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Chapter 25: Challenge the Feminists(2)

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Bi Xiu, Lu Tong and other boys found it strange. So did the girls. Everyone gazed at Qin Dong.

Qin Feiyan turned back, caught a glimpse of Qin Dong, hummed coldly and turned away her head.

“Buddy, how marvelous you are! You are able to escape from Qin Feiyan’s hand! It is incredible!” Bi Xiu found Qin Dong not a commoner, approached and cottoned up to him.

Staring at Bi Xiu, Qin Dong curled his lips, “I expected you to be a loyal friend, but you disappointed me. Do you still want to be my brother-in-law?”

Bi Xiu grinned and replied awkwardly, “Buddy, please forgive me. You have no idea that the girls often bully us and we fear them.” Bi Xiu lowered his voice and showed a dreadful look.

Qin Dong snorted, “How can men be oppressed by women?”

He said loudly and did not avoid the girls, which meant that he challenged them. All of the girls glared at Qin Dong, waiting for Qin Feiyan’s order to fight with him.

However, Qin Feiyan did not say anything but cast a murderous look at him. Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei all felt bewildered, because it was not Qin Feiyan’s usual combat style.

Looking around, Qin Dong noticed another three boys huddling up and trembling against a wall corner and watching the other classmates. He frowned and pointed at them, “The classroom is spacious, but you sit at the corner. Can you see the blackboard clearly and hear what teachers say?”

The classroom was large enough to contain less than thirty students and the boys did not need to sit at the corner. Obviously, they were pushed there by Qin Feiyan. Qin Dong said so on purpose to deflate Qin Feiyan’s arrogance.

Qin Dong laughed secretively when he saw Qin Feiyan’s pallid face, “You just told me I was your young master, and now I am going to teach you a lesson.”

He roared as if nobody had been in the classroom and did not care about the girls. The former matriarchal society was thrown into disorder by Qin Dong.

The three boys—Qi Jian, Wu Xiang and Liu Feng were more timid than Bi Xiu and Lu Tong. They looked at each other helplessly and did not dare to move an inch.

As his face darkened, Qin Dong frowned and shouted, “Am I not heard? Come to the front!” He pushed over some girls’ desks before him and made room for the guys.

“Brat, are you looking for a fight?” As a hot-tempered girl, Shi Xiaoyue was unable to bear Qin Dong’s provocation and lost her temper immediately.

Qin Dong cast a cold look at her and responded plainly, “Women’ d better not break in men’s conversation!”

“You…you…” Shi Xiaoyue’s face reddened, but she did not dare to rush to Qin Dong and give him a fight, fearing his counterattack.

Qin Dong sneered and glimpsed at her, swiveling his head to the three boys, “Cowards, what are you waiting for? You are a discredit to men! Come to the front!”

Qin Dong looked stern when he stared. The three boys were shocked and stood up, quivering. They glanced sideways at Qin Feiyan, who was moody but did not prevent them from moving. The guys walked towards Qin Dong cautiously with their desks. Stressed, they prepared to move back once Qin Feiyan was irritated.

Having been bullied by Qin Feiyan for a long time, the three boys feared her so much.

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