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"Asshole! Do you want to keep escaping? Do you want to destroy Clan Qin's reputation for your own sake?" Qin Feiyan roared at Qin Dong.

Qin Dong was stunned and grumbled, "What is Clan Qin? Does its reputation have any relationship with me?"

"Qin Dong, watch your tongue!" Qin Feiyan lifted her hand suddenly and intended to slap him as if she swatted a fly. Given Qin Dong's identity, she did not dare to hit him truly.

"Ah? How do you know my name?" Qin Dong asked in confusion.

Qin Feiyan glared at him and gnashed her teeth in anger, "I do know your name, the well-known second young master of Clan Qin. Haven't you had enough fun?"

"No…it could not be like this. Is the second young master of Clan Qin named Qin Dong? " Now, Qin Dong was startled and totally bewildered.

Qin Dong's answer drove Qin Feiyan crazy. A murderous look could be seen in her beautiful and sharp eyes. "Master, please pay attention to your speech when you joke! A martial art competition is held every three years between the Clans of Qin and Gu. According to your current martial arts level, you have no chance to beat up Gu Yunting. As far as I am concerned, she has applied herself in cultivation for three years and made great progress. If you continue running wild, Clan Qin is going to lose the competition."

"What are Clan Qin and Clan Gu? I have no idea what you are talking about. I…"

Glancing at Qin Feiyan's sharp eyes, Qin Dong had to swallow his words.

"I don't want to explain too much. You must go back to Clan Qin with me this afternoon after school!" Qin Feiyan turned around and entered the classroom, but turned back, stopped and glared at Qin Dong after taking several steps, saying coldly, "I will watch on you from now on. If you want to run away, I will make you suffer a lot!"

Qin Dong smiled bitterly. What on earth happened? Why Qin Feiyan said he was the second young master of Clan Qin? Qin Dong had an impulse to ask Qin Feiyan to explain, but gave up this idea the moment he remembered she was sensed by the ring and he had to court her. Unfortunately, her love index was minus fifty. If Qin Dong made kept her annoyed, it was impossible to break the seal. He always thought about returning to the heavens and retaliating for his father. What's more, he could not accept the failure of his plan.

Qin Dong decided to act according to circumstances after contemplation. 

A group of people waited for them in the classroom. Bi Xiu was anxious and felt a butterfly in his stomach.

"Qin Feiyan is back!" As Shi Xiaoyue shouted, Ma Pei and other girls rushed to Qin Feiyan.

Bi Xiu also ran to her, with his heart sinking, "Where is the buddy? Have you killed him?"

Qin Feiyan rolled her eyes and cast a cold glimpse at Bi Xiu, "Do you care about him?"

Bi Xiu swallowed a mouthful of slaver and shook his hands when seeing Qin Feiyan's evil look, smiling wryly, "Please don't misunderstand. I am unfamiliar with him, ha…ha…"

"Buddy, what a loyal friend you are!" Qin Dong passed Bi Xiu leisurely when Bi did not finish his remarks.

Bi Xiu was surprised to see Qin Dong safe and sound and kept asking, "How can it be possible?"

Any boy lectured alone by Qin Feiyan could not return unscathed.

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