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575 Luring the Snake Out of the Cave (3)

Shen Yijia thought about it and agreed. She nodded obediently and closed her eyes.

It was a dreamless night.

The last time he returned in disappointment, Xuanyuan Ce did not go to the Fragrant Teahouse again. Instead, he continued to indulge in various brothels. He even spent a lot of money on a certain courtesan, making people think that he was not interested in the Fragrant Teahouse at all. However, the Fragrant Teahouse took the initiative to invite him.

The first time, Xuanyuan Ce ignored it. When the Fragrant Teahouse sent out the third invitation in a row, Xuanyuan Ce brought people over without interest.

It was still the same small loft from last time. It was still the same woman who led the way.

However, this time, she did not ask Xuanyuan Ce which tea master he wanted to arrange to serve him. Instead, she asked the person Xuanyuan Ce brought to take off his mask.

Xuanyuan Ce frowned and said unhappily, “There aren’t so many requirements to enter the palace of Great Xia. Why are there so many things happening here?”

The woman bowed and apologized, “The guests who came to our Fragrant Teahouse are all rich and noble. If anything happens, our Fragrant Teahouse really can’t bear the responsibility. I hope Your Highness can understand.”

Xuanyuan Ce asked, “What if I don’t want him to take off his mask?”

“Then His Highness’s fate with our Fragrant Teahouse will stop here.”

Xuanyuan Ce stared at her for a long time, but the latter refused to back down.

He sneered. “Your Fragrant Teahouse had better satisfy me. Otherwise…”

“Of course.” The woman smiled and winked at Xuanyuan Ce.

Xuanyuan Ce’s forehead throbbed. He remembered that he was a playboy who only knew how to look for women.

He leaned back lazily and instructed, “The two of you, take off your masks.”

The two people standing behind him looked at each other. They raised their hands and slowly took off their masks, revealing two unfamiliar faces.

At first glance, it was stunning. Then, when she noticed the scars on their faces, the woman was shocked.

The scar seemed to have divided their faces into two. One side was fair and flawless, and the other side was indeed bumpy.

Xuanyuan Ce sneered. “You were the one who wanted to see it. It’s not that I don’t have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.”

“Their faces…” The woman lowered her head, not daring to look at them a second time.

“They accidentally burned themselves. Why? Do you want me to tell you why they were burned?” Xuanyuan Ce said impatiently.

The woman said apologetically, “I was rude. Please put on your masks.”

The two of them took the opportunity to put on their masks. In a place where no one could see, the petite one secretly stuck out her pinky and hooked the other’s.

It was obvious that he wanted to take credit.

These two people were none other than Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia in disguise.

The scar on her face was made of pig skin by Shen Yijia when she had nothing to do. It was inspired by Feng Manman.

Shen Yijia brought it along this time because she wanted to test the effect. Unexpectedly, it happened to work.

The woman confirmed their identities and suggested that they not carry weapons.

Xuanyuan Ce asked the two of them to put down their swords with a dark expression. Shen Yijia even took the initiative to take out her dagger.

Only then did the woman smile and clap her hands. A few women dressed as guards walked over.

Xuanyuan Ce narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, “What does this mean?”

The woman took out a handkerchief and personally walked behind Xuanyuan Ce. She exhaled and said, “Everyone knows that Your Highness has come to our Fragrant Teahouse. We definitely won’t dare to harm Your Highness, so Your Highness, don’t worry. I just want to give you a surprise.”

Xuanyuan Ce held back his disgust and did not move, letting the woman cover her eyes with a handkerchief.

Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia received the same treatment.

Someone on either side of them helped them walk to the loft.

Unable to see, he could only follow the other party. After about ten minutes, the person beside him stopped and heard the sound of a wooden board moving. He took a step forward.

Right on the heels of that, there was the sound of the wind in her ears. She could clearly feel her body descending along with the things she was stepping on.

Song Jingchen sneered. The path he took just now was just to confuse them. In the end, they brought them up to the loft.

A mechanism was pressed in the attic, and they went straight down to the basement on a lift.

If he was not wrong, the elevator board was under the table. The table had moved just now.

Time passed bit by bit, and the sounds around them gradually increased. There was laughter, music, and a faint fragrance.

After following for a while, the handkerchiefs in front of their eyes were untied.

What greeted his eyes was a magnificent hall. There were five stone pillars and tripods in the middle of the hall. There was a wooden floor and a few floors of lofts. Outside the door was a wall.

If they hadn’t known in advance that they were underground, they would have thought that this was a detached courtyard.

The woman was very satisfied with the shock in their eyes. She smiled and said, “Your Highness, do you still need Miss Lan Qing to serve you?”

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