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"Brat, where do I offend you? Why are you so cruel to me? " Suppressing her impulse to vomit, Li Yexue shot a look of pure venom at Qin Dong and asked him in a sweet girlish voice.

"Be cruel to you? Can you be reasonable? You could have been eaten up by the tiger without my help." Qin Dong answered annoyingly. 

"You…" Qin Dong's harsh remarks revealed the truth. Li Yexue sighed and answered, "Thank you for saving me."

"Huh, that sounds much pleasant." Qin smiled at Li.

 Qin Dong's warm and charming smile was illuminated by the bonfire. Li Yexue's heart beat fast after she saw that.

"How did you kill the tiger? You look too slim to kill a tiger." Li Yexue transferred the topic to conceal her passion.

Qin Tailong once told Qin Dong not to believe people in the mortal realm easily. Even though their power was weak, they were extremely shrewd. Qin Dong thought it would be better for less people to know his identity.

"Oh, actually….Because I am lucky enough. The tiger was to bring me down, but it ran into a tree maybe for its poor eyesight. As a result, it died. "

"Ah?" Stunned Li Yexue found Qin Dong's words like the stories written in kindergarten's textbooks to fool children.

 "Uh, I…have other matters to deal with and need to leave now. You just be careful!" Qin Dong knew that his excuses sounded ridiculous. Afraid of being found out, he stood up and prepared to slip away.

 After hearing Qin Dong's utterance, Li Yexue put aside the doubtful cause of the tiger's death, seized Qin nervously and asked in a quavering sound, "You…Are you going to abandon me here heartlessly?" Li Yexue looked like a pitiful woman to be discarded by her lover, and Qin Dong felt both funny and annoying.

It was improper to leave a girl at this place where no people showed themselves but beast showed up in the dark.

Li Yexue found ease with a brilliant smile on her face after seeing Qin Dong sit down again.

"How can you be lost in the forest?" Qin Dong asked curiously.

 Li explained to Qin and asked in reply, "What about you? Why do you stay in Shennongjia alone ? Why are you dressed weirdly?"

"This…" Qin Dong could not answer Li's question and he was not good at lying. The former excuse he made up that the tiger died after it ran into a tree embarrassed him. It was hard for him to make another one and explain the reason he remained in the wild.



Speechless Qin Dong heard wolf howls from the forest not far away from him. The sound rose and fell as wolf flocks responded. It seemed that the predators discovered their preys and prepared to hunt.

Grown up in cities, Li Yexue never heard the howls before. She conceived that a monster appeared and could not help herself rushing into Qin Dong's arms with a frightened whisper. Burying her head in Qin's chest, Li held Qin Dong's waist tightly.

It was the first time for the 18-year-old boy, Qindong, to have such an intimate contact with a woman. Holding a soft and pretty girl in arms stirred Qin's quiet heart.

"Love index is 10. Love is budding!"

Qin Dong was startled to hear a man whispering in his ears. He looked around alarmingly, but found no signs of people.

 "Hey, have you heard any sound?" Doubtful Qin Dong nudged Li Yexue.

 "I have, I have heard it. It is so terrible. Is it a monster?" Li Yexue held Qin Dong more tightly.

"No, have you heard a man speaking?"

"No. I am scared!" Li Yexue was so frightened that she almost cried out.

 "Am I the only one who heard it?" Qin Dong was certain that he heard someone speaking just now. But Li did not hear it, which he found strange.

Seeing scared Li Yexue trembling in his arms, Qin Dong temporarily set aside his question about the mysterious sound, patted Li's back and said, "Don't be afraid. The wolves are foraging."

"Will they…they eat us?" Li quivered and asked.

 Qin Dong answered with a smile at the corner of his mouth, "If they come to eat us, you will have wolf meat for breakfast tomorrow morning."

The wolf flock left with howls fading. Li Yexue began to calm down.

"Ah!" Li screamed, let go of Qin' hands and blushed after finding herself in Qin's arms.

Qin Dong seemed to be unperturbed. All of these did not matter as long as he had no distracting thought.

"Sorry, just now I…I… did not mean to…" Li Yexue lowered her head and held her cloth tightly.

"It does not matter." Qin Dong replied coldly.

"You are so brave! I am older than you, but you are much bolder than me." Li Yexue relaxed by Qin's honesty and answered admiringly.

Qin laughed and said, "As a man, I am more courageous than girls in nature."

 "Ha! It seems that you look down upon girls."

 "You wronged me! I never scorned women!" What Qin Dong said was truth that there were numerous female masters with cultivation expertise in the heavens and they were all great.

"It is all right. I do not care whether you really look down upon girls or not. But I remind you not to say women are inferior to men before my elder sister, otherwise she will give you a lesson."

"Is your sister a virago?" Looking at tender and pitiful Li, Qin Dong was hard to imagine how harsh Li's elder sister could be.

 "'Harsh' is not enough to describe her. My elder sister is an excellent ancient martial artist. My father once said few people could beat my sister all over the world." Li prided herself on mentioning her elder sister.

"Ancient martial arts?" As far as Qin Dong remembered, his father told him that it was difficult for the mankind to turn vital energy into genuine energy and ascended into saints due to the thin spiritual energy in the mortal realm. Ancient martial art is the general name to call all secret methods to refine vital energy. In the eyes of cultivators in the heavens, ancient martial arts were children's play, and even not worthy of being mentioned. An ancient martial artist reaching Xiantian stage, the highest level for human, could not match a cultivator at the first level in the heavens.

But there were still some chances for the mankind. Human could make progress, if they were able to gain insight into the law of the heavens. Unfortunately, it took great comprehension and talent for one to understand the law of the heavens. Maybe a thousand years had no chance to witness such a rare talent.

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