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She waved head, and curled lips, "You may pay for price for your stubbornness one day. Go to class now. I'll explain for you to my martial uncles."

He nodded, "Miss Fang, I promised to give gifts to the two elders. I'll take them to you now."

She was to stop him since Jin Pingyue and monk had seen all the treasures all over the world and would not like his gifts. But Qin Dong scurried out of her office before she spoke.

Not long after, he returned with a delicate liquor jar and an ancient wood box five chis long and three fens wide.

He presented the two gifts to her, giggling, "The liquor named Happy is for the elder monk. Inside the wood box lays a sword and it is for your female martial uncle. Although they are not valuable, I hope they like the presents."

Qin Dong said the liquor named Happy was much better than the monk's Heart Burning liquor, but Fang Xian'er did not believe that.

Undoubtedly, she believed the monk. However, beyond her expectation, Qin Dong did bring the liquor to her.

When speaking of the sword, she did not pay attention to it. Jin Pingyue's Icy Frost Sword was the top weapon in the world. How could Qin Dong, a teenager, possess one equaling the icy frost sword?

But his kindness was far more worthwhile than the gifts. She nodded, "Fine, I'll give your gifts to them."

He thanked again and again, and left her office.

She put the jar and wood box aside, without any interest to settle her eyes on them.

When she was busy with her own affairs, a white flash burst and rushed into sky with a trace of turbulent vital energy.

Astonished, she lowered her head in a hurry and found the crystal moved out from her chest and floated aloft as if alive.

The weirdness startled her and she never knew the spirit crystal could release vital energy itself.

Buzz! She turned around to check the origin of the sound in fear, but almost bit her tongue.

As the wood box floated, traces of golden light emitted from it and integrated with the spiritual energy permeating between the heavens and earth.

All of a sudden, the wood box swirled and the golden light grew stronger. Attracted by the golden flash, the crystal move to the wood box and remained above it. Thick vital energy was released rapidly and penetrated the box.

The weapon in the box absorbed the spirit energy of the crystal! What kind of marvelous weapon it was? She realized at once that she had belittled Qin Dong.

A great deal of vital energy moved towards the wood box, and the golden light glared. 

She trembled for the powerful energy of the golden light. As the vital energy swarmed into the box, the sword nearly resurrected.

"Sword spirit!" She quivered and screeched.

Fang Xian'er never dreamed that she could see a weapon with sword spirit in her life. Legend said that any sword with the spirit could destroy the world!

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