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Chapter 108 - Yazhu (1)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“Yazhu... I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere before...” Ye Chengtian absentmindedly spoke to himself.

“I think I’ve heard it somewhere before as well...” Long An Qi also started trying to remember.

“Ye Lang!! Do you really not know who Yazhu is?” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang, her face full of shock and surprise.

“Don’t know, stop bothering me, after I escape, you should give up, otherwise you’ll just get hurt!” Ye Lang shook his head and directly warned Zhao Yarou.

These words very clearly expressed Ye Lang’s attitude towards their present situation. After escaping, he had no intentions of stopping Zhao Yarou from becoming Empress, nor would he support others in stopping her.

At the same time, Ye Lang had never placed down his spear while talking. He had continued pursuing a policy of “total annihilation” the whole time…

“Ye Lang, cease and desist immediately!!” Zhao Yarou  angrily shouted.

“Do you think I’m an idiot! If I stop, should I let your troops make mincemeat out of me afterwards?” Ye Lang disdainfully replied.

“Everybody stop! Retreat!!” Zhao Yarou commanded. The horde of soldiers immediately pulled away from Ye Lang and maintained a safe distance. This safe distance seemed a bit far, it appeared that they harbored fear towards Ye Lang.

“What? I don’t have time to play with you, can you hurry up and make up your mind?!” Ye Lang urged her. However, he didn’t move forward and take action, he remained in his original position and didn’t move instead.

At this time, even though he wasn’t sure what Zhao Yarou was planning to do, but if Zhao Yarou was going to give him time to rest, why shouldn’t he take advantage of the opportunity?

It was impossible for the battle just now to have not sapped his internal strength. Every thrust would consume his energy, and those explosions even more so, but Ye Lang had already calculated it all.

However, even though he had calculated his internal energy expenditure to last until he reached the outside, where he could then use alchemy to supplement it, he still wouldn’t throw away this opportunity to accumulate a bit more strength and make the outcome more certain.

Breathe in, breathe out……

[TL note: 调息法 is some kind of martial arts technique to regulate breathing]

“For you to not even know who Yazhu is… If I were her, I would definitely have lunged forward and bitten you. You still don’t know her name after spending so much time with her!” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang with a complex expression.

“Wha?? Spending so much time with her? Who? I don’t know the person.” Ye Lang was confused.

“Stupid little brother, who else could it be, it’s…” Ye Lan Yu spoke unhappily. At this point, it was already very clear who it was, nothing more needed to be said.

Only a few people had been close to Ye Lang for a very long time. Furthermore with the name Yazhu, it had to be…

“Ye Lang! You bastard, how can you not even know my name, you even said we were childhood friends who grew up together and I was very important in your heart!!” Princess Qi’s voice traveled over, and within her strong voice, intense undercurrents of anger could be distinguished.

That’s right, Yazhu, Zhao Yazhu, was Princess Qi’s name!

“… Can you really blame me? You never told me your name before…” Ye Lang said in a small voice.

These words caused Princess Qi to remember... It seemed that she had really never said her name before, from when she was small all the way until now…

However, Princess Qi wouldn’t calm down with just that, she would use the privilege that was exclusive only to women – Irrationality!

“If I didn’t tell you, couldn’t you have asked?!”

“I forgot… So your name is Zhao Yazhu, what a beautiful name.” Ye Lang said absentmindedly.

“If you think it’s a beautiful name, then call me by that in the future.” Princess Qi smiled as she spoke, it seemed that she was no longer angry. Her anger truly vanished too fast.

Perhaps this was because she had been with Ye Lang for a long time and knew his personality, understanding that he didn’t do it on purpose; Perhaps it was because she loved Ye Lang and couldn’t bear to be mad at him!

Ye Lang smiled and said: “But I think Little Qi is a better name, it’s more intimate this way.”

“Up to you, as long as you like it, you can call me whatever!” Princess Qi kept smiling.

“Hello? Hello! You two, don’t you want to pay attention to the situation you’re in? Why are you acting like a pair of lovebirds? Haven’t you noticed the situation Yazhu is in?” Zhao Yarou couldn’t help but remind them.

Right now, Princess Qi was being escorted up with her arms bound in fetters, with a gleaming knife at her throat.

“Release her!” Ye Lang very simply said those words. They weren’t a suggestion, nor were they a request... Rather, they were an order.

“Release her? If you don’t pay some kind of price, how could I release her? Everybody is dead, only she’s left alive, do you think it’s because my feelings for her are deeper?” Zhao Yarou coldly spoke.

Today, all of the princes and princesses present, all of her siblings who could threaten her claim to the throne, had already been killed by her. The sole survivor was Princess Qi, who was kept alive precisely as an insurance against the variable that was Ye Lang, to be used to threaten Ye Lang.

All along, she had felt that Ye Lang would definitely not allow himself to be captured so easily, something unexpected would definitely happen!

Reality had verified that her thoughts were correct!

“Either you release her or kill her!” Ye Lang looked at Princess Qi and spoke very coldly.


The whole area fell silent, what did Ye Lang mean by those words?

“Did I mishear, or did you misspeak? You’re going to let me kill her?” Zhao Yarou pointed at Princess Qi and inquired.

Ye Lang was silent for a while and then emotionlessly spoke: “You didn’t mishear, nor did I misspeak, if you won’t release her then kill her! I know you want to use her to threaten me, but I won’t give in!”

“Why? Is she not important to you at all? Or are you saying that you would abandon her to save your own skin?” Zhao Yarou emotionlessly asked, “Sure enough, we really are the same kind of people! For ourselves, we can coldly give up everything; moreover we can even destroy it with our own hands.”

Was this the case? Were you really that kind of person?

These words, many people would ask, however the leading role in this matter, Princess Qi, would not ask these words. Even though there were some matters she liked to argue against Ye Lang with and call him biased, she would never doubt his feelings towards her.

She believed that Ye Lang would not abandon her to save himself!

“She’s very important to me. If I was only trading my own life for hers, I would be willing. I would immediately tie myself up and await capture and let you decide my fate! But right now, what you want for her life is not mine alone, but my family’s lives as well!” Ye Lang replied calmly, but it seemed he was only calm on the surface.

“Even little children all know that to trade one person for many is not a good trade! Therefore, I refuse!” Ye Lang continued, “But I must warn you, if you touch even a hair on her head, I will pay you back ten times over, if she dies, you will accompany her to the grave!”

Ye Lang’s words became increasingly colder, so cold that everybody could feel the ice in his words. Everyone felt as if they were being cut by the edge of a sword.

“Even if you become Empress, I can still kill you all the same. You might be able to evade me for a while, but can you evade me for a lifetime?”

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