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Chapter 113 - Ride? Do I need to?Edited by Ilesyt

“Your grandfather wants your horses, politely get off or I’ll take your sorry lives!”

[With grandfather he is referring to himself.]

While those city garrison troops were puzzled over why Ye Lang’s group was charging at them, Ye Lang raised a cavalry saber he had gotten from who knows where, and shouted out in one hundred percent pure bandit style.


My goodness, are we surrounding them, or are they robbing us? Does this brat not realize the situation he’s in? Or do I not know what my situation is?

Also, is he really coming to steal horses?

“Hey hey, do you want to die? Let me help you!” Ye Lang took out a basketball sized object containing god knows what inside, and threw it over.


From the very start, those city garrison troops wanted to stay out of this, everyone knew that anything that came from Ye Lang was likely to be unusual.

But after a while, everybody discovered that item didn’t have any effects. It spun around on the ground a few times and then stopped!

“Huh?? What was that thing?” Everybody’s eyes were drawn to it, but no one dared to approach it, choosing to maintain their distance instead.

On the other hand, Ye Lang slyly smiled, this was exactly the effect he wanted. He used one hand to draw a small alchemy spell in the air and cast it towards the object.

“Dad, Grandpa, close your eyes!”

Even though they didn’t know what Ye Lang was doing, Ye Yi and son both immediately closed their eyes. After they closed their eyes, they could feel a bright flash of light coming from in front of them!



In an instant, wretched shouts rang out in succession and flooded the ears of Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian, who were currently waiting for Ye Lang to tell them it was okay to open their eyes.

“It’s done, let’s go rob the horses!”

Ye Lang’s voice rang out, when Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian opened their eyes, they discovered that those city garrison soldiers were currently covering their eyes while looking like they were in great pain. Some were still on their horses, while others had already fallen off!

It was very clear that what Ye Lang had just thrown was a flashbang. Moreover, that was a flashbang the size of a basketball. Those who had watched it could only be considered lucky to have not received any serious injuries, but they would definitely become blind for a while.

Some people thought it was weird, if a flashbang was used, then wouldn’t the horses be hurt as well, making the whole operation useless?

Wrong, the horses definitely wouldn’t be affected because military horses’ eyes were covered so they wouldn’t be scared of danger!

And those in the back also escaped harm because they were warned by Zhen Xiaoyan. As soon as Zhen Xiaoyan saw that object, she knew what Ye Lang was about to do.

This object was once prepared by Ye Lang for her to use in the Incomparable Girls Talent Competition to dazzle everyone as well as to mess with her, so she was very clear on it’s usage.

The remaining work was easy; Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian cleaned those “blind people” up very quickly. After factoring in everyone else, there was a horse for each person.

At the start, they wanted everyone to have 2 horses they could alternate between, however this idea was rejected by Ye Lang because he had a way to let the horses maintain their strength which made this unnecessary.


When everyone had gotten on their horses and prepared to spur their horses to run, Ye Lang once again stopped there without moving

“Ye Lang, what now? Did you think of a way to escape?” Ye Yi sat atop his horse with reins in his hands and somewhat expectantly asked Ye Lang.

And when everyone was full of expectations, expectations that Ye Lang was about to surprise everyone with another idea, Ye Lang said his next words that almost made them fall off their horses.

“Um… I… don’t know how to ride a horse!” Ye Lang scratched his head and looked very embarrassed as he spoke.


Everybody’s jaw dropped, they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. This brat in front of them looked like he knew everything, yet he didn’t know something so basic.

It should be known that on the continent, horses were the most common method of transportation. No matter who it was, they would know some horsemanship, even an arrogant and rich princess would know some!

“Why are you looking at me, have you never seen anyone so handsome before?” Ye Lang raised his head and spoke very “arrogantly”.

“Son, are you telling the truth or are you joking? Do you really not know how to ride a horse?” Ye Chengtian wanted to hit Ye Lang’s arrogant head but he knew that now was not the time.

“I really don’t know, how could I joke at this time?” Ye Lang shrugged his shoulders and somewhat helplessly spoke, “If your riding skills are good, you can carry me along.”

“Come with me!” at the same time Ye Lanyu, Zhen Xiaoyan, and Princess Qi spoke in unison.

Faced with this choice, normal people would be very happy. Three young beauties wanted to ride a horse with you, who wouldn’t feel happy? But after feeling happy they would have to face the pain of choosing, who to choose?

If one of them was chosen, the other two would feel unhappy, but in these circumstances, only one could be chosen. What to do?

Many people would feel this problem was headache inducing, but Ye Lang didn’t mind because he simply treated them all equally and picked none of the 3!

“No! I don’t trust your riding skills, I trust father. Father, let us go into battle. Father and son and hold the rear!” Ye Lang jumped onto Ye Chengtian’s horse and sat facing backwards.

That’s correct, facing backwards!

“Hey hey, son, what are you doing, what if you fall off?” Ye Chengtian wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Don’t worry, I don’t know how to ride a horse, but I’m not so stupid that I’ll fall off! This way it’s easy for me to guard the rear and watch behind us. Those in front, hurry and get going, we’ll hold the rear!” Ye Lang said like it didn’t matter.

Right now, the most important thing was to get moving, so everybody didn’t pursue the matter and started.


With a loud shout and flicking their legs, the horses began to gallop forward!

A herd of horses wildly galloped forwards, behind them a group of soldiers on horses continued to pursue them, but now, with horses as transportation, the pursuing soldiers found it more difficult to set up an encirclement like before.

“Son, why don’t you know how to ride a horse?” As they were galloping along, Ye Chengtian couldn’t help but ask.  He cared deeply about this! Think about it, he’s a general who’s commanded armies of tens of thousands of soldiers and thousands of horses, yet his own son can’t ride a horse, isn’t that shameful?!

“What? Why, I’ve never had the opportunity to ride a horse, of course I wouldn’t know how to ride one!” Ye Lang offhandedly answered and took out a ‘telescope’ to observe the pursuing soldiers.

“Never had the opportunity...“

Everyone suddenly remembered, ever since he was small, Ye Lang had always either had a horse carriage pick him up, or he walked until he could get a horse carriage to pick him up, he really never had the opportunity to ride a horse!

Not only was it like this, there was another very important reason, with Ye Lang’s silly nature in the past, who would let him ride a horse? Tigress definitely wouldn’t let him ride!

And afterwards, after Ye Lang got better, he was still muddled. Everyone was afraid that if he became muddled while riding a horse, then it would instantly be a case of “Car totaled, driver dead”.

At the same time, as a prodigal son, why did he have to ride a horse himself? Of course he had to travel by horse carriage, only this way could he maintain his image as a prodigal son.

Consequently, Ye Lang arrogantly said: ”I want to ride luxurious horse carriages, I definitely won’t ride a horse!”

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