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Chapter 11 – Me and wife’s birthday Translated by imakeusssmile


Seeing the tiger girl pulling the little prince along and disappearing from the doorway, everyone was dumbfounded for a moment before starting to miserably shriek one by one, because the amount of dishes that they had just ordered already greatly exceeded what they could afford. Eating this meal would for sure cause them to become poor.

Some were instead rejoicing that they had still not ordered any food and thus quickly stood up and left the restaurant. In just a short while, a stream of people started to crowd towards the doorway. Just in the same manner as when they first came into the restaurant, entering hurriedly and leaving hurriedly.

As for the people who had already ordered their dishes, upon seeing the hurried stream of people, they suddenly thought of an idea, which was to just leave directly. After all, in any case, the dishes were still not served.

After one person left, another would leave, and very quickly the Elegant Smile Pavilion, which a moment ago was just full of people, became completely empty. Even some people who were originally eating in the restaurant did not pay the bill and took advantage of the stream of people to run away. (GK: Dine and Dash!!)

All those people leaving without paying and adding to those individuals who had already ordered food, although the food was still not served, the kitchen was already making the food, who knows how much money was lost within all this.

For this reason, the boss of the Elegant Smile Pavilion fainted on the floor. He was regretting as to why he had been greedy for those little gains, throwing away a watermelon for a sesame seed.

Regarding these matters, the Ye Family’s little thirteenth prince who was the cause of all of it, was completely unaware, and right now he was strolling around with the little tiger girl, seeing if there was anything to buy, anything that could let him squander money. Of course, before this, he randomly looked for a street vendor to eat what he wanted to eat, fish ball thick noodles.

Although he was an extreme money squandering prodigal son, he didn’t have even a bit of a noble’s arrogance, and so for him eating from a street vendor was something that happened from time to time.

Perhaps it was because he didn’t know what arrogance was and didn’t understand what the difference between himself and other ordinary people was.

The people at his side would always protect him, not letting him suffer from any harm. Just like the little tiger girl at his side right now, which was also known from his mouth as Tigress. Every time her young master came out to squander, not only did she need to prevent him from being swindled, she also needed to protect his personal safety, not leaving more than half a step away from him at all times.

It has always been like this since they were small, this also helped make up for the few flaws that the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince has, no matter if it was on the aspect of intelligence or on the aspect of martial strength. Over the past five years, Tigress had always been accompanying the little thirteenth prince. At the same time as she needed to play the role of a servant girl, she had also needed to undertake the role of a bodyguard and sometimes, she also needed to play the role of a close relative.

Perhaps, most of the time she existed under the role of a childhood friend, who grew up together, the type of role as an innocent playmate.

On the street, the little thirteenth prince slowly walked in the direction ahead while looking at the great amount of store fronts on both sides, wondering which store to go into to play. And at this exact moment, a signboard above his head suddenly became loose and fell downwards, rushing towards the little thirteenth prince’s head.

“Bang!” Tigress suddenly  jumped up and with a tornado kick, she kicked away the signboard, following which, she acted like nothing happened and continued talking and walking with the little thirteenth prince.

Similarly, the little thirteenth prince did not know about what had just happened, and in high spirits continued to go and squander money.

Similar situations had already occurred countless times. Of course, it wasn’t that anyone was plotting to harm the thirteenth prince on purpose, but it was instead merely coincidental, and every time something similar occurred, it was always resolved by Tigress, while the little thirteenth prince would never know that something had just occurred. Tigress had also never shouted or said any words, such as be careful or anything, because she felt that there was no need for such things.

“Young master, we have to go back home earlier today. We still have to go to the imperial palace tonight.” Tigress opened her mouth and reminded him.

“I know. Today we have to go to my wife’s place to celebrate our birthday.” The little thirteenth prince said. Right now, when the little thirteenth prince spoke, he seemed to be able to speak in a much better manner than he had previously been able to, not like when in the past he had to think for quite a while before organizing what he wanted to say.

“It’s fine as long as you remember it. Then let’s stroll for another hour before heading back home.” Tigress gave the little thirteenth prince a time limit, and this was also the largest time limit she was able to provide him with.


This form of addressing caused Tigress to feel somewhat strange, because she understood the little thirteenth prince the most and she knew that he really didn’t understand what the term wife was.

As for the little thirteenth prince’s wife, it was the empire’s ‘little princess’ which he had an engagement with. Oh, not right, she wasn’t ‘little princess’ anymore now, because she wasn’t the youngest female child, as she already had a younger sister, and it wasn’t just one either.

Right now, she was called the seventh princess. To put it simply, she was called the Princess Qi. [Note: This ‘Qi’ means seven, remember this for the future, because it will be used a lot.  The ‘Qi’ in his mother’s name is different.]

As for what was the name of Princess Qi? About this, the little thirteenth prince seemed to not know, and he only knew that she was to be his future wife. Of course, this was what he was told to by others.

Because Princess Qi was born on the same day and date as the little thirteenth prince, therefore both of their birthdays had always been celebrated together. It was just that, the location that the birthday party was to take place in, was decided by taking turns. If this year the celebration was held at the Ye Family Residence, next year it would be at the Imperial Palace and vice versa.

Today just so happens to be his birthday and he had precisely used his birthday as an excuse to come out to ruthlessly squander money. But until now, it seemed that he still hadn’t found a place to squander money


“Oh, that’s right, since today is my wife’s birthday, I will go and buy a birthday present for her. Let’s go to the auction house.” The little thirteenth prince suddenly thought of this problem. Tigress and Long An Qi had told him before that, on a girl’s birthday, you must always give her a birthday present.

It was just that, he only knew that he had to give her a birthday present, but he did not know what kind of present he should give, and what kind of present a girl would be fond of. Due to this, he did not go to a place such as a jewelry store, clothing store and etc. While instead, he went to the auction house and intended to buy the most expensive item.

This is because, to him, when buying something, one only needs to buy the most expensive one, and it wasn’t about choosing the correct one. Also, to him, the auction house was a place that he was very familiar with. Why was he so familiar with the auction house? It was simply because it was a place which he had often come to.

“Thirteenth prince, you have come! Someone, bring the thirteenth prince to the VIP room.” When the little thirteenth prince entered the auction house, the personnel in charge immediately appeared in front of him and greeted him passionately.

“Who is this little noble prince? Why does our attendant look at him as if he was looking at his own father?” A new worker, who had obviously just started working here, was surprised and asked.

“That’s right, you could said he is our father. This little prince is our auction house’s livelihood’s biggest supporter. He is the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince. Every time he comes to our auction house, he would always raise the price against others and also one more thing, he has never lost a single time.” An ‘old man’ answered.

“Never even lost once? How could this be possible? Could it be that no one dares to ‘fight’ with him?” The new worker asked again.

“It’s not that they dare not fight with him, it’s just that no one was able to successfully ‘fight’ with him. The thing that this little prince wants, he would never give up on it. No matter how high of a price you raise, he would still raise a price higher than your’s.”

“If it’s like this, as long as someone keeps on raising the price against him, won’t we get filthy rich?”

“Your thinking is still too young. Just who is he? He is the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince. If someone was to purposely raise against him, it would definitely offend the Ye Family. Although the Ye Family can’t do anything about this little prince, it doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything to other people. Of course, others can still ‘fight’ with him for a while, as long as it’s not too much over the limit.”

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