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Chapter 112 - Ride? Do I need to? (2)Edited by Ilesyt

“Okay, hurry up and go over, stop standing around, I can’t make the ground in front flat for you as well!” Ye Lang saw everyone’s dazed behavior and reminded them.

“Let’s go!” Ye Yi was very direct, he didn’t ask anything because now wasn’t the time to be asking questions.

Of course, after everything is over, some people would ask about it and receive an unexpected answer. That beam didn’t have much power at all, all it did was agitate a previously stable alchemy spell and cause the energy of the wall to run rampant, destroying the wall from the inside.

Originally, breaking the energy’s equilibrium was very difficult to do. Every possibility had been considered and safeguards had been constructed!

However, Ye Lang found a small error and used his alchemy cannon to destroy it!

To talk about this, we have to mention his alchemy cannon as well; it was a very interesting piece of equipment that was able to adjust its power as well as its elemental composition.

Ye Lang had followed his calculations and inserted a bit of elemental magic into the alchemy spell and caused it to fall apart!

It sounds simple, but in reality, it was very difficult. No, it should be described as extremely difficult, otherwise, someone would have thought of how to destroy the wall before now.

Ye Lang had to calculate how much elemental magic to use with extreme accuracy, how much power to use in order to send the elements in, as well as what effects the alchemy cannon’s beam of light should have.

None of those calculations could be missing!

Fortunately Ye Lang had calculated this all before, otherwise there was no way he could do it in an instant.

But, why did he make these calculations? It would seem that he had once thought about using this method to escape before, of course, at that time he simply wanted to run away from the eyes of the Ye family, not the entire Empire.

If others knew this, they would definitely blush. For the sake of running away from home, was it really necessary to destroy the city wall?

But right now, everybody was rejoicing, luckily he had done the calculations before…

Getting back on track, everybody continued to run while helping the ordinary people among them get through the opening in the city wall. Fortunately, there weren’t many people without a shred of Dou Qi or magic. Most of them knew at least a little, so there weren’t many people that needed help.

Otherwise, to say nothing now, big problems would have occurred earlier. Normal people would feel tired after walking so long!

Of course, magic users were only a bit better than ordinary people, but they could still endure!

However this was a very serious problem. Right now, there was still a long way to go before they could escape their pursuers. It wasn’t like escaping the imperial capital was the end, it was necessary to completely escape the Soaring Sky Empire’s sphere of influence.

That is to say, its sphere of influence, not the national boundaries. The Soaring Sky Empire could influence many neighboring kingdoms. Only after entering the Vermillion Bird Empire’s sphere of influence could they be considered safe, but even then it wasn’t an absolute guarantee!

In short, they still had a long way to go!

After Ye Lang and company escaped outside the city walls, they saw soldiers rushing towards them from both sides. Everybody was able to predict this; with something this big occurring, if they didn’t react then they wouldn’t deserve to be the imperial capital’s defending garrison.

Everybody also believed that the garrison troops rushing towards them and the soldiers chasing them had all failed to predict Ye Lang would destroy the invulnerable city wall. They had originally wanted to prepare for a decisive battle at the city gates.

“Ye Lang, why did you stop?” Zhen Xiaoyan’s voice made everyone notice that Ye Lang was behaving oddly.

After exiting the city walls, Ye Lang had only looked at the soldiers on both sides and hadn’t moved!

“Little brother, what are you thinking now?” Ye Lanyu asked.

“Right now we need horses, otherwise, we can’t escape the pursuing soldiers!” Ye Lang wrinkled his eyebrows. When he saw the soldiers of the city garrison urge their horses forwards towards them, he thought of this problem.

“We know that, but we don’t have time to deal with that now, let’s run first!” Ye Chengtian helplessly said.

Ye Lang shook his head and replied: “No, right now we should go over there and rob them. They’ve rushed ahead of everyone else, we should have some time! If we wait until their main force catches up, then we’ll be in even more trouble!”

“….” Ye Yi and everyone else fell silent. They immediately understood, if they were a bit more calm, they would also have thought of this point.

“Ai, what a pity, back then I had thought of making a flying ship. If I had a flying ship, we wouldn’t have to run like this!” Ye Lang lamented, yet everyone else couldn’t understand what he was saying, what flying ship?

“Then why didn’t you make one?” Ye Lanyu directly asked.

“I wanted to, but I didn’t finish designing it and I didn’t have the materials to implement it, the price was too high!” Ye Lang shook his head and spoke with an helpless look.

“If even you say it was too expensive then there’s no need to consider it!” Ye Chengtian bluntly said.

In front of Ye Lang, this ultimate prodigal son, even very expensive materials would be ignored, yet he had said the cost was too high, so the price definitely was terrifyingly high. Perhaps even the entire Ye family couldn’t afford it!

“F**k! I’m so stupid, I really regret it! I shouldn’t have considered the costs and used up all of our, the Ye family’s, money. Either way, right now we don’t have anything anyways!” Ye Lang slapped himself and stomped his feet with a regretful appearance…


“Don’t worry! They can take away all of the Ye family’s assets in the empire, but they can’t take the entirety of the Ye family!” Ye Yi smiled and spoke mysteriously. He wanted to keep everyone in suspense and tell Ye Lang later.

And Ye Lang once again very shrewdly guessed part of the answer: “I know, you guys definitely had already made preparations and hid away some assets and influence that no one knows about! Doesn’t that mean I can still be prodigal? Excellent, I thought this time was the end, with nothing left to squander!”


What circumstances are we in right now, but you are still thinking about how to be prodigal!

However, this brat’s prodigal behavior was very amusing. If not for all the random items in his possession, they would’ve had a lot more trouble this time. At the very least, they wouldn’t have been able to make it here without taking injuries!

“Let’s go, father, grandfather, let us three generations of Ye family men go rob horses! Everybody else follow us from a distance, fatty, watch them!” Ye Lang didn’t care about everybody else’s speechless reaction and immediately started running towards the city troops.

He ran, but didn’t use Dou Qi and just ran normally, however the speed of his running was very quick, yet gave off a feeling of not being fast. At the very least, he wasn’t as fast as those warriors.


Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian shook their heads and started chasing after him, Dou Qi revolving under their feet.


At this time, everybody finally discovered that Ye Lang’s running was not slow and was even running in front of Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian!

Although right now, Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian were not using their Dou Qi at its highest level, their speed was still at a level that normal expert couldn’t catch up to, to say nothing of Ye Lang who wasn’t using Dou Qi.

This entire affair was just too weird, but because of the circumstances nobody asked any questions. If they were to ask, this wouldn’t be the first thing to ask about either, there were many other things to ask about first.

Why were there so many weird happenings around this brat, nobody could understand or know!

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