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Founded by Longyuan University, its Senior High School was one of the top 3 high schools in Jingbei City. Most graduates from the school would pursue their study in Longyuan University.

The facilities in the high school were excellent. Encircled by green trees, a group of unique buildings were situated on a hillside. Here the scenery was picturesque, and the university would be mistaken for a sanatorium or a resort.

The teaching facilities were available in all varieties, to be more precisely, luxurious. It was an enjoyment to study here.

As a high school with dozens of special-grade senior teachers, it surpassed other schools in terms of soft power.

It was demanding to enter such a perfect high school. Li Yexue must be at pains to arrange for Qin Dong to study there. Maybe Li Yunteng also gave her a hand.

It was Qin Dong's fortune to study in a top high school after he left the heavens.

The high school was not far away from Longyuan University, and it was the first time for Li Yexue to drive her sports car and send Qin Dong to school.

In Longyuan University, many wealthy students drove to school. But Li Yexue was opposed to that, and hated the rich students showing off themselves. She never drove to school before, but decided to give up her insistence for Qin Dong.

A sports car plus a beautiful girl constituted scenery capturing people's eyes.

Li Yexue's red sports car screeched to a halt at the gate of the high school with grinding brakes, causing a great stir among students and nearly a traffic jam.

Ignoring others' gazes, Qin Dong stared at Li Yexue annoyingly and growled at her, "Hey, can you drive or not?"

Li Yexue, the naughty girl stuck out her tongue, "I have not driven it for a long time, and now I am not so adept at driving. Please forgive me! Ha…ha…"

Swaying his head, Qin Dong jumped out of the car and entered the school in others' glances. Li Yexue called Qin Dong tenderly, opened the car door and ran to him with an aromatic wind. She straightened his collar with her small and white hands. Qin Dong was startled by her tenderness, with his heart beating fast.

The onlookers were silent and fixed their eyes on Li Yexue.

"Take care of yourself while in school. Listen to your teachers, don't be a naughty boy." Li Yexue behaved like a mother and also an elder sister. Hearing her warnings, Qin Dong felt warm and was moved by a mixture of feelings.

Unexpectedly, he flushed.

"Hey, it is my first time to send you to school. Let's kiss goodbye!" Li Yexue whispered around Qin Dong's ears and snickered while he indulged himself in Li's tenderness.

Qin Dong felt that his blood was ignited and burned in an instant, as if a beast in his heart barged inside his body and prepared to rush out at anytime.

"No…No!" With an exclamation, Qin Dong escaped into the campus quickly.

Seeing Qin Dong fleeing, Li Yexue giggled. Her hearty laughter and bright smile were more brilliant than the morning sunlight.

"Qin Dong, don't forget it is Class 18, Senior Grade 3! I will pick you up after school in the evening." It struck her that she forgot to tell him the number of class when she saw his shadow.

Li Yexue sighed and turned away until Qin Dong totally disappeared in her sight. Looking around, she noticed that millions of eyes were fixed on her. Resting her hands on waist, Li Yexue was so angry that she shouted, "What are you looking at? Have you never seen a beauty before? Brats with sexual fantasies get out of my sight and go back to school!"

The tender and considerate goddess transformed into an elf with a pair of sharp ears kept waving the small fork in her hand. The students surrounding her scattered like birds and animals, and feared to lose their lives if they left later.

Humming, Li Yexue put on her sunglasses, turned back and jumped into her sports car. The car ran for Longyuan University as she pushed the pedal down.

"What is wrong with me? According to my cultivation base, my mind has always settled as still water. How can I lose…such a test?" Blaming himself in regret, Qin Dong beat a wall in a corner which could hardly be noticed.

He had to escape because he hardly controlled himself when facing Li Yexue's tenderness. Qin Dong lost his face and was anxious to slap himself.

"It must be you that play tricks on me!" Clenching his teeth in bitter hatred, Qin Dong turned to the mystic chaos ring.

"Buddy, whom are you talking with?" A fat boy jumped in front of Qin Dong and asked him curiously.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Seeing the boy, Qin Dong asked in alert.

The fat boy laughed, "Buddy, I have seen everything this morning. The girl who sent you school is so pretty. Is she your elder sister?"

"Yes, she is. What do you want to do?" Qin Dong looked the boy up and down; he looked not so honest as other stout people did and behaved in a obscene manner.

"Ha…ha…I just want to invite your sister to have a date. If I can dine with her for once, I will not have other regrets in the rest of my life!"

"Ah? Ha…ha…ha…I see, you want to seduce her, don't you? " As the idea came across his mind, Qin Dong laughed and asked the boy.

"Buddy, your words sound inelegant. I don't want to seduce her, just want to befriend you sister, and then…"

"Then you will become her lover not friend, am I right?" Grinning, Qin Dong interpreted the boy's words.

The fat boy smiled with a pair of small eyes half-closed, "I don't know whether I have such a luck or not! Ha…Ha…"

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