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Although Qin Dong did not like to hear Qin Feiyan's comments of him, most of those present would like to hear, especially Sun Tie. He kept nodding with a resentful look while listening.

In Clan Qin, only those, whose surname was Qin, dared to make critical remarks about Qin Dong, such as Qin Feiyan.

"Elder sister Feiyan, please don't talk nonsense. If the second young master knew what you said just now, he would find fault with you." Next to Qin Feiyan, stood a slender girl with a delicate countenance, as pretty as a Barbie doll. She looked worriedly and asked Qin Feiyan in a fearful voice.

Twisting around, Qin Feiyan cast a pitiful look at her and curled up her lips, "Lianying, you are the most wretched in Clan Qin. Qin Dong, the asshole bullies you every day. How much you have suffered. "

As Lianying's eyes glinted sorrowfully, she mumbled, "Perhaps this is my fate. I don't have a grudge against anyone."

Swaying her head helplessly, Qin Feiyan drew a sigh, "Lianying, if you learned martial arts as I did, Qin Dong would not dare to bully you anymore."

Silent, Lianying shook her head slowly.

"What is the matter? The ice outbreak has burst since a long time ago. Why haven't his lordship and the sect elders come out from the icy cave? Does their plan backfire?" Looking into the distance, Zhao Jin frowned.

"No, I can't wait any longer. I need to check them by myself." Qin Feiyan was so anxious that she bellowed.

Zhao Jin stopped her and replied in a deep voice, "Are you crazy? Given the extremely low temperature around the Xuan Icy Cave, I can't protect myself free from the harm of the coldness, let alone you?"

"But…but…" Qin Feixiong was the most admired and appreciated person in Qin Feiyan's mind, how could she stood by while he was trapped in a hopeless situation?

"His lordship and the sect elders come back." Now, Sun Tie screamed in ecstasy.

As everyone looked up, Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong skimmed above the ground with Zhao Qingchuan and other two sect elders. All of the people hastened to greet them.

Qin Feiyang gasped when she approached them. Thick frost settled on Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong's body. The condition of Zhao Qingchuan, Qian Renhou and Li Sandao was more terrible. Thick ice enveloped the three, and it was hard to detect a sign of their lives. Without having experienced herself, Qin Feiyan never knew how horrible the ice outbreak was.

Qin Zongheng growled before he landed, "Zhao Jin, Sun Tie, Qian Gang and Li Wei, guard us!"

Because Zhao Qingchuan and the other two were at risky moments, Qin Zongheng did not dare to delay a little bit. As long as they left the place influenced by the Xuan Icy Cave, Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong began to heal the other sect elders.

Qin Zongheng's expression was serious and scary. As Zhao Qingchuan and the other two sect elders were in danger, Zhao Jin, Sun Tie, Qian Gang and Li Wei all concerned about the sect elders' condition, but they did not ask more and followed Qin Zongheng's order. They brandished the weapons taken with them and watched out the surrounding.

"Where is the first…young master? Why doesn't he show up?" With her heart lurching, Qin Feiyan looked nervous when she only saw Qin Zongheng and the four sect elders.

So did Lianying. As tears rolled in her eyes, she was concerned. Nobody knew she worried about the first or the second young master.

Zhao Qingchuan and other two sect elders were attacked by the millennium cold air, with thick air armors around their bodies. It was easy to dissolve the icy armors, but hard to disperse the cold air calculated inside their bodies.

After sometime when an incense stick burned, the ice armors enwrapping the three sect elders were melted by Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong's internal energy. But the three sect elder lost consciousness, as their cold bodies did not turn warm.

Qin Zongheng collected his internal energy, with his face darkening.

As Zhao Qingchuan's son, Zhao Jin was so scared when he saw Qin Zongheng's sullen face and asked in a trembling voice, "His lordship, how is my father?"

So did Qian Gang and Li Wei. They were nervous and flicked anxious looks upon Qin Zongheng.

Sighing, Qin Zongheng answered slowly, "Their lives are saved. But if we could not come up with a method to dispel the cold air in their bodies, they will be tortured by it in the rest of their lives. To be more precisely, their fates are worse than death."

"Ah!" Qin Zongheng's explanation frightened Zhao Jin, Qian Gang and Li Wei.

"His lordship, please…find a way to save my father!" Zhao Jin was so concerned that his tears nearly tumbled down, pleading.

"Don't worry! Your fathers are my buddies. I will try my best to save them at any cost."

"His lordship, where is the first young master? Why doesn't he come out with you?" Qin Feiyan asked eagerly.

"How…is the second young master?" Lianying asked instinctively.

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