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Chapter 101 - Princess Qi's nameEdited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“There aren’t any, so stop saying I’ve broken the rules of the competition. If you have the ability, then try to get me stripped of my position as a judge, otherwise, today’s victor will definitely be Zhen Xiaoyan and not you!” Ye Lang’s words were very shameless, but they were also very insistent, very straightforward, and overt as if they were just…

“You… You…” Right now, everybody was speechless.

“You? What you? Right now, I announce that Zhen Xiaoyan is the victor! You’ve been eliminated!” Ye Lang declared with a smile.

“Ye Lang, if you’re going to help, be a bit more covert about it, don’t do it so openly!” At this time, the teacher who had heard the news rushed over with a headache.

“I didn’t help, look, fatty is already done, yet he’s still arguing with me and forgot what he was supposed to be doing.” Ye Lang pointed at Zhen Xiaoyan. Only now did everybody discover that while Ye Lang was arguing with that participant, Zhen Xiaoyan had already sneakily finished.

As long as everybody acknowledged Ye Lang’s actions as having not affected the results, then the result would be Zhen Xiaoyan’s victory!

However, would everyone acknowledge it?

They would, or at least, the majority of them would. This wasn’t because they were afraid of Ye Lang or wished to give Ye Lang face. Instead, it was because Ye Lang said some words that enlightened everyone present.

“Even though I admit I’m a bit selfish, I would like to say one thing. As an alchemist, you shouldn’t be disturbed by people or the environment. Even if someone acts like me and does something infuriating, you should ignore it. You should not fail in alchemy simply due to being disturbed!”

“If you can’t even do something like this, then you will never reach the summit of alchemy, and you have no need to attend the great competition!”

Right! If it was Ye Lang, no matter what heinous deeds were done, he would still complete his alchemy. Moreover, he would do it without missing a single detail. After all, alchemy was unlike other fields, a single change could cause large changes in effect.

If you were using alchemy to battle, then this point became even more important. Otherwise, your only other option would be death!

Even though the people present still felt like Ye Lang was just making excuses, they couldn’t help but acknowledge that he was also correct. Zhen Xiaoyan’s opponent just now, had definitely been disturbed.

In this area, Zhen Xiaoyan had performed admirably. Even though Ye Lang’s conduct had made her face flush in embarrassment, she had still ignored the distractions and completed her alchemy first.

Therefore, in this area, Zhen Xiaoyan was the victor!

“Okay, my job this time has been completed. I can go rest now for 8 or 10 days. Teacher, you don’t have any objections, right!” Ye Lang smiled as he spoke. Once again, he found an excuse to go take a break.

“Do as you like, not like I can do anything about it!” The beautiful teacher said unhappily.

“Thanks teacher! Fatty, I’m hungry, let’s go eat!” Ye Lang directly grabbed Zhen Xiaoyan and started leaving. The latter made an apologetic gesture toward the people around them and then left with Ye Lang.

But when they were halfway gone, Ye Lang suddenly stopped as if he had remembered something and turned around:

“If anyone wants to challenge Zhen Xiaoyan, then I will come back to serve as the judge. You can come whenever you want, it’s not a problem.”

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Fuck! With you as the judge, who would dare to challenge her!

‘Come whenever, it’s not a problem’? Aren’t you blatantly threatening us?!


“Ye Lang, you’re so biased!” Princess Qi said with upturned lips.

“So what if I’m biased? I was just doing it for fun to begin with. If I can help fatty of course I will, why would I help a stranger instead!” Ye Lang mouthed back.

“I’m not talking about that!” Princess Qi continued pouting to Ye Lang.

“?? Then... What are you talking about?” Ye Lang asked.

“I’m talking about how you treat Zhen Xiaoyan so well, even escorting her, yet you don’t pay attention or ask for any news about me!” Princess Qi’s jealousy started to shine through.

“You don’t need it, she’s a bit stupid, you’re so intelligent, you don’t need my help at all!” Ye Lang replied.

“I don’t care, you’re biased!” Princess Qi grabbed Ye Lang’s hand and lightly pinched it. She appeared very wronged, causing one’s heart to ache.

“Even if I’m biased, I treat you better than I treat her, what are you jealous of?” Ye Lang looked at Princess Qi with a confused expression.

“Really?” Princess Qi’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, we’ve known each other since we were little. We’re childhood friends turned lovers, you’re much more important!” Ye Lang said. Even though these words would cause Zhen Xiaoyan to be a bit unhappy, they were undoubtedly the truth. [TL note: I really want to say osananajimi instead of childhood friends. Ed: I know what you mean lol.]

“That’s more like it!” Princess Qi smiled while looking very satisfied and leaned against Ye Lang’s shoulder.

“Little Qi….” Ye Lang looked ahead and wanted to say something but he was interrupted by Princess Qi.

“Ye Lang, call me by my name, I’ve never heard you call me by my name.”

Princess Qi was suddenly carried away by an impulse. From when they were children to now, Ye Lang had called Princess Qi a total of 3 names in the end. From wife in the beginning, to Princess Qi, to the Little Qi of now, Ye Lang had never called her by her name.

“This… Little Qi is a bit better, it feels more intimate this way!” Ye Lang said after he thought for a while. Don’t know if he was shy or something, but he didn’t call her by name regardless.

“Then call me wife, it’s more intimate!” The Princess Qi softly said.

“Oh, wife...” Ye Lang stupidly replied.

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“Good boy!” Princess Qi didn’t think Ye Lang would really call her that. It had been many years since she had last been addressed that way, causing her face to turn red. On the other hand, she had always wanted to be addressed this way.

In truth, Ye Lang was obedient for another reason, because he just discovered a very serious problem, which was also the reason why he didn’t call Princess Qi by name!

He discovered that he didn’t even know her name!

It was hard to fault him though, he had never called her by name and neither had anyone else. If they didn’t call her Princess Qi, they called her Royal Princess. Nobody called her by her given name, after all, she was an honorable princess!

Moreover he had never really cared about names, as long as he had something to call her by, he was fine. This was just like how some people knew a person by nickname but didn’t know their real name, it wasn’t a big deal at all.

It’s just that... If these circumstances were leaked to Princess Qi, she would definitely be furious!

For this reason, Ye Lang decided that he must figure out what Princess Qi’s name was in order to keep her from discovering that he, someone who declared that he had grown up with her, did not even know her name, this most basic of basics!

However, this state of affairs was a bit miraculous--

“What’s little Qi’s name? Ummmmm, let me think, it was Zhao something something I think…” Ye Lanyu blanked out for a while before trying to remember.

Zhao something something, everyone knows that, who doesn’t know that her surname is Zhao!


“The seventh princess’s name? Why would I know? Does Ye Lang not know?” Zhen Xiaoyan looked at Ye Lang and asked.

“Cough cough, how could I not know, I’m just testing you!”

Failure once again!

“Oh, you’re talking about the seventh princess? What was her name again?” He tried asking a random official passing by.

“F**k, if I knew, why would I ask!”

Failed yet again!

After investigation, Ye Lang concluded that within the entire Imperial capital, nobody knew the Princess Qi’s name. This was too mysterious! Although not many people knew the names of the other princesses, such people still existed.

Right now, the only thing that could be said was that Princess Qi was too low profile. Apart from showing her face in Ye Lang’s company, she would basically never do anything to draw attention to herself!

Even Ye Lang’s parents weren’t certain of their future daughter in law’s given name. They couldn’t remember clearly, but at least, they were better than Ye Lanyu. They remembered 2 characters, her name was Zhao Ya something...

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Yep, that’s because currently, all the princesses were named in that format: Zhao Ya something!

In the end, Ye Lang decided to find an opportunity to ask Princess Qi herself. This was because he had wasted his time asking others. Moreover, if Princess Qi found out that he had asked others about her name, she would be furious. Might as well ask her directly. This way, she would be a little less furious.

Find an opportunity, find an opportunity, opportunities obviously wouldn’t appear immediately.


Within the darkness…

“How is the plan progressing?”  A cold voice softly spoke, causing the underlings present to shiver.

“All is within the plans of the master. They don’t know that those were all part of the plan! I believe it won’t be long before the world belongs to us.” An underling respectfully replied.

“Excellent! Hmph! Ye Lang, just you wait, I will make you regret what you did back then!” That voice became even more icy, as if a cold wind was blowing in.

What plan? What does it have to do with Ye Lang? Who were these people?

Don’t know, the only things that were known, was the existence of a conspiracy and that Ye Lang was somehow involved!

As the plan progressed, and the examinations progressed, things became more and more intense. It was already more or less clear who would be attending the big competition!

After a few more days of eliminations, the lineup that the Imperial academy would be sending to the ranking competition was decided. Next was training to increase their individual strengths, as well as practice working together as a team.

Based off of previous years, the training would be carried out outside. Moreover, it would occur at several different locations on their way to the competition. In other words, after starting the training, these students would not have time to return home again, they would only go home after the competition was over.

This meant…

“Fatty, I’ll miss you...” Ye Lang knew this, he understood that Zhen Xiaoyan would be gone for a very long time so he looked at Zhen Xiaoyan very emotionally.

“Yes, I know, you’ll miss my cooking!” Zhen Xiaoyan was completely unmoved because she knew Ye Lang too well.

“Smart! From now on, you have to spend every day cooking for me, prepare a year’s worth of food for me.” Ye Lang praised.

“Hmph! I won’t, go starve to death!” Zhen Xiaoyan was somewhat angry. She would be leaving for a year or so, couldn’t Ye Lang show a little reluctance?

Can I not even compare to some food?  You only know how to eat, eat yourself to death! Eat yourself to death!!

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