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"Wow, Lin Feidong comes!" Before Qin Dong replied, a group of anthomaniacs flocked out of the classroom and screeched, including Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei.

Qin Dong was stunned to see the girls centering around Li Feidong, shouting and hopping. The girls in the mortal realm were more powerful than usual when they went insane.

Qin Dong could not bear this and detached himself from the crowd. But Lin Feidong seemed to be self-possessed and his smile never vanished. Sighing, Qin Dong thought how unfathomable Lin Feidong was.

"Alas! In this age, handsome guy is welcome everywhere." Bi Xiu came and looked at Lin Feidong in jealousy.

"Who is the man?" Qin Dong was unhappy when he recalled that Lin Feidong came for Qin Feiyan, one of the keys to release the seals of the ring. How could Qin Feiyan be taken away by Lin Feidong?

"You don't know him? Lin Feidong is the only freshman winning the challenge competition and was selected by the martial arts regiment attached to Longyuan University!" Bi Xiu's eyes glinted admiringly.

"Wow?" Qin Dong answered curiously and confusingly.

"Well, you are new here. Longyuan University holds a challenge competition annually and selects the elites from the freshmen to add to its martial arts regiment. In the competition, each challenger needs to fight with an unofficial member of the regiment. If the challenger wins, he can take his rival's place and join the regiment as an unofficial member." Bi Xiu talked with a desirous look.

"Is it hard?" Qin Dong asked without thinking.

Bi Xiu responded excitedly like a cat leapt for being stepped on its tail, "Hard? It is as difficult as climbing up to the sky! Each member in the regiment is an excellent martial artist with abundant experience and extraordinary fighting capacity. The membership symbolizes a great honor and the challenged members must try their best to combat even at the cost of their deaths! Lin Feidong is the only freshman succeeded in the challenge competition."

Qin Dong guessed it was not easy to join the martial arts regiment through competition, judging from Bi Xiu's excitement.

Afterwards, Bi Xiu stared at Lin Feidong and grumbled, with his face darkening, "What's more, the guy not only joins the regiment, but also…becomes one of the official members."

"Official member? Is there any difference between it and the unofficial one?"

Nodding, Bi Xiu answered, "Of course, there is! There are a hundred unofficial members in the regiment, but only eight official ones, who are the strongest both in the martial arts regiment and Longyuan University. Merely the official members are qualified to contend for the Five Dragon Order on behalf of Longyuan University with Tianwu College. It is a life-long glory. No matter where you go the official membership will make you the focus in the crowd. "

"Is it harder to become the official member?"

"Certainly, it is. Only eight people enjoy the official membership in the regiment. If you want to be one of them, you need to defeat one official member and deprive his membership. Although the member Lin Feidong beat was the one ranking last, Lin could be counted as a miracle! After all, he is a freshman!" As Bi Xiu narrated, his look became more worshipful.

"The martial arts regiment, eight official members? Ha…ha… It sounds interesting." A weird smiled appeared on Qin Dong's face.

After casting a piercing look at Lin Feidong, Qin Dong knew Lin's cultivation base very well. His internal energy was solid, but inferior to Qin Feiyan's.

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