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Capturing this man then maiming him for life wasn't enough to soothe the flame of anger that was burning ablaze in Chu Feng's heart. He was furious and filled with hatred, all because this man was too vicious and too wicked.

He was all puffed up with pride and arrogance too. After almost sending Chu Zhiyuan to die under the wheels of a car, he still had the nerves to pay his victim a visit. He was a man who would stop at nothing, let it be good-doing or wicked acts.

The man writhed on the ground in agony as he groaned and wailed. His clothes were saturated with ice-cold sweat, and the severe pain was beyond what he could stand.

Chu Feng closed in on the man, lifting his feet once again.

"Don't! Don't kill me!" the terrified man begged under his breath.

"This kind of begging is not what I saw at my house. Wasn't it also you who wanted to choose a way of suffering to inflict for my parents? You were acting as if you were someone high above the masses. You were d*cking around at my house like a cock in a chicken den, but why are you terrified now?"

Chu Feng looked down at him. With a bang, he kicked the man in the chest, toppling him over. The man's body was smashed into a tree nearby.

The trunk shook and quavered. Leaves on the tree rustled, and many fell to the ground.

The man groaned and wailed. After he took a tumble on the ground, his body rolled like a cement mixer. That kick was too powerful, causing several ribs to be broken by the blow. Tears were about to shed from his eyes.

In fact, Chu Feng was not using any force at all. Had he done so, even the firmest rock would burst and shatter, let alone a human body.

"Let's talk. Everything can be talked through, right?" The man struggled to sit up but realized that he could not feel the lower limbs of his body.

He lowered his head and saw a crooked body. His spinal cord looked twisted and out of shape. It was at a peculiar shape. This made him absolutely terrified.

With a trembling voice, he said, "Don't! Don't hit me anymore… I'm willing to cooperate. As long as you don't kill me, I will agree on everything you ask!"

Agony and fear pushed him on the brink of mental collapse.

In the darkness of night, he could still see the coldness on the face of the young man standing opposite to him. Calmness and indifference were written on the young man's face, imposing a great deal of psychological pressure on him. For him, Chu Feng was like a demon walking on earth, bringing fear and terror to the whole world.

In fact, what made him fear was Chu Feng's strength and power.

Chu Feng could shatter his spiritual magnetic field with just a roar, and he could also travel at a speed faster than his spirit. These were what made him quiver in fear and terror.

Spirit could not be restrained or contained once it departed from the body. The man flew back to his "corpse" at a speed faster than the speed of sound as soon as he left the body of that postman.

But as soon as he opened his eyes, this young man was already standing in front of him with his feet stamping on his mouth.

How could this not strike any fears?

"What's the point of keeping you alive?" Chu Feng let the man say for himself.

"I…" the man opened his mouth, but he hesitated. He knew better than anyone what horrific punishment was awaiting him if he betrayed.

"It seems like you're not willing to cooperate," Chu Feng said. With a bang, he kicked the man in the chest again.

The man on the ground flew into the air, crashing into a thick growth of bushes. The man himself could clearly hear the crackling sound of his bones breaking. His lungs felt suppressed, and his breathing became difficult.

Fear overcame his rationality. He knew that if he died here, no-one would know. All his abilities and achievements would forever remain unknown to anyone. He would die a despicable death like an ant squeezed under the sole of a man; no-one would even know or care.

At the same time, he was also trying to evaluate how powerful this young man was. "Maybe he is stronger than both Kong Kim and Silver Wing combined!" he thought to himself.

The man trembled with fear when he thought about this. Because every single one of them was wrong. They underestimated the power of their opponent, and this mistake was unforgivable and fatal.

The woman in Jiangning was fierce and ruthless, but she knew nothing about her opponent. Every decision was wrong! Every prediction was inaccurate! He sighed, because right now, there was no turning back for him. He felt powerless.

"I will tell you what you want, but you need to let me go," he whispered in a faint breath.

Chu Feng said nothing in response. He stood there, gazing at him.

"You may have guessed. I come from Jiangning. It was the daughter-in-law of the family of Lin who put me up to this. She was a ruthless person, so no-one could defy her orders. If she asks me to do such and such, I will have to do it!"

The man tried to exonerate himself from responsibility. He tried to look sincere and regretful.

Chu Feng couldn't find any reasons to sympathize with him. The woman might be the wire-puller behind the scene, but she had never commanded him to resolve to any of those torturing measures. It was the man's vicious nature that drove him to commit all the evil-doing he had done. The woman was the initiator, but the man himself was the action-taker, and for all the wrongs he had done to Chu Feng's family, he could not be tolerated.

"I've already gathered all this information you've provided. They are useless to me," Chu Feng coldly said.

The man grew terrified. After a moment of hesitation, he said, "There are thirteen of us in total!"

The man clenched his teeth and hardened his heart before saying these words.

Right now, it wasn't the time to worry about whether he would be punished by his employers.

"Where are they?" Chu Feng asked. He started to pay attention to what the man said. His face looked emotionless.

The man on the ground vented out a sigh, but he looked very perturbed. He had now officially become the enemy of the people in Jiangning.

"They are living inside a villa."

He quickly spelt out the secrets regarding the other twelve mutants, including their newly acquired capabilities and skills granted by the mutation.

Chu Feng now knew that it was these twelve mutants who had resolved to take his parents last time. They were all insolent and domineering people.

Luckily, they were stopped by another group of people just in time. The man on the ground guessed that Lin Naoi was probably the one in charge of this group.

At the same time, he candidly admitted that he was not part of the group last time. He did not partake in the operation.

Chu Feng frowned. If this man had been a part of the group, then things would truly become troublesome. A man who could depart from his corpse would do everything without anybody knowing.

"I've told you everything I know. I beg you to spare my life!" the man entreated. He was in an unsettled state of mind, perturbed and restless.

Chu Feng did not reply. He was thinking.

He believed that the woman in Jiangning must have dismissed her suspicion that he was the man behind the mask of Angel Ox, otherwise, the measures she took would be much fiercer, much deadlier. Because there were normal people who could deal with Angel Ox.

Because of this, Chu Feng grew even more hateful. For him, this woman in Jiangning was nothing but an abomination. She still wanted him to suffer even when there was no reason for it.

The man on the ground noticed that Chu Feng was in silence to muse over something. His heart suddenly started to fiercely palpitate; glints of blue light flashed in his eyes every now and then.

He was still on edge, because he knew that this young man would most likely kill him in the end. Even though he had said everything he could offer, the chance to live through this was minimal.

He clenched his teeth. Suddenly, the glints of blue light became beams of vibrant glare. His spirit suddenly departed from the body with a swish then pounced on Chu Feng's forehead. He wanted to take control of Chu Feng's body.

He was making a determined effort to create opportunities for himself. He believed that his own fate should not be in the hands of others.

And right now, the young man had let his attention wandered, and this opened a window for his escape.

Once he succeeded, he would take complete control of this man's body. With this man's body, the possibility would be endless!

Chu Feng's pupils were blazing. He slightly opened his mouth; the sound that he made was like a clap of thunder erupting in the air.


The ball of blue light completely perished into the void.


The man's voice was very weak; it was so soft and faint that one could hardly hear. The last few pieces of his consciousness were filled with fear. He was scared, but it was too late to go back. The blue light disintegrated and was buried into oblivion.

Chu Feng frowned. This was the first enemy he made vanish.

Where he stood was the depth of the forest. The woods were dense, and because it was late at night, everything was quiet and serene.

He looked around at the place and found a manhole cover. He lifted the cover then with a swish, he brought the man down the drainage pipe. The air down there had an overpowering reek.

Chu Feng's body was shrouded with a layer of glittering shine. It was a mysterious force sealing him from the foul smell in the manhole. Then, he exerted himself and punched his fist with a downward thrust. BANG! The earth at the bottom of the manhole cracked and collapsed. Chu Feng threw the man into the cracks and buried him under there.

Soon, Chu Feng appeared at the entrance to the park.

Chu Feng hurriedly scurried home. The longer he spent outside the house, the more worrisome his parents would get.

On the way back, he brushed past the postman. He had woken from his hypnosis. He looked bewildered and confused. When he left Chu Feng's house, his vacant-looking eyes clearly showed that he was feeling lost.

Chu Feng got home.

"Feng!" Wang Jing was terrified and restless. How had she ever encountered anyone so treacherous and anything so dangerous before? When Chu Feng was out chasing the man, she grew increasingly worried, fearing that Chu Feng might run into life-threatening accidents.

"How… is that man…" Relatively speaking, Chu Zhiyuan was still calm and composed. He wondered how the situation might turn out now.

"Mom, dad, rest assured. Every problem had been neutralized. Nothing is threatening anymore." Chu Feng tried to sound cool and relaxed. He didn't want them to be in fear anymore.

"Oh god. I've never been so terrified before. That man was so treacherous, so terrifying, so vicious! Can you tell me how he managed to separate his body from his spirit?" The mere thought of that man scared Wang Jing still.

"Feng, what did you do to him?" Wang Jing grew very nervous when she thought about this problem.

"Don't be too bothered by it, mom. I've done nothing to him." Chu Feng wanted to tell them the truth, but feared that they might not be able to stand the truth.

He stood up and brew a cup of tea for each of his parent. "Mom, dad, sleep as early as you can today. Sleeping is beneficial to the absorption of the seeds' mysterious force," Chu Feng said.

He still needed to go outside, but he couldn't tell his parents. Otherwise, both would be having their hearts in their mouths. They would be too worried to sleep for the rest of the night.

"Yes. Let's go to bed and leave all our problems for tomorrow," Chu Zhiyuan said.

Chu Feng pretended to be calm to free his parents from worries. Then, he headed for his own bedroom.

Soon later, he left the house from the window of his room without making a fuss. He silently traversed the darkness of the night to avoid anyone from perceiving his existence.

Having left the house, Chu Feng hired a taxi, but the chauffeur didn't dare to drive all his way to the countryside; instead, he dropped him off at the border of the city.

Right now, the countryside was a danger zone. One would run into a mutated beast every few seconds.

Having existed the taxi, Chu Feng walked into the depths of the darkness. Then, he started to scurry at his maximum speed. His running could get him further in a shorter period of time than a taxi would do!

Soon later, he arrived at his destination.

There were a few villas in the district, but almost all of them were vacant. No-one still dared to live in this place.

Beasts were patrolling the area, and birds were circling in the sky. The place was too dangerous to live.

However, there was one villa that was brightly lit. It was unlike the other ones that were all dark and cheerless.

This must have been the house Chu Feng was looking for. This was the place where the other twelve mutants lived.

Silently, he made an approach to the place. He stayed out of the line of sight of every surveillance camera. He scanned the house with his god-like instinct, noticing that in total, there were twelve people in the house.

Some people were drinking beer while chattering; some were practicing boxing in their rooms; and some were sleeping. This was a big villa. There were four levels above the ground, enough to accommodate these people.

"We've been shutting ourselves away at this place for long enough. When can we go back?"

"Soon! Soon we'll be heading back. I heard that son of a b*tch had returned home, so as long as we can make him die in a car accident, we can make a retreat."

"Aren't they just an ordinary family of three? If I were you, I would just go to their place and crush their skulls with my palm. That would save us all these troubles!"

"You are drunk, man. We need to use our brain and act discreetly. Somebody high up wants this business done clean. We need to make sure that the family dies by 'accident', otherwise we would have to take the blame for all the complications later."

The people who were drinking exchanged a few words about their tasks then moved on to talk about other things.

With a murderous look on his face, Chu Feng barged into the house like a demon walking on earth. He kicked the door into thin shreds of metal before he burst into the house.

"Who is that?" The men who were drinking stood on their feet. They looked alerted and vigilant. They knew that anyone who dared to barge in like this would not be just some weaklings.


Chu Feng was too fast. No sooner had the voice of the man died away than Chu Feng cropped up in his face. With just a slight lift of his leg, he hurled the man across the room. The man crashed into a wall then was reduced to a sheer splatter of blood and mangled flesh.

"Wanna crush our skulls? Go to Hell!" Chu Feng's eyes glittered with death.

"God!" someone screamed. He was showering in the splatter of blood and became panic-stricken.

The rain of blood showered the whole room, sobering up every tipsy mutant at the place. The mutants felt numb on their skulls. Who was this? They thought. He acted like a demon walking on earth. With just a slight kick of his feet, gone the life of the third most powerful mutant amongst them.

He died a tragic death too. He splattered and shattered like a porcelain doll!

For them, he was a demon alright.

"Chu Feng… he is… Chu Feng!" someone screamed. Some had recognized him, because they had seen his photo. They came to Shuntian just for him.

Some people quickly started to take actions. They all had extraordinary skills. Some turned into a rock; some became a mysterious beast of prey; and others had skins that flowed with a metallic luster.


Chu Feng was merciless. Against his terrifying fists, no-one could stand a chance. In terms of skills and power, they were much inferior to Chen Hai; in an instant, Chu Feng had sent everyone flying in the air; and when their bodies finally settled on the floor, some had collapsed chests, while others had split skulls. Everyone died an instant death.

In fact, had Chu Feng resolved to use all his power and strength, no-one would still have a distinguishable corpse. Everyone would be reduced into a splatter of red paint on the wall like the first mutant was.


In the next moment, Chu Feng leaped out of the window. Using the window frame as an anchorage point, he jumped dozens of meters high up into the night sky. He reached out his arm and snatched onto the collar of a fleeing mutant; he pulled him down and made him plummet to the earth.


The man was killed on the instant when he landed on the ground.

The mutants who were hiding in the other rooms darted out from each respective little cabinet. They were not out here to battle out with Chu Feng; they were here to run for their lives. All of them were greatly terrified.

The six people who were drinking in the living room were all killed instantly. They were frightened by this.


Unfortunately, no-one had managed to escape. Chu Feng was too fast. While one was being punched to death, the other was kicked in the chest to meet his tragic demise. Chu Feng was like the god of Death, wielding its sickle of death to claim the lives of everyone he met.

At last, every mutant became a corpse lying lifelessly on the lawn, enjoying the softness of this thick growth of grass with their last breath.

"My parents are everything to me. If you dare to offend them, the only destination for you will be a violent death. Xu Wanqing! You are a piece of dead meat to me. Sooner or later, I will hold your severed head in my hand!"

Chu Feng turned around and disappeared in the darkness.

There was soft spot in his heart, but he would only be sympathetic with good people. As to those who were vicious and arrogant, he would never show no mercy to them.

Chu Feng went back home. He had a hot shower then went to bed.

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