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Chapter 110 - Yazhu (3)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“Sis, fatty has taken the medicine that I gave you. She also gave the medicine to those who had been poisoned.” Ye Lang no longer went there and just told them not to worry about the effects of the poison.

Without the magic-proof array and the threat of the poison, this group of people was absolutely powerful enough to protect themselves, even Ye Lang, so he didn’t need to go back to protect them.

The panacea Ye Lang had given to them was made by himself, who had adopted both alchemy and traditional Chinese medicine. The medicine could unleash the potential of the immunity system of the human body, which helped eliminate the abnormal elements in the body, including the poison.

But the cost of this medicine was extremely high and it’s production involved complex manual procedures. The medicine could only take effect with the help of an alchemy array. That was why only Ye Lang could offer the treatment.

And because of this, even though Ye Lang had carried the medicine with him, he hadn’t given it to them. The effect of qirijue couldn’t be stopped if the alchemy array didn’t work due to being unable to use magical elements.

“We just need to take this? Don’t you need to make anything else?” Everyone asked with puzzlement.

Ye Lang had even said it was difficult to stop the effect of this poison, but why did he just give them some medicine he had already made? This made them feel that he didn’t take it seriously.

However, it was possible for him to do so because he was such a careless man...

“I didn’t know much about the poison so how could I make the antidote in advance? But this antidote is a panacea, so it’s different.” Ye Lang answered them irresponsibly.

“Since you didn’t know much about the poison, how can you be sure that the panacea can stop the effect?” Everyone worriedly asked, it sounded like he was really joking.

“I believe it can work so I took it. If you don’t believe me, you can refuse to try it.” Ye Lang said irresponsibly.


At this moment, Ye Lang ignored the others and just held the hand of Princess Qi, who had been standing next to him to feel her pulse. After confirming that she wasn’t poisoned, he still let her take a pill.

“Little Qi, you and sis are two great masters in conflict.” Ye Lang gently combed Princess Qi’s tousled hair and said softly.

Maybe others didn’t know that if Ye Lan Yu and the Princess Qi worked together, they could practice powerful magic. This was their specialty, but they rarely used it.

It was believed that they were in conflict so they couldn’t cooperate with each other, but in fact, they fought with each other so much that they knew each other’s shortcomings. That was why they could also complement each other.

“Fine.” Princess Qi nodded like a very well-behaved child, then she stood with Ye Lan Yu who came to her. They were surrounded by a group of warriors and this was their most splendid array.

“Little Qi, why are you still alive and why isn’t there anything wrong with you? The Eighth Princess failed to hurt you... What a pity.” Ye Lan Yu still irritated Princess Qi even at this moment.

However, at the bottom of her heart, she was very pleased that Princess Qi was still alive. Despite the fact that they often quarreled, both wished each other to be safe.

“Don’t worry. I won’t die until you die.” Princess Qi replied and stood side by side with her.

“I wonder... Why did she set you free?” Ye Lan Yu asked this question because she really wanted to know the answer, instead of irritating her.

Princess Qi understood her real intention so she answered with uncertainty, “I think she may feel that it is not beneficial for her to kill me. If she lets me go, I can be a burden for Ye Lang. Perhaps she still remembers I am her sister and she values the family bond and affection...”

“If she cherished blood ties, she wouldn’t have killed her father.” Before Ye Lan Yu finished what she said, Ye Chengtian snorted.

“This...” Princess Qi was speechless. Until now, she couldn’t believe this harsh fact.

“Stop talking about that. Right now, it’s most important for us to think about how to escape.” Ye Yi said in a deep voice and asked, “Little Lang, any idea?”

“Firstly, ask all of our family to leave and try to destroy everything that cannot be  taken away. In this way, no one will gain benefits from it.” Ye Lang said directly and decisively. But the people on the spot couldn’t accept his idea.

“Then we should decide where to go, because we cannot stay in this empire now.” Ye Lan Yu observed and thought about the solution.

“We can go to the Vermilion Bird Empire.” Ye Yi said gently. At the same time, he launched a signal bomb to tell all of the Ye family to carry out the final emergency plan.

Of course, the current situation was different, so not all members would follow Ye Yi, and it was impossible to destroy the main facilities in their house because someone had secretly take hold of the power to control the Ye family in the struggle.

Those who still followed Ye Yi now were loyal and also the most reliable in this branch. This was good.

At least in Ye Yi’s eyes, it was good. It seemed to be a life or death test, those who passed it, could be the most trustworthy.

Ye Lang wondered why Ye Yi chose the Vermilion Bird Empire as their destination. After thinking about it, he believed that it seemed to be the best choice at present.

“Why should we go to the Vermilion Bird Empire?” A cousin of Ye Lang asked very curiously.

Ye Yi frowned and seemed to be reluctant to say, “The Vermilion Bird Empire is one of the two capable rivals of Soaring Sky Empire. It can provide us with shelter because there is conflict between the Vermilion Bird Empire and Soaring Sky Empire. In order to compete with Soaring Sky Empire, it will protect us well and even offer us better opportunities...”

“This is one of the two reasons... The second reason is that the Soaring Sky Empire Empire is An Qi’s hometown. It will give us the best help because of Ye Lang.”

“Why me?” Ye Lang was a little confused, and many other people also didn’t understand.

“Don’t you know how your cousin treats you?”

“She treats me very well...”

“That's enough...”

“But is she so influential?” Ye Lang wanted to ask, but at this moment, he had no time because they had to change their locations to get into battle formation.

This formation would let them gain an advantage under unfavorable circumstances. Undoubtedly, the premise was that they had to remain in such a formation.

However, they could not maintain such a formation because they couldn’t afford to. More and more people would come to surround them even if they had been killing the enemies.

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