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Qin Zongheng was resentful when he saw that Qin Dong did not take Qin Feixiong's life into consideration. Following a sudden impulse, he lifted his hand and intended to split Qin Dong alive.

"How terrible it is! Big brother, Qingchuan and the other two cannot sustain anymore. " Sun Yanglong's roar woke up Qin Zongheng. Collecting his palm, Qin Zongheng was greatly frantic to see Zhao Qingchuan and the other two sect elders frozen stiff by the cold air as if their acupuncture points were struck.

With a deep friendship, the four sect elders of Clan Qin followed Qin Zongheng and fought here and there in their youth. Qin Zongheng was anxious to see three of his companions at life risk.

At the moment, only he and Sun Yanglong could bring them out of the cave. No matter how profound Qin Zongheng's internal energy was, he could not accomplish this task in the cold air.

Qin Zongheng looked at Qin Dong and was surprised to find that he still acted as usual. Qin Zongheng was unable to hold on in the cold air, let alone Qin Dong with a low cultivation base. Unexpectedly, Qin Dong sustained until this moment, and moreover he behaved in a leisurely manner as if bathing in spring breezes.

Albeit in doubt, Qin Zongheng had no time to think it over. In the blink of an eye, one more layer of thick ice packed on Zhao Qingchuan, Qian Renhou and Li Sandao's bodies.

"Big brother, what can we do?" Sun Yanglong nearly cried out.

Zhao, Qian and Li were all Qin Zongheng's buddies and he begrudged giving up anyone of them. However, he could take only one of them away in the current situation.

Sun Yanglong did not know how to choose. So did Qin Zongheng. He had no idea about what do do.

"Stop being hesitant, otherwise all the three guys will lose their lives!" Frowning, Qin Dong pointed at Qin Feixiong, "Leave him here. You take the three sect elders out of the cave."

"Xiao Dong, he…he is your elder brother! I know you have lots of complaints about him. But blood is thicker than water, and don't ruin him at this moment…"

Qin Dong bellowed with a bitter smile, "You just leave now, or the three sect elders will lose their lives!"

"Qian Renhou, hold on!" Sun Yang Long shouted in alarm. Qin Zongheng twisted around and found that Qian Renhou nearly became a lump of ice.

 Quick as lightening, Qin Zongheng bounced up and came closer to Zhao Qingchuan and Li Sandao. Regardless of everything, he grabbed Zhao and Li, one in each hand, screaming, "Yanglong, don't delay any longer, take Qian Renhou out of the cave!"

Sun Yanglong did as Qin Zongheng ordered, shouldered Qian Renhou, followed Qin Zongheng and walked towards the entrance of the cave.

Now, a new round of ice outbreak burst, which was more powerful. Boom! The cave kept quaking and nearly collapsed. Meanwhile, as the swift and violent cold air spread, the temperature dived by dozens degrees instantly.

"Yanglong, be careful!"

Shouldering Qian Renhou, Sun Yanglong prepared to finish the last dozens meters in one vigorous effort, but was frightened by Qin Zongheng's screech. Looking up, Sun Yanglong found a piece of huge ice dropping from one icicle hanging on the cave top. The sharp front plunged towards his head top.

Shouting, Sun Yanglong was to run his vital energy and stunned to find the spiritual energy transfused by Qin Dong already sensed the danger and ran automatically. As the trace of spiritual energy moved, Sun Yanglong lost balance and rose in air. After hovering for a while, he landed lightly at the place which was three zhang away from the icicle, lodging the falling sharp front.

Sun Yanglong was astounded after he landed. When he was in the air, he felt as if flying with wings and never experienced the coziness and freedom before.

Qin Zongheng was also astonished. It was marvelous that Sun Yanglong hovered in the air and avoided the falling ice.

It was urgent. Just now Qin Zongheng despaired and thought Sun Yanglong would lose his life. Beyond expectation, Sun saved himself easily, which made Qin Zongheng feel that he was not Sun's equal.

"Yanglong, how great you are!" Excited, Qin Zongheng gave Sun Yanglong a thumb up.

Sun was thrilled and twisted around to look at Qin Dong. He realized that the trace of spiritual energy transfused by Qin Dong was extraordinary.

Although Sun Yanglong avoided the crisis, Qin Zongheng and he were unhappy again. The icicles hanging on the cave top kept falling in the sharp quake and blocked the only way to the outside. A mouse could not pass, let alone people.

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