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Chapter 1009: Cleanse Your Neck And Wait For Your Death

As Yun Jian spoke, she went closer to Maine. Maier was still as he watched Yun Jian slapped his younger sister—because Alluring Demon was next to him stopping him from going over there.

Yun Jian had now come in front of Maine, pinching her chin up gently before putting more force into it. She told her in an unnerving tone, “Or… you could become part of history on behalf of Hachi Company, what do you think?”

The words “become part of history” felt like a heavy hammer that rammed Maine’s heart. It made it lurch anxiously.

“You…” Maine felt an unprecedented fear. The truth was, she was very much intimidated by Yun Jian, especially when the latter squeezed her chin and talked to her in an airy voice. Maine thought that she had never been so scared all her life.

Just when she thought that her jaw would be crushed between Yun Jian’s fingers, the girl let go of her abruptly.

“Take your sister and leave!” Yun Jian kicked Maine and turned to say. Her emotions were unreadable on her pretty face but it ran shivers down Maier anyway. He had never met a girl like this.

Yun Jian was the director of Dime And Prime Company while his Hachi Company was a notch higher in terms of social standing. If Yun Jian were a typical businessman, she would have been eager to pander up to Hachi and ask for peace.

However, what did Yun Jian say? She threatened to not let Hachi Company see the next sunrise. Was this something a teenage girl could muster?

Fine, Maier reckoned that Yun Jian was not a typical girl. If she was considered an average Joe, there was no longer a single prodigy in this world.

While he thought about it, he had already grabbed his sister’s hand. Maine grew up being coddled; Yun Jian’s slap had thoroughly overwhelmed her with horror.

Just when Maier helped his younger sister up and was going to leave, intending to come back for Alluring Demon next time, Yun Jian spoke up from behind him calmly, “Tell Maide to play nice if he doesn’t want to disappear in the long-flowing river of history. If he dares try anything on Dime And Prime again, he could get his neck cleansed and wait to be slashed!”

Maide was father to Maier and Maine. He was also director of Hachi Company. Maier had indeed picked on Dime And Prime Company using his status as the CEO for Alluring Demon but that was in a harmless manner.

While Yun Jian was in Longmen City, any plan, scheme or action of the international tycoons did not escape her eyes. She was also well aware that the person plaguing Dime And Prime Company was not Maier but his father, Maide.

As for Maide’s intention, it was obvious. He wanted to absorb Dime And Prime Company as his own.

Maier paused but quickly recovered, holding Maine up and leaving after that.

Needless to say, today was the most humiliating day in Maier and Maine’s entire life.

Watching both of them leave in a haste, the employees who were still working overtime in the company were dumbstruck. Yun Jian’s arrogant and flagrant declaration, specifically, stunned them.

Dime And Prime Company was most probably weaker than Hachi Company when it came to its worth but Yun Jian had asked Maier to pass such outrageous message to Maide, director of Hachi Company—if he dared try anything else, he ought to cleanse his neck and wait for his death!

Yun Jian was… bold as brass!

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