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Glimpsing at Qin Zongheng, Sun Yanglong looked pale and nearly cried.

Qin Zongheng twitcbed his eyebrows, "Yanglong, crack those icicles with your palm force and open up a road!"

"Yes!" Sun Yanglong never hesitated after Qin Zongheng commanded; he lifted his palm and battered on an icicle before his face.

"Bang!" The crack sounded vociferous, but the efforts were in vain.

Unusual and extremely solid, those icicles were made of the millennium cold air in the Xuan Icy Cave and the true spirit energy icy water in the cold pond. Sun Yanglong did not crack the icicle into pieces, even without a flaw. But his hand shook in pain.

Qin Zongheng hit the icicle instead of Sun Yanglong. Even though Qin Zongheng's internal energy was more profound than that of Sun, Qin Zongheng only cut down some ice fragments while beating the icicle. At this pace, the road could not be opened up in three to five months.

Sun Yanglong and Qin Zongheng were nervous suddenly. Zhao Qingchuan and the other two guys were at the verge of death, but all of them were trapped in a hopeless situation by the icicles.

"Big brother, what shall we do next?" Sun Yanglong lost his mind and turned around to look at Qin Zongheng for help.

Qin Zongheng waved his head slowly with a poker face and was entranced, replying, "Yanglong, I suppose we will die in the cave today."

"Get out of the way!" Thundering, Qin Dong jumped off the icy bed.

Qin Zongheng flicked a surprising look at Qin Dong, whispering, "Xiao Dong, what are you going to do?"

Frowning, Qin Dong overlooked Qin Zongheng's question and waved his right palm. As a purple lotus flower slowly bloomed in the air, an incomparable strong energy spread above the chests of Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong.

Qin Zongheng stared at the purple lotus flower flickering in the air with eyes wide opened and murmured with a glazed expression, "Condensing form and melting objects of Xiantian Stage!"

Seizing time, Qin Dong ignored Qin Zongheng, otherwise he must laugh at Qin Zongheng for he failed to recognize a great person. The vital energy inside Qin Dong's body took the shape of the purple lotus flower, which was more powerful than the so-called condensing form and melting objects of Xiantian Stage.

While Qin Zongheng still immersed himself in astonishment, Qin Dong waved his right hand, the lotus flower speeded up suddenly and crashed into the icicle standing in their way.

As ice fragments danced and cold air surged, a powerful energy pushed Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong back. When the fragments fell on the ground, the two gazed at the way in surprise. The icicle which blocked their way vanished and the entrance of the cave appeared before them.

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong were reluctant to move. Before they collected themselves, Qin Dong yelled, "Get out as quickly as you can." A strong force pushed them out of the cave in a second as if riding on a cloud.

The strong cold air spread to the outside due to the ice outbreak. All the objects surrounding the Xuan Icy Cave were frozen and in white. Zhao Jin and Sun Tie who waited outside the cave flinched away early because they could not bear the cold air released from the cave.

Qin Zongheng would not blame them for their malpractice. They must have died if they had guarded out of the cave all the time.

Albeit cold, the places beside the cave were much better than the cave inside. Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong sighed with relief.

Sun Yanglong swiveled around, cast a look at the cave and could not hold back, asking, "Big brother, will Xiao Dong be all right?"

Qin Zongheng smiled bitterly, "There is no need to worry about him. His martial arts level was ten times stronger than ours combined. We'd better leave here with Qingchuan and the other two, find another place and heal them."

Nodding, Sun Yanglong followed Qin Zongheng and left the cave.

At this moment, at a place far away from the Xuan Icy cave, Zhao Jin, Sun Tie, Qin Feiyan and other family members of Clan Qin were waiting anxiously.

"Shit! The ice outbreak burst at this time. How are his lordship and other sect elders?" With his fists clenched, Zhao Jin looked worriedly.

"His lordship is a superior martial artist. Besides, the four sect elders accompany him and they will turn calamities into blessings. I only worry about the first and second young masters. His lordship and the four sect elders can hardly take care of themselves, and may not spare more efforts in looking after the two young masters." Swinging his head, Sun Tie replied.

"It does not matter whether the asshole—Qin Dong lives or dies. God bless the first young master well!" Peering into the distance, Qin Feiyan answered in concern. Qin Dong would be annoyed if he heard what she said.

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