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Chapter 122
Chapter 122 - Underground Escape (3) Translated by Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon



Ye Lang nodded his head and said: “Yep, it’s all the same, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go anyways!”


“Then come with us. Right now, we just happen to be going to the Vermillion Bird Empire’s Fire Dragon City.” The big sister replied.


If Ye Lanyu and company were here right now, they would definitely stop Ye Lang from going off with strangers and getting kidnapped.


However, they were all absent, so Ye Lang very simply nodded and said: “Okay, this way is best!”


Just like this, Ye Lang was “kidnapped” by this unfamiliar big sister…


When Ye Lang followed the big sister to an inn where several drunkards were drinking wine, they suddenly leaped over and looked at Ye Lang like he was a fat lamb being brought to the slaughter and used a weird voice to shout:


“Sister Mandy, is this the new boss?”


These circumstances would very much cause people to think of one thing, this was a ploy!


“You guys- you guys wouldn’t be bad people would you! If you want money you can have it, but nothing else is up for grabs!” Ye Lang directly spouted out what was within his heart.


“…“ The big sister, that is to say sister Mandy, fell silent, and then with a dark expression, she started yelling at the drunkards: “You bastards, don’t start drinking just because you have nothing to do, you have work to do! Take people’s money, help fix people’s problems! Also, remember, this is a little brother I just met. He’s traveling with us to the Fire Dragon city, not some boss!”


“Sorry to have shown you this, little brother, my subordinates are all these kinds of people, don’t misunderstand, they’re all mercenaries!” Sister Mandy hurriedly explained to Ye Lang. She had lost a lot of face.


“Ah, he’s not, judging by his clothes, he’s dressed like the prince of a noble family. How is he not a new boss you found while looking for extra income… *cough cough* right, we will go protect the boss…” Those people noticed that sister Mandy’s eyes were starting to burn with anger and immediately greased up their feet and ran away.


“Oh so you were all mercenaries, this is the best, I have people to protect me. When everything ends, I will definitely reward you.” Ye Lang understood now. So this big sister is in the mercenary business and right now she just happens to be going to the Fire Dragon city on business.


“Don’t listen to their blind talk, you’re just coming along for the ride, you don’t need to pay!” Sister Mandy hurriedly explained. She didn’t want Ye Lang to misunderstand her intentions as impure.


Towards words like these, Ye Lang’s reply, I’m sure many people can guess, were:


“No, if I can spend money, I definitely will. I am a prodigal son; Don’t worry about saving me money.” Ye Lang, as expected, didn’t let down everyone and continued to follow his goal of being prodigal.


“…” Sister Mandy had seen many prodigal sons before, but this was her first time seeing one so confident.


“It’s decided! Boss, give me the best room in the house… What? Somebody’s already living in it? Tell him to give it to me, sir, I have lots of money!&r

dquo; Ye Lang appeared to be trying to spend all the money in his pocket until he only had pocket lint left.


He already had no relation to the current Ye family, as long as he spent all the money on his person, he would reach rock bottom. That way he could fulfill his greatest wish: Waste away an entire family fortune, walk away with hands empty!


“…” Sister Mandy suddenly asked herself why she had found this youngster so likable. At this time, he was clearly doing very despicable things.


Under Ye Lang’s prodigal assault, the tenant of the number one room gave in and did so happily because he had benefitted more than he could have imagined.


“Boss, bring a bowl of shark fin soup to rinse my mouth with…” This was something Ye Lang would say at the 3 meals of the day, and every time he would really use shark fin soup to rinse his mouth and then place it to the side and not eat it.


“Sister Mandy, where did you find this kind of rich young master, does he have a grudge against money?” Looking at these events, the mercenaries started feeling apprehensive.


“Has a grudge? That’s not it, it should be said he doesn’t care about money at all. He’s treating it like toilet paper!” Another mercenary expressed it in vulgar terms.


“Right, big sis Mandy, you have to take a big payment from him. He’s going to spend it all anyways if you don’t take it, rather than let other people take his money, why don’t we take it!”








“Stop blabbering, we are mercenaries, the most important thing is to abide by the terms of contract. Since I said we won’t take his money, we won’t!” Sister Mandy very firmly said. As a mercenary, she had a mercenary’s sense of ethics. Although she only led a little known small mercenary group, she still had principles.


But in reality, in her heart she was also feeling regretful. Why had she said those words at that time, if she hadn’t, she could’ve earned a lot of money. It looked like it would definitely be even more than her payment for the current job.


“Ai, what a shame, truly, what a shame…” A group of people sighed and shook their heads making a magnificent spectacle.


“It can’t be counted as a shame, at least throughout the journey, our food, clothing and other supplies will be of the highest quality, that’s comfortable enough!” Sister Mandy said.


“That’s true, this rich young master already bought it all, and it’s all the best quality too.” Everyone nodded and agreed.


“That’s the way! As people, you have to learn to be satisfied!” Sister Mandy rebuked them.


“Sister Mandy, you’re satisfied, you got to eat the delicacies he brought, but we didn’t!” Among the crowd, one gourmand ground his teeth and complained. It seemed he was unhappy that he didn’t get to eat what Ye Lang brought.


Everyone here knew that even though Ye Lang ordered from the menu, he would never eat it himself. He would only eat the food he had brought with him, only sister Mandy was lucky enough to eat that food, and she did so in front of everyone else, showing off.


In the end, Ye Lang was also very “generous” and gave out a little, but this was just a little, and only amounted to a sample. It was not enough for them to eat!


Ye Lang treasured this food greatly, as Zhen Xiaoyan had only prepared a year’s worth for him and it wasn’t enough for him alone…


Wait a second, currently, Zhen Xiaoyan was running away with him and didn’t go to the practice. That meant that she could make more food for him to eat later.


In reality, Ye Lang had already forgotten this point. He was still thinking that Zhen Xiaoyan wouldn’t be able to make food for him in the near future, so he cherished the food especially and was extra stingy with it…


Something made by others especially for him obviously had to be cherished. These were special feelings for him and couldn’t be shared with others, or the person gave him the feelings would definitely feel unhappy.


This was definitely the case, if Zhen Xiaoyan knew Ye Lang gave the food she slaved away to make for other people to eat, she would definitely throw a fit.


“If other people want to eat your food and don’t know how to cook for themselves, I can help them cook, but you definitely can’t let them eat what I make for you!”


That was what Zhen Xiaoyan said. In the past and in the future, as long as she found out Ye Lang gave away her food for others to eat, she would get angry and say words like those.


This wasn’t her being stingy, but her caring about Ye Lang very much!


Like this, Ye Lang was bit late, but he could be considered to have finally stepped on the route to Vermillion Bird Empire. As for Ye Lanyu and company, they were also currently heading towards Vermillion Bird Empire.


Both groups were headed towards Vermillion Bird Empire, but the chance of the two meeting was very very small. Not only was it an issue of time, but Ye Lang’s destination was random.


If the two groups were to happen to meet, then it could only be called a coincidence, a very coincidental coincidence!

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