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Happy Saturday! Its been a while. Sorry for the delay. Took me a while to be able to complete this chapter.

Anyone find Xie Wei Shi annoying? If I were Anyi, I would have dumped him long time ago. It is so obvious that he is stringing her along using her for his own gain. What a ‘bastard’ @@@@! I wonder when Anyi will realised what a slump he is…. and realised that Professor Zhou is actually interested in her…. hehehe…..

Enjoy the read today!

Chapter 9

As for Xiao Mi's biological father…… He is just a fixed monthly remitter into Xiao Li Huan bank account.

"Xiao Mi had eaten breakfast?'

'Yes. Xiao Mi ate peanut butter and ham egg toast.'

'That is good. I am interested in eating as well. Xiao Mi go with me to buy?'

Song Anyi wants to go downstairs to buy Xiao Mi breakfast but Xiao Li Huan shouted from the side.

'What breakfast to you want to go and buy? Xie Wei Shi has been waiting for you at the company's door since early morning. He is now in your office. Go and see what it is first. Do not know what is going on. He seems so happy like he had strike the lotto.'

Song Anyi sighed. Endless….. after returning home last night, she turned off the mobile phone. She did not even want to pick up the landline. She did not want to have any contact with the outside world. You can call her an ostrich. She just wants peace and quiet to think about it. She did not want to call him. Never thought that he would come to her office on a Saturday.

'Hey, don't tell us that you are going to marry him?' Xiao Li Huan asked.

Like many people, she thinks that Xie Wei Shi is not suitable for Anyi. He does not know how to take care of people.

Song Anyi is surprised. 'How is that possible? How could you have such an idea?'

Xiao Li Huan sighed: 'To him, you are his big lottery machine, isn't it?'

Then she brought Xiao Mi downstairs to buy breakfast.

Song Anyi took a deep breath and then head to the corner of the counter. Xiao Li Huan had prepared the coffee. She filled her mug and took a mug for the guest. She poured a cup into her own mug. Sigh, she holds the two cups of coffee and head into her office.

As soon as she walked into the office, she saw Xie Wei Shi on the couch holding his cell phone. The LINE's cue sound went off. When he saw her coming in, he immediately locked the screen and uncharacteristically put the phone into his backpack.

He always had the cell phone with him. Even when they were out on a date or having a meal, he will be distracted with mobile games or community software.

'Anyi, you are finally here. I have been waiting for you for a long time. You are not picking up the phone. I am so worried.'

Song Anyi put down the mug and sat down on the single couch.

'Why are you in such a hurry to look for me? You do not have class this morning?'

Xie Wei Shi is excited. With eyes shining like the light, he said: 'Classes are not important. If I can learn from Professor Zhou, what I would be learning would be real priceless treasure. I really worship Professor Zhou. I want to become his first disciple. You will help me with that yeah?'

Professor Zhou is the master appraisal of treasures. Items evaluated by him, no one will be questioned. If you can be trained under him, the opportunity is there to be Professor Zhou's successor! Since Anyi and Professor Zhou knew each other…. Perhaps through this relationship…….

Xie Wei Shi thought of Zhou's family treasures of the National Palace Museum and his own future. If he could occupy a pivotal position like Professor Zhou, he could be sleeping at night laughing.

Song Anyi heart is very uncomfortable. Xie Wei Shi did not explain last night's intimate gesture with the schoolmate instead opening his mouth asking her to help him achieve his goals.
'How can I help you? I am not familiar with Professor Zhou.'

Xie Wei Shi changed position and move closer to Song Anyi. 'You must be familiar. If not, how will Professor Zhou allow you to help him in the hospital?'

'It is just a coincidence.'

'At least not just a passerby but someone you can talk with. Really, you help me. Anyi, I really want to become a very good collector. Reading more textbooks are useless. If there is a well-known master that will introduce and open the door for me to participate with practical experience would be useful. Professor Zhou in the industry is the top one. He said that he is second in modesty, absolutely no one dared to claim to be first. Introduce him to me as teacher. Then we can get married and you become a housewife at home. Our life will be very rich. Not like you now, also need to help customer sweep the toilet…..'

Did she find a trace of disgrace in the expression of Xie Wei Shi?

Song Anyi frowned. 'Xie Wei Shi, you do not forget. I am sponsor every penny on you. That is in exchange from sweeping and brushing the toilet….'

Xie Wei Shi realized that he is wrong, hurriedly smiled: 'Of course I know. It is because of gratitude. I do not bear to let you go through hardship…..'


Song Anyi inexplicably think of what she heard last night in the noodle shop: 'This is not love, it is just using you….'

'She is really just your schoolmate?' She looked at her boyfriend. She had agreed to date him because of the pure and sincerity when Xie Wei Shi moved her heart. But that simply is not found on him now.

Xie Wei Shi shrugged. He had been practicing many times so can face her without giving away. 'Rest be assured, of course. Just someone that I am studying with. If I have any relationship with her, how would I directly introduce you in front of her as my girlfriend?'

Her boyfriend's explanation did not give Song Anyi peace of mind.

The sixth sense of a woman is sometimes very inexplicable. She felt instinctive but do not know how to explain and verify.

'Help me, Anyi'

Xie Wei Shi took her hand, begging hard.

Song Anyi dropped her eyes refusing to look at him. But the soft heart cannot refuse as well.

'I may not necessarily able to succeed. After all, Professor Zhou and I are really not familiar.'

'As long as you are willing to help me, this is an opportunity for me, Anyi.'

In the end, Song Anyi could only nod slightly although she did not even know how to raise it up to Professor Zhou.

Xie Wei Shi happily hugged his girlfriend.

Song Anyi sighed in secret. Even in the back of her mind, she is still not able to feel at ease…..

Maserati MC Stradale with its racing spirit, is synonymous with 'Stradale Italian Street'. It is a popular car in the racing circuit although it looks like a gentle and elegant child. The Maserati's perfect masterpiece is also Zhou Mo's car.

Zhou Yoe looked carefully at the big brother in the driver's seat. Before the Lunar New Year, both political and business celebrities had an important grand charity auction. This auction has many years of history and can raise huge donations every year. That is the spotlight.

Over the years, the auction is by the big masters of the Zhou family that are responsible for the auction evaluation and comment. This will also provide the treasures involve the auction value. Anything inherited by big brother of the family must naturally fulfil the family tradition where it is expected to be participating in such an event.

Although the usual stern looking big brother gives the impression of indifference, but he is very committed in such public welfare activities. Just that the meeting with the organizers earlier were good. But now how come it feels so weird? Since home, brother's cold face remains very cold.

'Brother, where do you want to go?'

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