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Chapter 1775: Chapter 1777 brother Xi Ling, genius of the Mo family

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Whether it was the students of Meteor Aristocrat Academy or the students of Dark Aristocrat Academy, they all knew about the existence of imperial dragon continent, as well as the legend of Lord Sorcerer God and Lord Divine Lord of Imperial Dragon Continent.

Of course, these things were spread by the young ladies and young masters of those aristocratic families.

Of course, when the ordinary students who were studying in the Academy heard about this strange thing that was spread by the young ladies and young masters of those aristocratic families, in addition to Earth, there was also an immortal cultivation continent called Imperial Dragon Continent, whether the ordinary students believed it or not was another matter.

It was precisely because of this that when Lan Hongtian, the head of the LAN family, stood on the stage and spoke to everyone below, everyone pricked up their ears to listen.

Especially those students who did not know about the incident that happened at Meteor Noble Academy last time, where the cloud memo admitted that they were the great sorcerer God.

In the past, they had only heard of the legendary deeds of the sorcerer God of the Imperial Dragon Continent.

In their hearts, the sorcerer God was like an ordinary person seeing an immortal, a character that was completely impossible to exist.

However, at this moment, the head of the LAN family, Lan Hongtian, actually said in front of everyone that there was a young girl who claimed that she was the sorcerer God of the Sorcerer clan of the Imperial Dragon Continent?

This was similar to how when you were standing on the street, there was suddenly a person who claimed that she was a fairy that had descended from the heavens, causing people to feel incredulous.

However, one had to admit that Lan Hongtian’s words just now had really attracted the attention of everyone present.

At this moment, all the students had a thought. They wanted to see just who that girl who claimed to be the sorcerer Goddess was! What did she look like! Was this really true!

After Lan Hongtian’s words fell, the entire ballroom fell silent.

Yun Jian’s red arc rose slightly, but she did not step forward after being called.

This was a masquerade ball, and everyone around was wearing masks. Even if Yun Jian did not step forward, no one would be able to recognize her.

“Hmph, father really is too much. The legendary Lord Sorcerer God is an existence that is above everyone in the Imperial Dragon Continent. He is someone that our aristocratic families yearn for and admire! How could such a powerful person appear here?”?


“It’s obvious that the young lady who claimed to be Lord Sorcerer Goddess is another imposter!”

Seeing his father Lan Hongtian say this in front of so many people, Lan Biqing could not help but ridicule.

How could such a noble person like Lord Sorcerer Goddess appear on earth?

“This… cough! Not Necessarily.”Song Zilin touched his nose and complained in a low voice.

“How is it not necessarily? A noble person like the sorcerer God would never appear here in the first place!”When Lan Biqing spoke, his voice was very loud and very confident.

“Cough!”Song Zilin took a look and then touched his nose again, ignoring Lan Biqing.

Why wouldn’t he appear here? That noble sorcerer God that you mentioned, isn’t he standing right in front of you now? Or was he someone you didn’t like just now!

Song Zilin didn’t say it out loud.

Yun Jian narrowed his eyes and looked at Lan Hongtian who was standing on the stage.

Yun Jian had just looked at Lan Hongtian who was standing on the stage when Lan Biqing’s aggressive voice sounded again:

“What are you looking at? If you look at the sorcerer God my father spoke of, it definitely won’t Be You!”

The surrounding people looked at the stage, but Lan Biqing pretended not to see it.

Yun Zhi looked at the stage, but Lan Biqing was aggressive. It could be imagined that Lan Biqing wanted to pour the red wine on Yun Zhi just now because he was jealous of Yun Zhi’s beauty.

He could not help but sigh. The beauty of Yun Zhi came from the inside out. Even if she did not show her face, she could still be jealous to death by just looking at her back.

As soon as Lan Biqing finished speaking, a rather pleasant male voice rang out:

“Biqing, you’re here? I knew it was you the moment I heard that voice!”

As soon as the male voice finished speaking, Yun Zhi cast a sidelong glance at him.

However, he only saw two boys wearing masks standing in front of him. With one look, he could tell that they were of high status.

The one who spoke was the one on the right who was slightly shorter, while the one on the left did not make a sound.

There was a large group of boys and girls standing next to these two boys.

When Lan Biqing saw the boy on the left who did not make a sound, his eyes lit up. He shouted excitedly at the boy who did not make a sound, “Big Brother Xi Ling! You guys are here! I have been looking for you!”

As he said that, Lan Biqing glared at Yun Jian. He seemed to be showing off that he was very familiar with this boy. He pounced on the boy who was called “Big Brother Xi Ling”.

Mo Xi Ling, the publicly acknowledged genius of the Mo family!

Everyone who studied in the Academy knew that he was the most outstanding and strongest representative of the younger generation of all the aristocratic families!

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