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"Ah!" Zhou Kai heard a horrible scream and felt something warm on his cheek. He touched his face, and found something pasty—blood.

"Xiaohua!" Zhou Kai's heart sank as he turned his body and saw Xiaohua look miserable and cover one arm with hand, with his blood squeezing between fingers.

"Shit! I was scratched by the beast!" Xiaohua was so painful that the sweat stood out in drops on his forehead. But he was still stoical. The members of the Flying Dragon Team practiced the ancient martial arts strictly. They excelled not only in their martial skills but also in their volition.

Zhou Kai intended to praise Xiaohua, but a bloody wind suddenly blew. Zhou knew what it was without casting a glance at it. He raised his dagger and turned it. "Poof!" Zhou Kai inserted his dagger into the wolf's heart precisely and resolutely. Warm wolf blood splashed on Zhou Kai's face and body. He kicked the carcass to the other side directly without frowning.

"Brother Zhou, it will take about twenty minutes for Captain Mingchuan and his team to arrive here."

"Twenty minutes? We will be fed the wolves then!" Zhou Kai shouted angrily. With a complex landform, Shennongjia was brimming with brambles and jungles. It was easy for a person to get lost in such a place at deep night. But he was clear that twenty minutes was the least time Mingchuan could spend to reach here.

"Xiaohua, you go inside and dress your wound first." Zhou Kai turned his head and ordered.

"No! Brother Zhou, I am all right, not hurt badly." Xiaohua shook his wounded arm reluctantly, but groaned.

Shaking his head, Zhou Kai pushed Xiaohua directly behind himself, and the former teammate responsible for communication took Xiaohua's place.

"Siblings! We just need to insist for a while, and the rescue team is coming." Zhou Kai screamed, and another five teammates replied in chorus. They exploited their potential fully and prepared to insist another twenty minutes even at the cost of their lives.

Apparently, Xiaohua's wound stimulated the wolf flock. They became more ferocious and bloodthirsty.

With howls implying their attack, about five to six wolves stood in a line and rushed together to Zhoukai and his teammates.

"Do you want to eat your lordship? You beasts need to have good teeth!" Zhou Kai hummed coldly, observed the way a wolf came and aimed his dagger at its throat as if the dagger saw the wolf itself.

His dagger almost inserted into the wolf's throat, but the wolf twisted its body in a strange manner and jumped off from Zhou Kai's side. This attempt failed.

"Beast, you are lucky this time!" Seeing the wolf wag its tail and run away, Zhou Kai spitted and shouted.


While cursing the wolf, Zhou Kai felt dark in front of his eyes. His intuition told him that another wolf came. Zhou waved his dagger, but failed to hurt this wolf." The beasts…"Zhou Kai's heart sank, because he smelled the scent from a wolf again. However, ten seconds had not passed since the former one ran away.

One wolf left, another came. The interval between two wolves was almost the same. Zhou Kai turned back with a frowning face, but he was stunned when he found that the wolves adopted echelon formation that they attacked like waves. That being said, the wolves were divided into five teams. Each team was consisted of six wolves. The second team prepared to attack after the first one and the third after the second team. They kept attacking in this manner until the fifth team finished its task. Afterwards, the first team prepared its second round of attack, with the second team following. The scheme repeated like endless sea waves, leaving Zhou Kai and his teammates no chance to breathe.

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