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Chapter 68: The Missing Posts

Quan Yu was not deterred by the rejection. He shrugged and sat back down to join the meal.

Xu Yan was at a loss. Her goal was to curry favor with the Quan Family but she was flustered due to what he said earlier. Her mind was spinning rapidly to try to remedy her image in Quan Yu’s heart. This is all Mo Li’s fault for making me speak out of place like that. The wretched girl!

Mo Yu ate the dumplings and observed the man. He saw something strange from the way the man looked at Mo Li. This made Mo Yu uncomfortable. Instinctively, he wanted to protect Mo Li to prevent this man from getting too close to his sister.

Mo Li did not care about these people at the table, she continued eating on her own. The night passed by rather peacefully. Quan Yu stopped to talk business with Elder Mo. Elder Mo studied Quan Yu, if his children or grandchildren was this young man’s standard, then he would have nothing to worry about anymore.

However, he was surprised when he found that Quan Yu was branching into the digital currency business. He even invited Elder Mo to join his project.

Mo Li’s interest was piqued when she heard this and her eyes landed on Quan Yu. From the original novel, she knew that Quan Yu’s digital currency company would continue to do well. It would even become one of the flagship industry of the Quan Family.

However, his competition, Han Xu… would also have his start in the digital currency business and he would be able to gain the contract with the country’s biggest bank, something which had eluded Quan Yu.

If Quan Yu had invited Mo Li to join his project, Mo Li would seriously consider it because she knew how business-savvy the man was.

Night fell and the day could be said to pass by without any incident. Quan Yu departed, and everyone else followed.

Mo Li returned to her room her grandparents had assigned her. She uploaded her thesis onto Sacred Heart and Mo Li noticed something. Under her every post, thesis and comment, she would have a rabid admirer.

“Yes, I agree with you completely!”

“I’ve given this a try and indeed it improves the efficacy of the surgery by a lot.”

“This is amazing! Such a wonderful article should be seen by more people!”

When certain posters replied with negative comments to Mo Li’s papers, the admirer would counter them on Mo Li’s behalf. Mo Li opened her inbox and it was filled to the brim with messages from this person. Since she had no intention of revealing her identity, Mo Li ignored them.

“Sweetie.” Hearing the voice from outside the door, Mo Li immediately closed the computer and darted to her bed. She yawned heavily like she was in the middle of falling asleep.

Old Madam Mo walked into her room and said in a soft whisper, “Sweetie, when did you learn how to do heart resuscitation and the other things?”

It is about Quan Yu after all. Mo Li sighed internally. She rambled a random excuse, “I wanted to be a doctor so I have been researching on them at home…” Swaddled underneath the high quality comforter, Mo Li really did feel quite drowsy. Her grandmother’s words slowly lulled her to sleep. Mo Li heard the questions her grandmother asked but she didn’t know how to answer them so Mo Li surrendered to the draw of slumber.

The next morning, Mo Li arrived at school as usual. She was surprised by Lin Fei who rushed at her. Lin Fei showed her phone to Mo Li, “Look! Mo Li… all the posts about your car accident have been removed!”

Mo Li checked the screen and realized that the school forum appeared to have been cleansed. The front page now was filled with the recruitment video they had taken, there were also some pictures and behind the scene clips.

“This is the power of money, it can solve everything but one’s rotten personality.”

“Do we still have human rights? We can’t even have freedom of speech anymore?”

“I wonder how long Mo Family can protect her like this. If we continue to talk about her, our accounts might get banned directly.”

Mo Li was too surprised to care about these mocking words. Did Mo Yi or Mo Yun do this? To compensate her for agreeing to move in with Elder Mo? Mo Li shook her head.

This was unlikely. Mo Yi still needed to care for Mo Zheng and Mo Yun was busy with the company, they wouldn’t have time to care about her issue at the school.

Mo Li believed then it was the school board who had done this. After all, it would be good for the school image if those posts were left there.

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