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Chapter 107 - Variable (3)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“Little Brother…”

“Ye lang!”

“Little Lang!”

The nervous people who cared about Ye Lang started yelling when they saw Ye Lang walking forward. They were shocked and they started to mess up the formation as they wanted to charge forward to protect Ye Lang.

Ye Lang simply waved his hand and said: “Just sit there and watch, nothing will happen to me! It’s a shame that all my weapons are in my space ring, otherwise they’d all die horrible deaths. In the future, I need to learn from those people who dress cool, sword on the back and saber at the waist...”

Very quickly, Ye Lang arrived in front of the soldiers under the skeptical and doubtful gazes of everybody. He was only a meter away from them, as long as those soldiers used the spears and swords within their hands they could hit him.

And at this time, the soldiers simply continued to encircle them, nobody dared to make a move!

“What are you lazing around for? Kill him!” Zhao Yarou broke the deadlock and forced those hesitating soldiers to attack simultaneously!

In this instant, everyone saw the sabers, swords, spears, axes, and other weapons attack Ye Lang from all directions. Bit by bit they drew closer…

The hearts of those who cared about Ye Lang all sprang up in their chests and didn’t fall back down. As the weapons enveloped Ye Lang, they felt as if their hearts were breaking and lungs were splitting.


You’re finally about to die, but why do I feel like you won’t die so easily? Zhao Yarou watched as Ye Lang was drowned in the sea of weapons.

Under these conditions, someone without dou qi or magic could not possibly escape by luck in the opinion of this world’s logic. They could only become a pile of minced meat!

Why do you have to do this? Why do you have to go to your death? Do you plan to use your death to save us?

In the heart of this abnormal Zhao Yarou, perhaps she won’t kill the members of the Ye family after you die, but of course it’s also possible she won’t care!

However, in the end, everybody discovered that the situation was not like this, something impossible happened before their eyes, something they wouldn’t understand for the rest of their lives!

Boom boom…

Pipa Pipa……

Those weapons that cut down towards Ye Lang all suddenly flew into the air in an instant and then fell down, as if it was a heavenly maiden scattering flowers!

And in that short instant, all of the soldiers surrounding Ye Lang fell backwards!

When they fell down, a single silhouette remained in the center of everything, carrying a spear, standing ramrod straight!

And this silhouette, if it wasn’t Ye Lang who would it be?

How could this be?

Nobody could explain it, why did something this odd occur? Why would those weapons fly in the air? Why would the people next to Ye Lang fall over?

“Sis, father, mother, wait over there, I will kill all of them!” Ye Lang raised the pike and faced the people in front of him.

“I will give you two choices, you can disappear on your own or you can… Die!”

“Ha ha, that’s funny, do you think that you can kill the several thousand of us by yourself?” Those in front of Ye Lang, the soldiers who didn’t know what had happened, started laughing.

“I can! It’s just a matter of time!” Ye Lang softly spoke, and then he thrusted. A person fell over.

This time, everyone saw Ye Lang’s movements, even though dou qi and magic couldn’t be used, one’s eyes still could. It was just that it seemed that they were a bit unwilling to believe their eyes.

That one thrust was like a flash of lightning and immediately pierced the throat of the person who was speaking. It was pulled back no slower than it was thrust forward, as if the spear had never moved.

If this occurred under normal circumstances when dou qi could be used, they could do it, but how was that possible now?

Alchemy! That’s right, alchemy! There was once a weird alchemist, he used alchemy to cultivate his physique and used his body’s strength to defeat a dragon.

Could it be, this brat had also undergone that kind of cultivation?

Yes, it was definitely the case!

Next, they saw some unexplainable phenomenon that they could only strugglingly use alchemy to explain. At least that way, they had an explanation, how else could they explain it otherwise?

“Kill, kill this brat for me!” Seeing their comrades being killed, those soldiers’ eyes turned red and they raised their weapons and attacked Ye Lang in a formation in waves.

Ye Lang was currently demonstrating to everyone how spears could be used in this way. He was using the spear to its absolute limit, various kinds of attacks and defenses all appeared within his hands.

Absolute perfection, that was the only way to describe it!

“Chengtian, my darling grandson, your son, when did he learn this?” Ye Yi asked stupidly.

“I don’t know, this is too mysterious. Even if he was this generation’s spear king, this is still too amazing!” Ye Chengtian shook his head, “Lanyu, you spend all day with your little brother, did you know?”

“I didn’t know. If he’s not messing around, he’s eating, otherwise he’s dabbling in alchemy! I’ve never seen him practice martial arts before.” Ye Lanyu shook her head, she was also suspicious. This didn’t seem like something that could be learned in a short period of time, when had he learned this?

Every stroke of Ye Lang’s spear seemed perfect in the eyes of those watching, and every thrust cruelly stole the life of a person. The fallen soldiers grew more and more in number.

Yet these soldiers did not back down. On the contrary, more and more of them appeared. Correspondingly, the pressure on Ye Lang grew greater and greater; It looked like they would break through his defenses.

At this time, the members of the Ye family worried while Zhao Yarou’s side grew excited: It seemed that victory was in their grasp!

But at this time, changes within the field occurred…

Ye Lang flew up in the air and pointed his spear directly down at the group below him and rushed forward…


A violent explosion of air blew away all the surrounding soldiers…

“This… How can this be?” Dou qi clearly could not be used, why could his attack still exhibit this level of power?”

Everybody was stunned right now by this, they couldn’t believe it. Many tried to use dou qi but they found that it was no use!

What kind of power was this? It seemed that alchemy was already incapable of explaining it.


Ye Lang howled towards the sky like an evil wolf killing lambs that were brought to the slaughter. Yes, these soldiers right now were the lambs that were brought to the slaughterhouse!

Why was it like this?

Don’t forget, Ye Lang was a person who possessed the martial arts treasury, what he cultivated was inner strength. He was not confined by magic elements. If this world didn’t have magic elements, then nobody could defeat him!

Right now, the magic sealing formation had sealed the strength of Ye Yi and company, but it had no way of suppressing Ye Lang!

And funnily enough, after entering the spell formation, Zhao Yarou’s soldiers had also been suppressed. In Ye Lang’s eyes, they were a bunch of children holding weapons, while he was a martial arts expert!

Nobody had predicted these events and nobody could have predicted them!

Very soon, Ye Lang would be able to lead everybody out of the sealing formation’s range. When that happened, Zhao Yarou would definitely have a headache!

“Ye Lang! if you want Yazhu to live, then immediately tie yourself up and await capture!” Zhao Yarou used her last trump card. She had specifically kept this card to counter this unexpected variable.

“Kill whoever you want, it has nothing to do with me!” Ye Lang coldly replied and continued killing soldiers. He had almost slaughtered a path out of the encirclement.

“Do you really not care whether Yazhu lives or dies?” Zhao Yarou asked, amazed.

“Why would I care about her death, I don’t know any Yazhu?”

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