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Chapter 111 - Ride? Do I need to?Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon


Ye Chengtian thrusted forward with a strong burst of douqi, knocking a group of soldiers flying into the surrounding buildings that were already unsteadily swaying back and forth.

“Ice tomb…” Ye Lanyu waved her hands and cast magic towards a group of enemies. A burst of icy light appeared that froze whatever it touched at a speed the naked eye could discern. Everything within the area of effect was frozen inside, including people!

“Fire dance!” Princess Qi cast a fiery dragon in the blink of an eye that targeted the area entombed in ice and directly blew the area apart.

The attacks of ice and fire caused those people to vanish without a trace…

On this side, Ye Yi and Ruan Lian Er were likewise at the center of attention. As experts in the heavenly realm, they were currently rampaging without any qualms, sweeping away everything before them!

On the other hand, Long An Qi seemed to be within the protective circle like a normal person and was leading their migration. However, anytime a straggler got through, she would easily dispatch them with an ice arrow and take care of them.

Although these people were few in number, their strength was terrifying. Even with an army of thousands, it was hard to stop these people. Moreover, fighting in the streets and alleys only served to increase their skill.

Just like this, they managed to quickly reach the southern part of the city as they broke through one pass after another.

“Grandfather, can they predict that we will go to the Vermillion Bird Empire?” Ye Lang asked in the middle of everything.

“They shouldn’t be able to, nobody knows about your mother’s family, so they won’t think of this.” Ye Yi shook his head. Although his answer wasn’t completely certain, he was still 80-90 percent confident.

“That’s good. This way, they won’t be able to predict our route!” Ye Lang said, and continued defending amidst the crowd. Ever since regrouping, he had constantly been defending inside and hadn’t made any attacks.

With a group of bullheaded people attacking, did he need to take action?

Compared to these people’s douqi and magic, Ye Lang’s martial arts techniques were a lot weaker. One person was one thing, but clearing a path for this many people was headache inducing.

Besides, even if he was willing to clear the way, the others wouldn’t let him. Would Ye Lanyu and the others let him take the risk?

Besides that, his Water Moon Mirror had reached a seemingly unbeatable level. It could reflect any kind of attack, moreover, it could completely reflect it. If this wasn’t used to defend, it would simply be too wasteful!

Right now, if there was one thing that was giving Zhao Yarou a migraine, it was Ye Lang’s Water Moon Mirror. The level of annoyance completely surpassed that of Ye Yi and Ruan Lian Er, those two heaven level experts.

This was because the Water Moon Mirror caused many area of effect attacks to lose their effect.  If it didn’t exist, she could give up on a city district and even a large amount of soldiers to annihilate Ye Lang’s group!

However, ever since her first attack had easily been reflected by Ye Lang, she had never attempted that strategy again. She could only helplessly use human wave tactics!

Now, it seemed that everybody had a new evaluation of Ye Lang’s Water Moon Mirror - Abnormal!!!

On the journey here, Ye Lang seemed to have used many versions of the Water Moon Mirror and reflected all the attacks. Furthermore, this wasn’t the weirdest of all, the strangest thing was that he could freely shrink or expand it.

Worse, even weirder than that was that he could even use it with one hand, thus use two of them at the same time!!

How were people supposed to live? This kind of absolute defense, how were people supposed to break it? Even Heaven level experts couldn’t break this in a short amount of time, they could only waste their strength!

With this kind of almost impenetrable defense, these people became even more invincible without any fear!


“We don’t need to go and assault the city gates, we can directly exit here, otherwise, my mana won’t last!” Ye Lang called out, he could not sustain his “unbeatable” status for a long period of time. Every wave of attacks blocked would use up some of his mana.

If Zhao Yarou had constantly used large scale magic to attack, she could have forced Ye Lang to use up his mana and die, but this method was too damaging, so she had never considered using it a second time after her first failure.

“How do we leave here? This city wall is protected by magic, it won’t be easily destroyed. We don’t have time to waste here.” Ye Chengtian wrinkled his eyebrows.

Of course he knew that their current rate of consumption was too high, and exiting here was the best choice. After all, exiting through the city gate would definitely result in meeting more pursuing soldiers.

“Relax, I’ve studied the construction of this city wall, as long as one part is wrecked, the whole section can be destroyed.” Ye Lang smiled and spoke, and then took out an alchemy cannon and began making adjustments.

“You’ve studied this before? Why would you study this?” Ye Chengtian and company asked with a look of confusion. This just seemed too odd.

“Didn’t you know? The defenses of the entire imperial capital are made up of alchemy spells. They contain many innovative ideas and are worthy of serving as references and examples! Don’t look down on us alchemists, you guys will never be able to imagine how much we have contributed to the continent! You guys only know how to destroy, yet alchemists must also know how to create, apart from destroying!” Ye Lang very emotionally proclaimed.

Across the continent, although alchemists were respected and had formed their own field of study, douqi and magic had always been placed above them and regarded as more important!

And it was just as Ye Lang said, douqi and magic were used for fighting. They were used to demonstrate military power, while alchemy could also be used in the area of construction, apart from being used to show military force.

A city could do without warriors, could do without magicians, but could not do without alchemists. Alchemists were architects, engineers, and scientists, belonging to the various fields of study.


Ye Lang’s alchemy cannon fired out a beam of light, which penetrated into the middle of the city wall. Moreover, this beam was very very small, catching everyone off guard.

What was he doing? This didn’t look like it had any power, what could it do? To say nothing of this wall that was protected by magic, even if it was a normal city wall, it would still have no way of breaking through.

But very quickly everybody saw the result. This beam that lacked power was very useful, moreover the effect was very visible.

Everybody saw the wall in front of them start to emit strong beams of light from within, becoming more and more visible……

“Booomm booom…….”

The city wall shook, the shaking quickly became more and more violent until the wall fell over with a loud crash!

In front of the onlookers, an opening appeared in the city wall. Although the opening became a small hill as a result of the piled up debris and would take normal people a long time to go through, to these experts, it wasn’t very hard at all!

Even though an opening had appeared, the onlookers were all briefly stunned. They seemed like they couldn’t believe it, because up until now, they had always known that it was indestructable, and that they had always been protected by the city wall. Now, it had been destroyed by Ye Lang just like that.

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