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Chapter 10 – Fish ball thick noodles Translated by imakeussmile


Time quickly flowed and with a glance, five years had already passed.

On an afternoon where the sun shined brightly. There was a street which seemed to be very tranquil, and the people on this street walked with all kinds of different postures.

Right at that moment a voice rang out, causing the scene which had appeared to be very common to turn into something completely different. Everyone’s eyes started to shine and afterwards started to flare up.

“The Ye Family’s thirteenth prince is here. He is going to be prodigal and squander money at the Elegant Smile Pavilion. The seats are limited, those who want to go, quickly go now!”

“Ah, the thirteenth prince is going to be prodigal again.”

“Elegant Smile Pavilion, I have never been to such a high grade place before.”

“Hahaha, I want to eat and drink well today……”


In a very short period of time, everyone on the entire street began to throw aside anything that they had to do and ran towards the spot where the most luxurious restaurant, Elegant Smile Pavilion, was located, and at the same time letting out all kinds of different cheers.

At this time, all of them knew one thing, and it was that although the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince would squander money, he would not specially squander money for others. If you were not able to grab a seat, he would not specially ask someone to arrange more seats.

Thus, right now, if one wants to enjoy this free lunch, they would have to snatch a seat for oneself. This caused everyone to run with perhaps the fastest speed they had ever reached in their entire life. Some even wished that they could grow 2 more legs to run faster with.

About the matters regarding the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, everyone in the imperial capital already clearly knew about them. They knew that the thirteenth prince was only squandering money because he wants to be a prodigal son, and towards these actions, the Ye Family didn’t restrict him at all, allowing him to squander money in any which way he wanted.

Someone roughly estimated that the amount of money that the thirteenth prince had already spent in the past few years, was at least around a million gold coins. This amount was already enough to allow a family to be prosperous for a few generations. Only the Ye Family would have the financial ability to allow the thirteenth prince to squander this much money in such a reckless manner.

It was just that it was very strange as to why the Ye Family would indulge the thirteenth prince in his goal of squandering money to become a prodigal son. Was it merely because of his specialness? Everyone was very curious about this matter but as time passed, they started to slowly become accustomed to the thirteenth prince’s practices, and forgot to ponder over this matter.

“Apologies, our store currently has no more seats available.” As someone rushed toward the Elegant Smile Pavilion, they were blocked outside by the restaurant’s assistant. It’s not that the Elegant Smile Pavilion didn’t want to earn more money, it’s just that they had no choice as there was simply no empty seats left in the restaurant.

“Fuck! Why don’t you guys expand your place a bit, so quick and there is already no space!!” Some people who were unwilling to resign to fate started to curse loudly.

“Buddy, our place is already big enough. In the imperial capital, amongst all the restaurants in the east city district, our place is already the biggest. It’s just that, no matter how big our restaurant is, it still isn’t big enough for all of you people. Our restaurant is not the public square.” Said the assistant.

At this time, within the restaurant, at a seat near the railing of the second floor, where one would be able to view the entire restaurant, there was a little noble child who was about ten years old, along with a very cute tiger race girl.

“Tigress, what are they doing?” The noble little child looked at the lively scene downstairs while holding the restaurant’s menu and asked while feeling somewhat puzzled.

“Humph, what they are doing is that they want to take advantage of you. Young master, can’t you just not squander money, and not be a prodigal son?” the little tiger girl said somewhat helplessly. Regarding this question, she had already asked it more times than she could remember, and the answer she got was basically always the same.

“Cannot. My occupation is to be prodigal. I want to squander money, I want to be a prodigal son.” The noble little boy said very seriously and solemnly. Perhaps, the most serious and solemn words he had said in his entire life would be those words.

“I really don’t know what to do with you.” the little tiger girl shook her head, and afterwards started to think about how to help cut down on the amount of money her own young master squanders. Although she could not prevent him from squandering money and be a prodigal son, she could still at the very least help him squander less money.

These past few years, it has always been this little tiger girl at the side controlling the noble little prince’s money squandering. If not, the amount of money he squandered would have been much more, and it could be said to be several times more than the amount he had already spent.

“Time to order the dishes already. Waiter, give me a bowl of fish ball thick noodles.” The noble little boy straightforwardly ordered a type of noodle which he liked a lot. This was also a dish which the little tiger girl would often make for him to eat.

The little tiger girl seemed to really like to eat fish, and those who didn’t know, may have even thought that she was from the cat race.

The waiter remained silent for a while and then said: “There are no thick noodles.”


This was a high grade place, and food considered to be ordinary couldn’t be found here. At the same time, the waiter didn’t want to let this noble little prince eat any ordinary food, since if they did, it would be hard for them to make a large profit.

This waiter’s decision was also supported by the restaurant’s boss. The boss wanted to ruthlessly devour this fat goat which was the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince. It was just that, no matter what, he would never have thought that just because of his moment of greed, he would have actually brought forth a consequence which would lead to his downfall.

Of course, within all of this, there was also a good reason, which was that the boss had felt that such a high grade place like this should not offer such low grade goods to the thirteenth prince.

The little prince looked at the menu and said: “Er, give me a bowl of fish ball congee then.”

The waiter remained silent for a while again and said: “There is no fish ball.”

The little prince said: “Er, give me cow belly thick noodles then.”

“……, don’t have thick noodles.”

“Give me a bowl of fish ball oil noodles then.”

“……, don’t have fish ball.”

“Why does this place have nothing at all? Still saying they are a high grade restaurant……Give me cuttlefish ball thick noodles then.”

Everyone was blushing with shame, how could this place be called a place with nothing at all? This was your own problem. This Ye Family’s thirteenth prince’s brain indeed was a bit different.

“Don’t have Thick noodles!!” The waiter already felt like crying.

“Don’t have again? Give me a bowl of fish ball rice-flour noodles then.”

“Don’t have fish ball!!” Just kill me.

The little tiger girl was unable to bear it anymore and said: “Young master, their fish ball and thick noodles are out of stock already. This means that, they don’t have any combination that includes either fish ball or thick noodles.”

The thirteenth prince said: “Oh, don’t have any combinations……Then give me just fish ball only.”

“Boom!”, everyone fell down……

“Don’t have fish ball!!!”

“What about thick noodles then?”

The waiter immediately jumped down from the second floor and landed on the ground below, not moving at all.

“What happened to him? The staircase is at that side, there is no staircase here.” the Ye Family thirteenth prince looked at the waiter on the ground and said very slowly.

“Young master……” the little tiger girl shook her head and smiled helplessly.

“Tigress, there is nothing here at all. Let’s change place instead, let’s not come to this type of place anymore.” the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince stood up and casually threw a few gold coins for tea money and walked downstairs.

Of course, from the little tiger girl’s perspective, this amount of tea money was just too much. She quickly took out a copper coin and replaced it with the gold coins on the table. This was something which she often needed to do.

“Going already???”

Seeing that the little prince was preparing to leave, everyone who was prepared to eat for free was dumbfounded. If this little prince were to leave, then does it mean that we have to pay for our meals with our own money?

“Thirteenth prince……” Someone let out a voice for a reminder, hoping that the little prince would stay or at least leave some money.

“You guys eat slowly, you don’t have to send me off.” The little prince said with manners.

“Young master, let’s go.” Seeing this situation, the little tiger girl immediately pulled the little prince and left quickly, because she knew what those people wanted. She also knew that her own young master was obtuse and would definitely not think, and he would actually squander money to pay for the meals of others.

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