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Chapter 821: 821

Chu Feng acknowledged that the Little Daoist was a genius . He had nearly tricked him and had actually fooled him into shedding tears . He was truly grateful for having such an unfilial son . . . not!

Tearful from being tormented by his son, Chu Feng's cheeks reddened . He really wanted to beat this son up!

"My father, the Innumerable Deity, let's reason first . You are amiss . You tell me, what is it called when you didn't bring me up but beat me up as soon as you see me? Fancy that, that I hesitated slightly and didn't immediately persuade my mother to marry someone else sooner . "

"You unfilial son!" Chu Feng struck him again .

They returned to the millstone area and Chu Feng seized the Little Daoist's spatial bracelet . He also put away the rocks that had the Little Daoist's handwriting inscribed upon .

"What are you going to do?!" The Little Daosit was scared .

"Weren't these depicted by you? You said your mother was still calling the Dameng Pure Land's name in her last moments, as well as mine . Show her these . "

"No!" The Little Daoist jumped up as though someone had stepped on his tail . These were all things he had created himself and he had made these people learn them by heart for no reason . He was going to be exposed now and Chu Feng definitely wouldn't be the only one beating him up . He would be frantically beaten by Qin Luoyin, Ying Zhexian, Ouyang Feng and the others too .

This was because the things he wrote were too stirring .

For example, the Ying Zhexian in his depictions had hair as white as snow in the end . Her love was deep but she had a reserved personality . She didn't utter a single word in her last moments but gazed blankly in one particular direction, lost in thought .

"Not bad, it was well-written . " Chu Feng read it again from the start and nodded with approval . It was in line with Ying Zhexian's temperament .

"Father, the Innumerable Deity, you are dishonest . You want to seduce my mother and Fairy Ying through using my writings . This… is out of the question, for me to take all the blame while you get the benefits!"

The Little Daoist was anxious . The more he savoured it the more he felt that this father of his had no sense of shame . It was clear he wanted to tease the fairy and in the end he wouldn't even need to say more . Just taking a couple of the rocks out was enough and he would appear profound and earnest .

He hopped about . How had he not thought of this fault? He was too much of a cheat and had cheated himself .

The Little Daoist called out, "Father, the Innumerable Deity, you can't defraud me like this, I will be beaten to death! Nevermind stepmother Ying, just that uncle of mine will be so jealou that he'll skin me alive!"

"What are you talking about? The second-eldest of the Ying family is still in love with his elder sister?" asked Chu Feng .

"Yes, he's always celebrating by himself, saying how you won't return and that you should have a safe journey . At times of festivities he burns paper offerings for you!" The Little Daoist blinked his big eyes as he said this, shifting the hostility .

"You mentioned Mount Eternal in your writings . Did they really come here?" Chu Feng inquired . He was slightly dubious .

"They are indeed here . The ancestral demonic cauldron gave them access . They are truly evil and we didn't imagine they would meet each other . Speaking of, they are fairly powerful, accumulating provisions and claiming to be kings . They were unexposed and if we hadn't accidently come across them the others wouldn't have known either . "

However, according to the Little Daoist's account, these people really didn't know their place . At the very least Yaoyao had previously ransacked Ling Weihou's mansion and seized away the divine beast blood . She had taken all of the rare valuables inside the treasury, leaving nothing behind .

Ling Weihou almost went insane as it was an utter humiliation . He still didn't know who it was and only suspected it was a shameless pre-battle crime from the Moon Goddess's side .

"To always be so low-profile without revealing their identity they must have high aims . Do they want to become a heaven-illuminator?" Chu Feng suspected Yaoyao was trying to do her utmost to frantically upgrade herself .

"Oh, that's right . How come you only write a line every time you mention Mount Eternal, without going into details?" Chu Feng was suspicious . Those from Mount Eternal were rather ferocious, especially since Yaoyao was brave enough to plunder their enemy Ling Weihou . But surprisingly the Little Daoist didn't really mention them .

"This is because they like to be low-profile, and I don't enjoy talking about others behind their backs . " The Little Daoist said in deep earnest, but he seemed rather uneasy .

"Go on, what was the matter really?" Chu Feng asked him .

The Little Daoist was coy as he narrated what he had wanted to hide .

The first time he met Yaoyao he could already tell she was extraordinary and had straightforwardly tried to worm his way into being friends with her . He had called her stepmother and as a result she had punished him so much that he could not take care of himself in his daily life for half a month .

Chu Feng was speechless . It was no wonder that the Little Daoist looked fearful and was reluctant to mention Yaoyao . The punishment had terrified him and he was afraid of her .

The Little Daoist was still indignant and said, "I had good intentions and gave her ample respect, putting her above my second stepmother Ying Zhexian and calling her my great stepmother . In the end… I will cry if I continue . "

"You fool . " Educating his son Chu Feng said, "Back then she was supercilious over all clans because of not only her strength, but was also known as the number one beauty in the whole universe . You called her great stepmother, don't you see that it's easy to lead to misunderstandings? You're evidently calling her old . You should call her mother directly and address her as dear mother!"

The Little Daoist looked at him with despise and said, "Father, how come I've realized how you have no sense of shame? Are you also not brave enough to worm your way into being friends with her? Trying to made me explore and test the waters to help you seduce her and take the blame for you!"

"Nonsense, I saw that you lost out so I'm educating you with all joking aside!" Chu Feng said with a stern countenance, urging the Little Daoist that he might as well try again next time .

"I fear that I won't be able to take care of myself for a whole month next time!"

. . .

. . .

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As they departed the area Chu Feng asked what the Little Daoist and the others had experienced over the past year .

"We suffered over the past year . We were ducks and chickens, wandering about in a desperate plight . We experienced half a lifetime of idling helplessness and misery . "

"Speak properly!"

"Simply put, it was rather tragic at the beginning . We were often hunted and we lived with our souls hidden inside the bodies of roosters and wild ducks to evade our great enemies . This was common and throughout the challenges and distress we yearned for a pleasant life . We endured through the journey . " It angered Chu Feng that the Little Daosit was so cocky and he wanted to kick him .

The Four-Winged Rhinoceros followed him and was treated as a mount . It was very obedient as the Little Daoist had reduced it to submission long ago .

Not long after the Little Daoist summoned another fiery red bird on the wasteland . Its wings were bright and strikingly beautiful . This was definitely a support he had prepared for Chu Feng .

Chu Feng's appearance wasn't good and he again wanted to punch him .

Ten days later Chu Feng neared Qin Luoyin, Ouyang Feng and Ying Zhexian's temporary residence . This wasn't upon the Vicious Beast Plateau but was on this wasteland instead .

In addition this area was adjacent to the abyss .

In this world one of the two most powerful forces was the god from the Vicious Beast Plateau . The other was a divine beast in the abyss and conflict often broke out between the two .

"Recently we've been quite low-profile . We're hiding in the gap between the two forces," the Little Daoist presented .

The wasteland was vast and stretched as far as the eye can see .

"Daoist Jin Lin, Buddist Shi Hong, the Winged Godhead, the White Phoenix clan's young master, the Heavenly Golden Spider etc . are also active in this area . We sometimes encounter them . "

The Little Daoist informed him that things were tough for those who originated from the same universe as them . Many had transformed into light now that a year had passed and had returned to the Dameng Pure Land through the vortex .

The remaining had gone into hiding, saving their power .

"Those who survived are all remarkable and are possibly connected to people from the divine beast system . In fact, someone used breathing techniques and wonderful methods from our world to trade for divine beast blood . "

"Lately we have been preparing to evacuate . We won't be staying here anymore as Yaoyao, my dear mother, might grace us with her presence . We have serious suspicions she wants to loot the divine beast's heir and this area will likely fall in a great upheaval . "

Chu feng heard this and was momentarily speechless .

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According to what the Little Daoist said, Yaoyao's spiritual power was currently upgrading rapidly . Last time she had passed five lightning tribulations in a row . This was already equal to the records of gods from the past periods .

Furthermore this was in a situation where she didn't have a corporeal body, so she was indeed heaven-defying .

Chu Feng listened with his brows in a deep knot . He was now rather afraid of the consequences from unusual techniques . Above all the words the Little Daoist carved into the rocks startled him .

Although the Little Daoist had planned and acted it out himself, he wasn't writing without basis . His concerns were mixed in and the bizarre substances from his later years made the father-and-son duo tremble with fear . They were slightly scared .

The things they had experienced not long ago, despite being just a farce, shook Chu Feng's spirit!

Even though he had obtained the Six Daoist Temporal technique, he was now hesitant on whether or not he should continue practicing it .

In a low voice Chu Feng said, "Everyone's training their unusual techniques now and are rapidly increasing their strength . Could it be that they aren't afraid of the terrifying later years, that occurred to those deities, would take place on us too?"

"Yes, we're worried too . We have been very cautious over the past year and didn't dare use unusual techniques . According to our deductions, there aren't such big issues when upgrading part of one's powers here as long as one does not enter the abyss . Besides over the past year we have explored what is true and what is false regarding the abyss . We were ready to tell my… dear mother Yaoyao that she could start collecting the divine medicines if she was powerful enough!"

This world's divine medicine was surely incomparably heaven-defying, because there was an abundance of Yang qi . The nature of the medicine was fierce and overbearing, and there was no question it surpassed the divine medicine from the netherworld by a whole level .

"But what would happen to Yaoyao in the future, with her working an unusual technique so frantically?" Chu Feng was concerned . He knew Yaoyao wanted to upgrade her powers as soon as she could so that after she returned to her own universe she could battle against the Heaven Illuminators .

"There's a legend here in the abyss that a long, long time ago the supreme leader amongst the divine beasts had left behind a nine-colored mass of blood and this could baptise one of all sorts of grey matter . "

This legend moved the hearts of the Vicious Beast Plateau's gods . They had come charging over many times before but were unsuccessful .

"We're here!"

Their journey was without a hitch and they arrived at their destination . These hills weren't too far from the abyss area and those from the Vicious Beast Plateau rarely came here normally .

"Oh my, a person? A ghost?" They had only just approached the area as a black swan leapt up . At first it was still pretending to be sophisticated, leisurely taking swan steps . Yet now the black feathers on its entire body stood on end . It flapped its wings and was quite excited upon seeing Chu Feng .

A couple others emerged given his ruckus .

"Father, you're back . Your complexion is good . My mother has missed you so much . " The Little Daoist's true spirit was the most energetic of them . He was all smiles as he uttered corny words . He was totally dragging his mother into the mire, shifting the potentially earth-shattering damage .

He was rather guilty from seeing Chu Feng return with his own little golden bird form . He raised his bottom, ready to flee at any time .

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"Son, come over here . Your father has missed you so much!" Chu Feng ran forwards, desperate to clutch his true form immediately and beat him with all his strength .

"Father, wait! I'll go dig out a great medicine for you . It grows on the back of the mountain, so I'll see you later!" The Little Daoist was extremely cunning and turned to run .

Then there was a 'whoosh' noise as Ying Zhexian stopped him using her divine multi-colored brightness .

The Little Daosit shrieked miserably immediately and said, "Mother, help me!"

Then Chu Feng came forth . With open arms he walked over to the Ying sisters and Qin Luoyin . Ying Wudi was there too .

Ying Wudi's eyes emitted green light as he looked at him with an unkind expression .

"Brother in law, sorry to bother you but stand to the side!" Chu Feng bluntly pushed him to the side .

Ying Wudi: "¥%[email protected]# . . . " He felt as though his presence was lacking .

"Brother in law, you've finally returned . We all thought you had experienced an accident . My brother regularly burnt you paper offerings and he said it would make your life down there more comfortable . " The little silver-haired loli said .

Then she jumped up and gave Chu Feng a warm hug .

At the side Ying Wudi's face turned green . Was an old sister not enough? Even his younger sister was glued onto Chu Feng the Great Demon . It made his eyes slick with green light, steaming with murderous intent .

"It's so good to see you!" Chu Feng was full of emotion as he said this . The words the Little Daosit has inscribed came to his mind and he was moved . At least in that moment he understood separation for ever as well as endless sadness, mourning and regret .

Then he became incredibly thick-skinned and walked forward, wanting to give Ying Zhexian and Qin Luoyin warm hugs too .

The two women casted sidelong glances at him and quickly fell back .

Meanwhile Ying Wudi decided to cut the line and came in, his eyes glaring at him .

"Hey, Chu Feng, you're neglecting your old friends when smitten with love . What kinds of good things did you bring back?" Ouyang Feng asked .

"The things I've brought back are too world-shaking and it's unlikely we'll venture to practice them . But I do have some small gifts for you . "

Chu Feng finished speaking and took out the rocks with the writing inscribed upon from his spatial bracelet . Moreover he took them out one by one, gifting them in private as they interacted .

"Ah…" The Little Daoist cried out miserably immediately after seeing this .

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