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Chapter 109 - Yazhu (2)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

Silence... Silent like the grave. Nobody made any kind of noise regardless of whether they were on Zhao Yarou’s side, Ye Lang’s side, or even if they were neutral.

Quiet... Ye Lang’s words made everyone go quiet as they pondered.

Everyone could see the special position Ye Lang was in, if he looked at you, then you were definitely screwed. If he wanted you dead, then it was definitely possible that he could do it.

And it was just like he said, for a while you might be able to fend him off, but for a lifetime?

For the rest of your life, you will have to face a determined shadow of death that will constantly linger over you, threatening to take your life at any time, any place!

Kill him? That would solve everything!

Well then, why don’t you do it first before talking!

Right now, everybody understood something, this stupid and harmless looking  Thirteenth young master was definitely a dangerous existence!

This caused some people to celebrate, while others grew worried.

Those who cared about Ye Lang celebrated, they now knew that Ye Lang was not someone who needed others to take care of him. When push came to shove, he was capable of taking care of himself. No, it should be said, he could even take care of others!

Those who grew worried, naturally were those who wanted to make enemies of Ye Lang…

“Then if you escape this time, will you come to kill me?” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang and asked in a complex way.

“As long as those I care about don’t die, I don’t have the time to bother with you! Power struggles come with a price, and you will be carrying the crime of patricide with you for the rest of your life, is it worth it?”

“It’s worth it! You wouldn’t understand! You are someone who doesn’t care about fame and riches, sometimes I really envy you!” Zhao Yarou indifferently replied.

“Release her, let her go over!” At this time, Zhao Yarou made an unexpected choice and let Princess Qi go without setting any conditions.

“???” Nobody could understand, Ye Lang however, seemed to have some understanding of what was going on.

“Little Qi, go over there and wait for me, I will kill my way out very soon!” Ye Lang pointed ahead.

“Okay!” Princess Qi directly used magic to fly into the air, where she was, the sealing magic was not suppressing her.

“Ye Lang! I don’t understand why you would choose that area to break through. That place is clearly where the defense is the strongest.” At this time, Zhao Yarou found the time to ask Ye Lang a question.

Ye Lang had chosen to go to the area where there were the most people from the start to break through. This felt odd to many people, but they had been amazed by Ye Lang’s extraordinary performance, so they had put the question aside for the time being.

“The fact you’re defending that area the hardest, shows that this area is the easiest to escape from, while those areas that are weakly defended just lead to another encirclement, why bother breaking through those!” Ye Lang said with a relaxed smile.

“Why are you so certain? Maybe I’m intentionally tricking you!” Zhao Yarou continued asking.

“Let me ask you, where are we right now?” Ye Lang countered.

“This is the Imperial Palace’s front plaza, a place that must be passed through to enter the Imperial Palace…” Zhao Yarou seemed to have realized something.

“That’s more like it! How many times have I visited the Imperial Palace since I was little up to now? It’s probably uncountable, would I really not understand the layout of the surroundings?” Ye Lang smiled as he spoke.

“Therefore, would I not know which area is the easiest to escape from?”


“Are you still planning on stopping us from leaving?” Ye Lang pointed ahead and asked.

“Indeed, if you leave, it’ll be hard for me to grasp some influence. Therefore, I will spend some effort to try and kill you. You are definitely all experts, but you are still unable to defeat human wave tactics all the same!” Zhao Yarou somewhat grudgingly spoke.

“You have just seized the throne, can you control the army? What excuse are you going to use to attack us?” Some people started questioning Zhao Yarou. Human wave tactics required having the power to mobilize troops and a justification.

“You’re so stupid! She just has to say that we’re traitors and pin the crime of killing the Emperor and the prince and princesses on us to kill two birds with one stone!” Ye Lang said disdainfully. Even though he didn’t deal with these conspiracies, he could still guess what was going on.

“Ye Lang, I didn’t underestimate you, whenever you look at an affair, you always are more insightful than others. Too bad you often are too lazy to look!” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang and spoke with a very complicated expression.

“So you’ve even discovered that! Alright, I admit it, I’m a low-profile public figure who’s actually a genius and has been faking stupidity!” Ye Lang smiled and announced.

“…” Zhao Yarou fell silent and then issued orders, “Kill them!”

But before the soldiers could react, Ye Lang had already launched an attack with his spear. This attack contained the immense power he had been accumulating and knocked those nearby flying and directly blasted open a hole in front of him!

Ye Lang used this opportunity to dash forwards without stopping and escaped outside the range of the sealing magic!

At the same time, everybody else remained within the plaza, encircled by enemies, and urgently defended against the attacks of the nearby soldiers!

Why didn’t Ye Lang help the others forge a bloody path through?

Very simple, this way was more convenient!

They saw Ye Lang pull several small items out of his spatial ring and throw them, throwing them into the midst of the soldiers!




Consecutive explosions occurred, blowing a gap into the encirclement of soldiers and filling the sky with broken limbs and bits of flesh. This caused everybody to understand that the explosives Ye Lang had just thrown were not weak at all.

Only, they couldn’t understand why Ye Lang’s explosives worked within the magic sealing formation? Normal alchemy items shouldn’t be usable inside, because alchemy formations required magic elements to activate!

The answer was simple, Ye Lang’s explosives were purely chemical items and did not use magic elements. They were created as byproducts when he was making medicine and weren’t too large in number.

And at this time, Ye Lang didn’t stop, he directly pulled out his large alchemy cannon and aimed at a corner of the magic sealing formation…

“Ye Lang! Don’t waste your time, the magic sealing formation has defenses, it can’t be destroyed!” Zhao Yarou “kindheartedly” reminded him.


The city wall started to collapse……

[TL note: I think city wall here refers to a wall around the imperial palace, similar to how the Forbidden city has its own wall]

Ye Lang on the other hand, ignored what Zhao Yarou said and directly turned up the power up and created the biggest explosion yet. Only then did he explain: “The magic sealing formation has defenses so I can’t destroy it, but I can destroy the foundation of the building it’s in and cause the eye of the formation to move!!”

“…“ Zhao Yarou fell silent, thinking: ‘I should’ve realized this earlier, when it comes to alchemy formations, how could I understand them as well as you and how could you not know? You definitely have a way to destroy it!’

Very quickly, reality told everyone the answer. After losing an eye, the magic sealing formation immediately lost its effect in one corner, and that corner was where everybody else was.

Right now, the Ye family and company were no longer being suppressed and their experts could now show their usefulness!

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