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After a few words, Qin Dong found the hand Sun placed on his shoulder stiff and the ice and frost on his head top thicker.

Qin Dong could not bear to see Sun Yanglong's ghastly pale face, he shuddered his shoulder and a slim trace of vital energy rushed into Sun's body through Qin Dong's palm.

Qin Dong feared that the vital energy was so powerful that Sun Yanglong could not endure it, so he sorely transfused a slim trace to Sun. Weak as the spiritual energy was, Sun Yanglong revitalized and color returned to his face.

As the cold air left him, Sun Yanglong was enveloped by warmth and startled to spin around and look at Qin Dong confusedly.

He could not believe that the vital energy transfused by Qin Dong was holy and pure.

His purified internal energy was inferior when compared with Qin Dong's.

Qin Dong smiled to Sun Yanglong in a subtle way.

"We can't stay here any longer; otherwise we will be trapped here. Yanglong, you take Xiao Dong, and I take Feixiong, Qingchuan, Renhou and Sandao. Let's leave the cave and escape the ice outbreak temporarily!"

As the cold air continued penetrated through his body, Qin Zongheng's internal energy consumed fast in this ice outbreak. Worrying about Qin Dong and Qin Feixiong, Qin Zongheng shouted.

Obeying Qin Zongheng's command, Sun Yanglong prepared to take Qin Dong away from the cave. However, Qin Dong shook off Sun's grip and pointed at Qin Feixiong, bellowing, "No, you can't take him out of the cave."

In Qin Zongheng's opinion, Qin Dong was useless. He ignored Qin Dong's request, hummed angrily and went to hold Qin Feixiong by himself.

Frowning, Qin Dong wriggled and stood in front of Qin Feixiong as a ghost. As he threw out right palm, an overwhelming energy burst out. Astounded, Qin Zongheng collected his hand subconsciously and hit towards Qin Dong.

Boom! A dull thud sounded. Qin Zongheng felt that something oppressed his chest and an invisible enormous power pushed him backwards. After staggering a few steps, he steadied himself and stood up.

Qin Zongheng could not believe his eyes. Beyond his expectation, Qin Dong could force him back with one palm. His force was tremendous and energy unconquerable. Was the Qin Dong the same person in Qin Zongheng's memory?

"How can your…your…martial arts…?"

Neglecting Qin Zongheng's bewilderment, Qin Dong pointed at Qin Feixiong, "Only by virtue of the cold air released in this ice break, can you disperse the purple flame energy in his body. If you miss this golden opportunity, it will be hard for you to meet it again."

"What are you talking about? The cold air of the ice outbreak can disperse the purple flame energy, but Feixiong will be frozen to death. Don't be mischievous. I will take your elder brother out of the cave before it is too late. " Anxious, Qin Zongheng shouted.

"Don't worry, I can take care of him!" Qin Dong answered confidentially.

"No, I can't see you run wild!" Qin Zongheng did not believe Qin Dong, he waved his head resolutely after pondering for a while and stretched his hand towards Qin Feixiong.

Bang! When Qin Dong tended to prevent Qin Feixiong from being taken away, the whole cave quaked as if a bomb exploded under the cold pond. The icy water splashed to the cave top and fell down like rain.

"Watch out these water drops." With a sullen face, Qin Zongheng took off his jacket, pooled his internal energy and wielded the clothes to block away the down-pour-like water drops.

Containing terrible cold air, the water drops would cause horrific outcomes once they fell on people. Following Qin Zongheng's example, the four sect elders all kept the water drops from falling on them by their jackets.

The soft jackets were frozen as solid as iron plates and could not be held. The cold air released from the jackets made Sun Yanglong and other sect elders suffer a lot.

As the true spirit energy icy water drops danced in the air, the temperature inside the cave tumbled.

Qin Zongheng had profound internal energy; Sun Yanglong could protect himself by the vital energy transfused by Qin Dong. Both of them were able to prop up for a while. Unfortunately, Zhao Qingchuan, Qian Renhou and Li Sandao's movements were inflexible and their faces pallid.

"Big brother, we can't sustain any longer. Let's retreat!" Sun Yanglong cried out.

Qin Zongheng was more uneasy, screaming at Qin Dong, "Stop running wild. Come on, leave here! Your behavior will kill your brother."

Qin Dong made up his mind to stay, smiling evilly, "Grab him from my hand if you can."

"How loathsome you are!" Qin Zongheng was furious.

The new-generation dragon envoy as Qin Dong was, he disappointed Clan Qin and did nothing but disgraced his family. Outweighing Qin Dong, talented and diligent Qin Feixiong was already regarded as the successor of Clan Qin by Qin Zongheng.

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