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Qin Dong turned his head slowly and gazed at Zhou Kai thoughtfully.

Zhou Kai felt perturbed when seeing Qin Dong' s eyes brighten and darken, and had no idea about what Qin Dong was going to do. When he could not endure anymore, Qin Dong whispered, "Brother Zhou, do you understand love?"

Zhou Kai never expected Qin Dong to throw out a question like that. He was startled first and waved head perplexedly, responding, "Sorry, I don't."

Sighing, Qin Dong turned his body and continued walking ahead…

"Sir, you see whom I bring back!" After returning to the campsite, Mingchuan came to Li Yunteng excitedly with Li Yexue.

Li Yunteng was worrying about his daughter, but his eyes brightened when he saw her. He strode to Li Yexue and blamed her affectionately, "Where did you go? Do you know how much I worry about you?"

Li Yunteng had no sons but two daughters and dedicated himself to them. It was acknowledged that he would cut off one of your hands if you slapped him; but he would kill your entire family if you touched even a finger of his two daughters!

"Dad, I am sorry to make you worry about me!" Li Yexue snuggled to Li Yunteng, enjoying fraternal love.

Li Yunteng patted the head of his daughter, turned to Minghcuan and laughed, "Mingchuan, you make contribution this time. You can ask for whatever you want as reward after we return."

"Sir, I do not want any reward and only hope her ladyship to remain safe eternally!" Mingchuan stared at Li Yexue lovingly.

However, Li Yexue did not understand what Mingchuan implied, but said anxiously to Li Yunteng, "Dad, I have a friend falling behind. He has not come back yet. I worry about him. Could you please ask brother Mingchuan to fetch him?"

"The boy!" Agitated Mingchuan gnashed his teeth and whispered.

"What kind of friend is he?" Li Yunteng asked alertly.

"A boy a bit younger than me. I could not have met you but for him. He is my savior!" Li Yexue replied hurriedly.

Li Yunteng nodded and said, "We can't not stand by if he saves your life. Mingchuan, you go to take him back!"

Mingchuan was unwillingly to do so. But he had no courage to disobey Li Yunteng's order, and left in hatred.

"Li Yexue , it is so good to see you come back in safety!" The teacher who led Li Yexue and other students to Shennongjia walked inside excitedly.

 Li Yunteng told the teacher clearly that if any unexpected misfortune had happened to Li Yexue, he and his students would have been buried with her. Now Li Yexue returned soundly, the teacher could exhaled with a relief.

"Mr. Wang, I am so sorry to make you worried." Li Yexue responded in guilt.

Mr. Wang kept nodding and answered reservedly, "It does not matter…It does not matter…Ha…ha.."

"Huh!" Li Yunteng snorted suddenly when Mr. Wang relaxed. The teacher frightened to shiver, hearing the angry hum.

"Don't you think you guys are safe as long as my daughter returns? She could not suffer so much if you did not bring her here." Seeing Li Yunteng's sullen face, Mr. Wang was short of breath as if huge rock pressed on his chest.

"Mr. Li, I…" Terrified, Mr. Wang looked pale.

Li Yexue could not bear to see that, "Dad, I offer to come to this place. It has been my dream to look for the new plants here neither discovered nor recorded. You can't blame Mr. Wang or my classmates."

 "Yexue, stop talking! They make you suffer a lot. If I do not give them a lesson, how can I be fair to your dead mother?"

"Does it have any relationship with my mum?" Li Yexue always found her father's logic funny and annoying.

"Of course, it does. Your mum urged me again and again to take care of you and your sister before she passed away! I promised her before her bed to protect both of you in my life!" Li Yunteng said and raised his volume.


Li Yexue was interrupted by her father when she was about to speak. Li Yunteng waved his hands and looked at Mr. Wang coldly, replying deeply, "I intend to take your life. But Yexue has returned already, so I decide to take one arm from you as punishment rather than your life. "

"What…what?" Mr. Wang cried out in alarm and plunged himself on the floor.

With face darkening, fearful Li Yexue hurried to beg her father for Mr. Wang, "Dad, you can't do this. It has nothing to do with Mr. Wang!"

"How can it be possible? He is your teacher, and his duty is to take care of you! He should be punished for his mistake! One arm will not cost him so much!" Li Yunteng was dictatorial and unlikely to compromise.

Mr. Wang lay on the floor with a pallid face and was too weak to stand up.

Li Yunteng roared, "Come in!" Two strapping subordinates came inside upon his order.

He pointed at Mr. Wang and shouted, "Take off his left arm!"

"Yes, sir!" One pressed and held the teacher's left arm, and the other took a sharp bone dagger from his waist.

"Stop!" Li Yexue could not bear to see that her respectful teacher was going to be persecuted in such a cruel manner for her sake. Exerting all her strength, she screamed.

The two subordinates were scared and looked up at Li Yunteng.

Li Yunteng frowned and questioned his daughter, "Yexue, don't you want me to fail my promise?"

"My mum asked you to take care of me, not to hurt the innocents for my sake! It is my fault! Everything bears no relationship with my teacher. I will not permit you to hurt him!" Li Yexue glared at her father steadfastly, displaying the stubbornness buried in her heart.

"Yexue, as my daughter, you should know my temper. No one can stand in my way!" Li Yunteng kept a straight face and replied coldly.

 "Well, if you insist cutting off Mr. Wang's arm, then I will cut mine first!" Li Yexue was strong-willed and determined to protect her teacher!

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