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Chen Hai gazed at his chest. Despair suddenly surged in his veins. It had been punctured through, and blood was pouring out. However vigorous he was, he was hopeless to live on.

"No…" He covered the gaping hole with his hand. He wished to survive, to live on and to be the king and the ruler of this era. As a man who had trained in boxing for thirty years, who would be better suited than him for this role?

As strange fruits constantly appeared and the world restlessly changed, Chen Hai could easily reach the acme of perfection with his masterful boxing style.

It was difficult to achieve perfection in the past, but the time was different. As long as his body constitution could enhance and improve constantly, he would find perfection somewhere someday.

The ambitious glitter in his eyes grew darker. He was full of regret and fear for death. He moved his lips, but not a word could be uttered. Finally, he tumbled down then sprawled on the ground. Eyes closed; last breath was drawn then sighed out. Then, he died.

The golden lynx and the white rhino were terrified. They gazed at Chu Feng, and for a while, they were at a loss as to what to do.

Behind them, hundreds of mutated beasts started a riot. They all sensed the horrifying hostility of this living human.

Chu Feng didn't move. He looked pensive. For him, Demon Ox Boxing Style was sure enough a mysterious piece of martial arts. The more he comprehended, the more he harvested.

Yellow Ox had once said that one would benefit from the boxing style all his life if he could persist on practicing it.

At the time, Chu Feng was doubtful, because he had mastered all nine fist positions of the Demon Ox Boxing Style and thought that nothing more was worth to comprehend.

But after fighting a pitched battle, he finally understood the essence in Yellow Ox's words. The calf didn't hoax him. The boxing style was indeed no trivial matter.

After a thorough transformation, Chu Feng had nimbler limbs; and when he waved his fists as he pleased, there was a brand-new experience that came along with it. He felt at ease and powerful during the battle, and his fists, too, were bursting with strength and power!

Just then, his fists were functioning like the all-conquering horns of Demon Ox, penetrating through the shield and puncturing Chen Hai's body.

In that instant, his fists were sharper than knives. The warm currents that wrapped around his fists could lacerate all substances and conquer all defenses!

He perceived the unfathomable depth of Demon Ox Boxing Style. It was bottomless. As long as Chu Feng was willing to dig, he could always go in further.

Chu Feng lifted up Chen Hai's remains. He found a communicator and an antiquated booklet on his body.

"The essence of Shape and Form?" he exclaimed in excitement.

Shape and Form was the particular boxing style Chen Hai had been practicing. It was a powerful class of boxing from the orthodox strand.

The orthodox strand was the only boxing style family that were practiced between humans. For Chu Feng, this was part of the reason that he valued it.

"But sadly, none of the ultimate mysteries about the style is written in this book." Chu Feng sighed with regret.

Every fist position of Shape and Form was labelled with details except for the twelve fist positions that were practiced by Chen Hai. They were only mentioned in passing.

Not even a single illustration had been given!

But Chu Feng still kept the book for future references.

Having mastered Demon Ox Boxing Style, Chu Feng wasn't worried so much about the twelve fist positions of Shape and Form.

Murderous intent filled the air. The several hundred beasts moved restlessly and roared incessantly. They were poised for a fight.

The golden lynx and the white rhino had quietly fallen back. They were both hiding behind the horde, issuing orders to their underlings.

Chu Feng was fearless. He strolled back to the withered vine. There was still an important implement for him to collect.

The vine was dehydrated. Chu Feng gently touched it, and suddenly, the once glittering plant was reduced to sheer powders, rustling as they dispersed into the air.

This was a magical plant alright. It came into flower for a temporal time then died a silent death.

On the ground, the once silver root hair had also turned to powders. With just a light touch, they faded into the void.

Chu Feng picked up the stone box. He was shocked when he realized that all the strange soil had lost its color. They were just as dull as an ordinary chunk of dirt.

Even the mountains had grown abnormally dry. The vital substance that maintained the functioning of all beings beneath the earth had been drained to none.

The white seed was in Chu Feng's palm. It was round and vigorous. It pulsated as if it were breathing.

Chu Feng wished that this seed could be planted someday too, but it would be much harder. The seed was way too extraordinary, so to cultivate it, Chu Feng would have to mix it with a greater deal of strange soil.

"White and glittering. Spotless and beautiful. I wish you're the fairy of Ninth Heaven." Chu Feng had shut himself off from all the fervent beasts around him, enjoying his own peace of mind.

He put the snow-white seed in the stone box. This was now the official carrier for seeds of all future generations.


Chu Feng scanned around him with astonishment. The two overlords were calling for more beasts from the vicinity. The earth was trembling, and the air vibrated with the hissing noise.

No wonder the beasts were still holding back. They wanted to drown him with an overwhelming crowd!

Chu Feng moved. He needed to make a sortie. His fists were like an all-conquering sword, crushing all obstacles and piercing through all defenses!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His fists were horrific weapons. The first few blows punctured one beast after another. Wherever he went, no beasts could stand in his way.

However, this were like stirring up a hornet's nest. When the blood of the beasts spurted out, the hundreds of beasts went berserk. They were all fearless. The ones that were near Chu Feng was dashing towards him, and those that were in the distance roared and bellowed.

Seeing that the crowd was getting larger, Chu Feng grew a little panicky. The beasts were not afraid of death, so no matter how powerful he was, Chu Feng could not fend off an entire swarming crowd.

He had thought that he would kill one as a deterrent to the others. When one died, the others might grow frightened.

It was, however, unexpected for the complete opposite to happen. The crowd had grown crazy. They roared and bellowed, trembling the earth and quivering the forest. Every beast displayed their own prowess, and every beast was determined to kill him.


Chu Feng leaped and hopped. He ran through the waves of beasts, going straight for the overlords who were hiding at the back.


The white rhino had gone crazy. The beast eagerly wanted the white seed, but it had scruples about fighting against this man. But since Chu Feng had made his own way over, the rhino would have to wrestle for its own life.


The beast brutally dashed towards Chu Feng. It had immense power. Not a second beast in the region was as strong as the rhino. The beast could easily topple a hill.

It would have the strength to move a mountain if the beast evolved even further.


It was a muffled noise that shook the forest. The white rhino looked to be in pain. For the beast, it felt as if it had crashed into a holy mountain; its horn and skull were both on the verge of splitting in two.

But in fact, what stood in its way was only a human fist!

The beast started to fall back. It roared to call to the other beasts, asking them to gather together.

Chu Feng frowned with frustration. The nearby beasts gathered around the rhino, shielding it off from the aggressor.

That golden lynx, meanwhile, was even more slippery. It hid behind high crowds of beasts while ordering the others to fight against Chu Feng.

"This is not looking good!"

Chu Feng's face grew grave.

The mountains were trembling when beasts that had blanketed hills and dales started galloping.

"Do you guys want me to stay here or what? I will kill my way out if you keep standing in my way!" Chu Feng threatened. He moved like a bolt of lightning. The blood of a living beast spurted up for every punch Chu Feng delivered. He gazed at the white rhino, planning to kill the beast to build up his prestige among the masses.

The white rhino was falling back, but the beast was too large to move around freely. In the end, Chu Feng came up to its face again.

The white rhino had a vicious look. Its body emitted rays of white light. Since the two were now standing toe-to-toe, the beast had nowhere left to retreat. It suddenly went crazy, dashing at Chu Feng at great speed.

The rhino was stronger than Chen Hai, but it was not as skilful.

But it had a few tricks up in its sleeves to compensate for the lack of skills. With a fizz, its horn started shining. Then, like a swivelling sword, it spiralled towards Chu Feng's skull.

Chu Feng leapt aside, watching as that blade of light traversed the air.

It missed Chu Feng, but it chopped three giant beasts in half in succession before it faded away.

Having seen its power, Chu Feng realized that he could not afford to be careless. He resolved to couple the special breathing exercise with Demon Ox Boxing Style to fend off the light blade. This time, he didn't try to evade.


The light was scattered.

The white rhino was numb with shock. In the past, every beast who saw the light blade could only wish to run away as fast as they could. No-one had ever dared to meet the tough with toughness, but today was different.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chu Feng bombarded the white rhino with his fists, leaving cracks and fissures crawling across its body. Then, with a loud bang, the beast exploded and died.

The dismemberment of the white rhino shocked the crowd.

"Meow!" the golden lynx shouted. It ordered the beasts nearby to attack.

"You won't know how to give up hope unless you get that seed, aren't you?" Chu Feng glowered at the lynx.

The lynx acted with caution. It hid on a hilltop hundreds of meters away.

Nearby, the beasts were galloping and surging forward, posing a horrific scene to behold. Many trees had tumbled down; the forests now only consisted of crowded silhouettes of beasts.

Chu Feng gasped in horror. Being stranded in waves of beasts meant certain death, regardless of how powerful he was. Sooner or later, he would be exhausted.

He looked murderous. Suddenly, he leaped with a swish then used the treetop as an anchorage point to help him hop onto the top of another tree.

A single leap could carry him hundreds of meters in distance, horrifically efficient and fast.

The lynx had its hair stood on their ends. It turned around and started running at an unparalleled speed.

In terms of speed and agility, no other beasts could catch up with a scurrying lynx.

However, the cat soon grew completely panic-stricken. The man behind it was quickly closing in. Soon, it would catch up with it.


Chu Feng swung his arms. A black dagger began to fly in the air like a bolt of lightning, with wind whistling by its side.


Over a hundred meters away, blood spurted out from the lynx. It cried a blood-curdling meow. Its eyes had both reddened. The lynx turned around its head and gave Chu Feng a vicious look.

Its tail had been hit by the black dagger and fell off from its body.


It madly howled and wailed. Meanwhile, every beast suddenly fiercely ran towards Chu Feng.

At the same time, the lynx jumped off the precipitous cliff. Big cats were best at holding onto something and climbing, so even though it was a steep slope, it still ran like on a flat surface.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Chu Feng darted onto the hilltop with a swish. He picked up the dagger, clutching onto a vine, going straight for his target.


The golden lynx angrily shouted since it had been caught up by the man once again.

The cat was frustrated because whatever it tried, it couldn't shake him off.

It roared and growled with frustration. Finally, it had enough. Its golden fur suddenly looked more hellish than before, and instead of running away, the lynx started running in circles around Chu Feng while sneakily attacking him with its paws. It ran so fast that only a blurry ghostly shadow was visible to human eyes.

This was a fight between a cat and a boxer, and it was even fiercer than the one with the white rhino.

When the cat's paw glanced off a boulder, it crumbled like a squashed tofu. A lynx was not so much of a big cat, but this one had tendons made of copper and bones cast in iron.

However, so much power only went wasted when going against Chu Feng. After just a few exchanges of blow, the lynx was punched in the skull. The poor cat had a few seconds of airtime before plummeting to the earth. And when it landed, it never stood up again.

Chu Feng turned around and walked away, cold-heartedly. He was so indifferent to the death of a cat because he sensed an upcoming crisis.

The environment of the region suddenly grew unusual. Every beast had gone crazy, and the new arrivals of giant birds in the sky didn't help either.

Chu Feng pushed himself to a maximum, hastily scurrying on for the distance.

Mountains trembled. Forests quivered. Everything had become fierce and intense, and at the same time, a golden radiance suddenly appeared, and it was shining on every corner of the forest.

Although he had run dozens of miles away from the scene of the action, Chu Feng still palpitated with fear. He looked over his shoulder. "Ah!" he screamed in terror.

There was a colossal giant at the height of a towering mountain. It looked naked without clothes, and its body was thoroughly glittering with a golden hue.

"What the heck is this?"

It was a giant beast covered in golden scales. It roared; it bellowed; it came out of the dense fog then started running!

"Hell no!"

Chu Feng scurried off like a frightened deer. He wanted no engagements nor any clashes with this beast whatsoever.

Finally, he exited the primitive mountains!

"It must have been a creature from the Multi-verse!" he waited at the exit for a long time but still didn't see the figure of that golden creature.

Chu Feng walked off into the distance. On the way, he tapped on Chen Hai's communicator. In the contacts, he found people who had Mu as a surname and a lady named Xu Wanyi!

"Humph!" Chu Feng gave a snort of contempt. Both of his hands clamped on the communicator, grinding it to sheer powder. Then, it was allowed to float free in the wind.

He found a quiet place to rest.

However, just before he fell asleep, an eccentric smile cropped up on his face. He dialled for Yellow Ox.

It was already the second half of the night. Yellow Ox must have fallen asleep, but Chu Feng's untimely call awoke the calf with a start. The calf grew grumpy. It hung up the call without answering.

Chu Feng was persistent. He rung up again.

Yellow Ox was infuriated. The calf hung up again, but this time, it texted back. "Noisy!"

Chu Feng's face was all smiles. He was happy and a bit gloating.

After a few seconds of deliberation, Chu Feng replied, "Take roots and sprout."

He didn't say "blooming" because he knew that Yellow Ox wouldn't believe him. And if the calf didn't believe him, it wouldn't be possible to make the calf all jumpy and perturbed.

Then, Chu Feng went to sleep.

Thousands of miles away, there was Yellow Ox and its crew. Seeing the text, the sleepy head instantly lost all its drowsiness. Yellow Ox rolled off its bed then jumped to its feet. Its front hooves violently jabbed away at the screen. The calf was calling back.

However, Chu Feng didn't answer the call.

The calf was now the persistent one. It dialled again but only to find out that Chu Feng's communicator had been turned off.

Yellow Ox went nuts. It had never wanted to spew out the f-words so badly right now, but it could only moo and moo and moo to wake up the whole house.

This was just one of the many battles in the war between a man and a calf, and this time, Chu Feng won the upper hand.

This was a sleepless night for Yellow Ox. How the calf wished that it could wheel around and head back now?

The calf grew especially angry when it thought about the idea that the seed took roots and sprouted no sooner than it left for somewhere else. It ground its teeth, but it was of no use.

At last, the calf went to wake up Zhou Quan as well. Clueless as to what happened, the suddenly awakened Zhou Quan was in a tailspin of confusion. At last, he understood that the calf was only wanting him to be sleepless as well.

Finally, Zhou Quan had enough. He went hiding in black yak's room.

Yellow Ox barged into the yak's place then began bellowing. The nagging noise went on and on.

"You bloody chump! Do you want me to beat you up again? Don't piss about in my room if you ain't gonna sleep!" The black yak was infuriated.

"Moo, moo, moo…" Yellow Ox took in no words that the yak had said. It continued to nag about like a chatterbox.

"Ay! Don't you just ignore me! Piss the f*ck off! You hear me?"

"Moo, moo, moo…"

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