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"Does the mystic chaos ring only turn to be abnormal when facing specific women? That being said, any woman sensed by the ring can break the seals and helps to release the energy."

"Shit! What an asshole the ring is! It not only forces me to attract girls but also designates women for me. It is arranged marriage." How pathetic Qin Dong would be if the ring asked him to date with a dinosaur!

Lowering head, Qin Dong looked miserably when he saw half of the ring turned black.

The mystic chaos ring could sense Qin Feiyan, which meant she was one of the girls Qin Dong needed to court. But her love index was negative, how could he chase her?

But Qin Dong found something more puzzling. He could not figure out why Qin Feiyan hated him. He bragged about his countenance and could be regarded as the most handsome man in the mortal realm. Li Yexue loved him as days went by as if she had taken aphrodisiac, and her love index also rose.

Pondering, Qin Dong did not notice that Qin Feiyan was glaring at him and she became angrier.

"Qin Feiyan, do you know the guy?" Shi Xiaoyue found that Qin Feiyan's look was strange and asked curiously.

Qin Feiyan hummed, strode to Qin Dong, seized his collar and dragged him out of the classroom.

Everybody was stunned when they saw this scene.

Bi Xiu came to Shi Xiaoyue and asked cautiously, "Does our class monitor know the guy?"

Shi Xiaoyue waved her head and found that the one standing next to her was Bi Xiu. She did not respond but lifted her palm with thunderous energy lingering among her fingers quickly.

Bi Xiu was scared and shouted, "Behave yourself! If you hurt me, my buddy will revenge on you."

Shi Xiaoyue was afraid and collected her energy when she recalled Qin Dong's weird smile and odd defensive methods. 

Bi Xiu was happy and said to himself that Qin Dong could be their back-up in the future.

"Why do you bring me here?" Qin Feiyang took Qin Dong to a quiet corner of the school. Qin Dong asked her in astonishment, "Do you want to kill me?"

Qin Feiyan remained calm and answered coldly, "Young master is kidding. I am not that bold."

"Young master? You…you call me young master?" Qin Dong questioned her in surprise.

Raising her eye-brows, Qin Feiyan responded coldly, "Is there anything wrong?"

"I…I…am your young master?" Pointing at himself, Qin Dong asked suspiciously.

As her face darkened, Qin Feiyan replied with a deep and angry voice, "Young master, don't idle and do no decent work anymore! His lordship asks me to follow you, but it does not mean that you can insult me as you wish. I call you young master, but I am not inferior to you. It would be better for you to respect me! Otherwise I will teach you a lesson even being punished by his lordship."

"Wait! I think you mistake me for somebody else. I am not the young master." Qin Dong was eager to explain this misunderstanding, but Qin Feiyan looked paler.

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