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Silent, Chu Tiehan just watched, hoping Qin Dong and Situ Qi to leave.

"I must live here today!" Qin Dong's icy look was scary.

How could the residents from Longyuan behave so arrogant here? Chu Tiehan frowned and coughed, "Hey, dude…"

"Hold your tongue! Who's your dude?" Qin Dong's roar interrupted and insulted Chu Tiehan, who flushed at once in public.

Anxious with sweat, Situ Qi came to mediate the dispute, but Qin Dong cursed her, "Stay away if you want me to go the Mount Spirit Cloud with you. None of you business here!"

Her kindness swapped for Qin Dong's abuse, and she was so wronged that she nearly cried, impressed by his seriousness deeply.

She stepped to the other side and pouted in spite of Qin Dong.

Chu Tiehan tolerated Qin Dong in case of causing a stir after learning that he was from Longyuan. But now, forced by Qin Dong, he burst into rage.

"Brat, you ask for death?" Chu Tiehan replied coldly.

Qin Dong neglected him, and looked at the prince, "As the prince of a nation, you bear his bully? He asks a million from you. Now I can kill him for you as long as you give me one coin."

The remarks stunned the spectators. No one dared to behave haughtily in front of Chu Tiehan, the ruler of Liuyun. His life was so valueless that it could be purchased at one coin?

The prince would like to say yes, but he had so many scruples. The consequence of killing Chu Tiehan was unimaginable since the lives all the citizens of Liuyun were in Chu Tiehan's hand.

The prince simpered, grumbling, "Buddy, you must be kidding…"

Disappointed, Qin Dong waved his head, "You're not the savior of Liuyun. Your country's misery will continue."

The prince was lost and stared at Qin Dong speechlessly, as if losing a golden chance to restore his country.

"Brat, you wanna die!" Chu Tiehan in furiousness whacked towards Qin Dong.

Chu Tiehan mustered all of his strength and his palm with torrential vital energy swept to Qin Dong.

Sneering and still, Qin Dong placed both of his hands at his back and watched Chu Tiehan's palm. As it nearly touched him, he uplifted his right leg and stamped the floor.

A gust of tremendous spiritual energy brimmed between the heavens and earth and frightened everyone present, as though the sky had collapsed.

The energy of Chu Tiehan's palm crumbled like an egg thumping on a rock. His stout body flew a dozen meters away and landed on the floor, just as a hit baseball.

Blood splashed and he was seriously wounded.

Situ Qi gaped at the scene that Qin Dong defeated a cultivator at the peak of the Houtian stage only by stamping his foot. She was unable to figure out a proper word to describe Qin Dong's power.

So did the prince, a strong remorse lingering in his mind.

Scared, the duty manager flopped on the floor and flicked a fearful look at Qin Dong. 

"Who are you…you on earth?" Chu Tiehan struggled to stand up, held by his subordinates, asked in horror, and quivered, pointing at Qin Dong.

Qin Dong snorted in solemnity, "I'm a person that you should not pique!" He spun around and heaved the manager from the floor like seizing a chick.

"Don't kill me! Please don't kill me!" The manager screeched worrying about his life.

Qin Dong smacked him, bellowing, "I will kill you if you don't shut up!"

Afraid, the manager kept silent, and did not dare to hum, though pain seared through his face.

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