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"What meat is it? It is so tasty!" Li Yexue smacked her lips and asked.

"Tiger meat! The one you saw before you fainted." Qin Dong answered absentmindedly.

"Tiger…tiger meat?" Hearing the words, Li Yexue was surprised and glanced back at the tiger skin peeled just now. She was so marveled and asked, "Are you crazy? Tiger is first class national protected animal, but you…you roasted it! Do you know eating tiger is illegal?"

"Illegal? What does it mean?" Qin Dong cast a glance at Li Yexue and asked her in confusion.
"Bad boy, are you fooling me again? Illegal means if you disobey laws, you will be imprisoned." Li Yexue shouted crazily.

Qin Dong had a headache after watching Li's madness. It seemed that the mortal realm and the heavens were disparate. He had a lot to learn, if he wanted to survive in the mortal realm.

"Who is law? He is so merciless that anyone goes against him will be captured." Qin Dong asked another question which drove Li insane. He thought it was shameless to pretend to know what he had no idea about. When he met something unknown, the wise choice was to be a proactive learner.

Li Yexue held back the desire to abuse Qin Dong. In her opinion, Qin wanted to see her mad and laughed at her. She could not drop into his trap, and chose to be silent. As a result, Qin Dong's sincere desire to seek knowledge was not fulfilled.

"What meat is that?" After finishing the meat in hand, Li Yexue pointed at the meat strip with thick fragrance on the skewer with her forefinger and asked.

"That is…" Qin Dong seemed to be hesitant to answer.

"Give it to me, I want to eat it!" Li Yexue could not resist her desire.

Qin Dong frowned, cut a piece from the strip and passed it to Li Yexue. She took it with pleasure, bit the meat and praised, "Oh, God! How palatable the meat is! There is also a special taste. Hey, what on earth the meat is?"

"It is…tiger meat." Qin Dong coughed and answered.

"Really? But this piece is more delicious than the one I took earlier. Do not cheat me! Tell me what it is?" Li Yexue looked at Qin Dong, and her expression seemed to say you could not lie to me.

Gazing at the bonfire, Qin Dong tried his best to answer in an indifferent manner, "I did not cheat you. It is tiger meat, but not same as the piece you ate just now. The meat you are eating is tiger penis."

"Eh!" Li Yexue's body was stiff. With a piece of meat in mouth, Li did not know whether she should swallow it or spit it. "Don't tell me the strip is used by tiger to…to pee…" Staring at Qin Dong, Li Yexue said in amazement.

Qin Dong nodded while stirring the bonfire to make it burn up, and answered, "Exactly. That is it. You discover the special flavor, don't you? It benefits your body. Some people have no chance to taste it all their lives."

"You bastard! You…you give me this kind of stuff to eat. I… vomit!" Li Yexue shouted angrily, steadied herself against the tree and began to vomit with a grimace.

Innocent Qin Dong said to himself, "Women in the mortal realm are unreasonable. She wants to eat the meat herself, but blames others. How ridiculous she is!"

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