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A mortal master reaching Xiantian stage could not beat a cultivator at the first level in the heavens, let alone Qin Dong, a master-hand at the fifth level.

If Li Yexue's elder sister had advanced her ancient martial skills to the highest level, she might have not been able to move a hair of Qin Dong. Qin decided to be low-key, still performed as if he was astonished, and said, "How excellent she is! "

After hearing Qin Dong's compliment, Li Yexue was more proud and said with a crisp voice, "Of course, she is a master! Don't worry, my sister never bullies others randomly, though she excels in martial arts. Anyway, you do not need to be afraid, because I can protect you!"

Qin Dong felt chilled. When did he degenerate to be protected by a girl?

Wolves howled again, but Qin Dong frowned this time.

Seeing Qin Dong frown, fearful Li Yexue panicked. She seized Qin's hands and asked in a quivering voice, "What is…wrong?"

Qin Dong raised his eyebrows and replied, "From the snarls, I guess the hunting scene is bloody and furious. What the wolves face is not a common prey. Let's go and have a look!" Qin stood up, and the tip of his long hair swept from the top of Li's nose. Li Yexue was excited by the scent of Qin's hair.

"Really…? Is it interesting to watch wolf hunting?" Li Yexue said unwillingly.

Qin Dong answered with a sullen face, "If the wolves are hunting…people?"

"People?" Li Yexue's heart skipped a beat, and she shouted nervously, "Are they my classmates and teacher?"

"You will know once you go there and check yourself." Qin Dong dragged Li's hand and rushed in the direction where the howl came from. He ran fast to conceal his secret.

With a strong sense of hearing, Qin Dong was right. Six men in black tight uniforms with giant dragon armbands on their right arms were surrounded by a flock of wolves.

"Shit, where do the wolves come from?" The guy named Zhou Kai took Li Yunteng's order and searched for Li Yexue. Unfortunately, he and his team were spotted by the wolf flock after searching a small area.

Zhou Kai and his team were elites in the Flying Dragon School. It was easy for them to kill all the wolves while being ambushed. Unexpectedly, the wolves in Shennongjia were ferocious, wild and shrewd. The team's ancient martial arts could not help them a lot. The wolves did not flinch, and their ferocity was triggered after several companions were killed. The biggest trouble was: the flock was summoning more wolves. Glistening green eyes could be seen everywhere at the dark night, which made people feel chilled.

"Captain, what can we do?" A teammate asked in solemnity.

"What can we do? Kill out!" Zhou Kai screamed, and turned over his dagger, which flashed a cold light. A big wolf sprang to Zhou, but its throat was cut by his dagger and left its blood gushing out.

Stimulating the wolves, bloody smell permeated in the air. All the wolves were crazy in piercing howls. The flock of wolves sprang one after another to the team, just like ghost jumped at dark night. The six people were trapped where they were, and did not dare to move a little.

With his heart lurching into throat, Zhou Kai tried several times with teammates. But they were blocked by the wolves.

While facing such a ferocious wolf flock, Zhou Kai and his team consumed a lot both physically and mentally. But the former consumption was his headache. He kept struggling till now, as sweat rolled down along his back and arms were aching and limp. The condition of his team was much worse.

"Ask Captain Mingchuan to give us a hand!" Zhou Kai shouted in a deep voice. A formation of five people transformed immediately, and they encircled Zhou Kai who took charge of requesting help in the middle. The other five struggled to keep off the wolves rushing to them.

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