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Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong cast their looks at the ice bed situated in the middle of the cold pond upon their arrival at the Xuan Icy Cave. Qin Zongheng's heart pounded when he saw the following scene.

Qin Feixiong lay on the ice bed without a twitch and it was hard to tell whether he was alive or dead. But Qin Zongheng did not find Qin Dong.

"Did Qin Dong kill Feixiong?" Crying out in alarm, Qin Zongheng turned back and stared at Sun Yanglong, who was considering the same question with a straight face.

"I will not forgive Qin Dong if he takes Feixiong's life!" Bellowing, Qin Zongheng skimmed on the ice bed, stretched his fingers and put them on Qin Feixiong's nose tip to check whether he had breath or not.

After check, Qin Zongheng felt reassured. Albeit feeble, Qin Feixioing's breath did exist. Smiling bitterly, he worried groundlessly. No matter how wicked Qin Dong was, he would not murder his elder brother.

"Big brother, come and have a look! The purple flame energy inside Feixong' body has been dispelled."

Sun Yanglong's shriek woke up Qin Zongheng.

"What did you say?" Qin Zongheng held Qin Feixiong's wrist while asking.

"Yes, it really disappeared! How can it be possible?" Qin Zongheng did not believe himself and confirmed that the purple flame energy vanished after checking several times. He looked up at Sun Yanglong in surprise.

"Xiao Dong was right! The ice outbreak could dissolve the purple flame energy completely! Ha…ha…" Sun Yanglong laughed.

"Where is Xiao Dong?" At the thought of Qin Dong, Qin Zongheng spun around to look for him.

Sun Yanglong had many puzzles and he needed Qin Dong to solve them for him, such as the trace of vital energy transfused by Qin Dong. What was it? Why was it so magical? He began to seek Qin Dong's whereabouts as well.

They searched the cave twice in a short time but did not see him.

Astonished, Qin Zongheng said, "It is so strange. Where can he go? We guarded at the foot of the mountain, bud did not see him."

As his eyebrows twitched, "Big brother, have you found that Xiao Dong is different from before?"

Forcing a smile, Qin Zongheng answered, "I have noticed his change already. The level of his martial arts advanced unexpectedly. It is so weird."


The water in the cold pond bubbled as the two were bewildered. Both of them panicked. Sun Yanglong screeched, "Big brother, be careful! Another ice outbreak is going to burst!"

Frowning, Qin Zongheng shouldered Qin Feixiong, yelling, "Yanglong, we need to leave here first."

"Yes!" As Sun Yanglong responded and prepared to leave with Qin Zongheng, a shadow bounced up from the cold pond as if firing a shell. After several transformations, it landed on the ice bed steadily.

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong were stunned to see this scene, and astounded when they found the shadow was Qin Dong. With eyes wide open, Qin Zongheng opened his mouth, which an egg could be inserted into. Aghast, Sun Yanglong behaved like seeing a ghost.

"Ha…ha…ha…" Qin Dong laughed loudly, "The true spirit energy icy water is truly treasure."

Qin Dong jumped into the cold pond after dispersing the purple flame energy of Qin Feixiong. Chill as the icy water was, it benefited Qin Dong's body. After a while his body was more resilient and stronger than before. Moreover, the water nurtured his vital energy greatly.

"Xiao Dong, did you jump out from the cold pond?" As astonishment paralyzed him, Sun Yanglong stuttered.

Although Sun Yanglong witnessed himself, he still could not believe it. Unaware of the true spiritual energy icy water flowing in the cold pond, Sun knew that only one drop of the water froze up people. Qin Zongheng and he raced to avoid the icy water. It was unbelievable that Qin Dong bathed in it.

Grinning, Qin Dong said, "The true spiritual energy water is a treasure of the heavens and the earth! How lucky you Clan Qin is! Ha…ha…"

"You Clan Qin?" Qin Zongheng found something wrong from Qin Dong's utterance and grumbled.

Raising his eyebrows, Qin Dong replied, "I suppose you have realized that I look alike the second young master, but I am not him."

If Qin Dong talked so before the ice outbreak, Qin Zongheng surely thought that he lied. After a series of incidents, given Qin Dong's surprising cultivation base, Qin Zongheng had to believe his words.

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