in Ye Lang, she would still think about him. This was an inherent trait of women, no, it should be said to be a trait of all humans.

“It’s not a problem if he’s been captured. I believe that the current Empress will have a need for him.” Ye Yi indifferently said. “And as long as he’s uninjured, he’ll definitely find a way to escape, that’s something guaranteed!”

“I’m not worried about him not being able to escape. I’m worried that Eighth sister will go crazy and do something terrifying!” Seventh princess was very worried. She no longer recognized her Eighth sister, she was no longer the cute and lovable Eighth sister she knew in the past.

“In reality you guys should believe in Thirteenth brother. Don’t look at how he’s muddleheaded usually, he definitely won’t get careless when things get serious. Previously I had a feeling he stayed behind because he had another card up his sleeve and thus left us to fend for ourselves the rest of the way. As it turned out, he did have another card and was able to stall that army of over a hundred thousand!” the Third brother of the Ye family said. He had a very high evaluation of Ye Lang, but what he said was the truth.

“True! A hundred thousand people and they were stopped by him alone. I don’t understand what that alchemy spell was for it to be so powerful!” Ye Chengtian was moved by the events of that time. It was something hard to come by in one’s life.

“We can ask him later, right now let’s worry about ourselves. After we arrive at the Vermillion Bird Empire how should we deal with their people, they will definitely try to rope us in.” Ye Yi waved his hand back and forth.

Everybody understood that wherever Ye Yi and the rest of them went, people would try to rope them in. It wasn’t just because of their power, they had other abilities as well that everybody desired.

This might’ve been a reason why Zhao Yarou wanted to stop them. She didn’t want to have so many enemies that would give her headaches!!

Anybody else would make the same choice. Rather than let them become other’s strength and one’s enemies, it was better to destroy them!

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