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Angel Ox drew the string of his bow, aiming down sight at Silver Wing!

An unspeakable sense of astonishment struck the crowd, turning the canyons between the mountains a clamorous mess.

"Cease your attempt to strike again! Come back at once!" Lin Naoi shouted.

The crowd, though rowdy and raucous, still could not inundate her voice.

The mutants were all astounded by the voice of that cold yet charming lady. Her voice was just like her beauty. It was alluring alright, but what struck the crowd as odd was that it could almost thoroughly penetrate the clamors of the unruly crowd.

Silver Wing stood steadily in mid-air. His wings and his torso were bloodstained, but the silver radiance seemed to have drastically increased in magnitude. There was also a rather terrifying wave of pulsation exuding from within his heaving chest.

How could he restrain the urge to avenge for his own undoing? As a mutant who had always been the one standing firmly on the summit of the pyramid, unchallenged, how could he stand the shame of being defeated by a complete nobody?


Silver Wing struck again. He opened his angelic wings and fluttered them like a roc, traversing through the space in the sky unhindered.

His speed had reached a maximum, and he was evasive too. He was at east to Chu Feng at one time, then in the twinkling of an eye, he was there no more. The great speed at which he travelled rendered only the various shadows left of him visible to the eyes a beholder. Gale raged as he moved.

At times, he flew near the forest; at others, he hovered above the summit of a great mountain. He was dodging Chu Feng's arrows left and right with only a single aim in mind. He was trying to position himself closer to the target of his revenge then strike him down with a deadly blow to quench his thirst for vengeance!

He was confident that he would defeat this pesky peasant of an enemy in close-quarter combats.

Ancient trees burst apart as Silver Wing traversed through the space between the woods. It would only take him a gentle tap on the surface for the object he touched to shatter into pieces. He was an all-conquering man indeed.

Chu Feng had to admit that he had met with quite a formidable foe!

Silver Wing made an unabated effort to break through the raining arrows, suffering the unceasing injuries inflicted by the archery of his enemy with only a single goal in mind—kill Chu Feng in an utter cold-blooded manner.


Silver Wing roared as he fluttered both of his wings near the ground, rapidly diving down for his prey.

The crowd cried out in alarm, because there was no more the sight of a flying man, but rather a glittering bolt of silver light piercing through the air, traversing inches above the ground unhindered. Everywhere it passed, trees tumbled and grass blades shattered.

Even the mountain boulders were pulverized as they erupted into a million pieces. Nothing could stand in the way of Silver Wing!

What a horrid sight to behold!

The crowd was thrilled. They could not bear the thoughts of seeing someone being thumped upon by a force of such enormity. How would a human body stand the force of him?

The crowd of mutants finally understood why Silver Wing was entitled as the "King of the Hill". As someone who feared not the blast of firepower or the firm obstruction of boulders and stones, he was indeed an invincible god.

"Oh, no! Angel Ox is in danger!"

Someone from the crowd shouted in alert.

A portion of the crowd was inclined to see the victory of Chu Feng. They wanted him to win the impossible fight against Silver Wing, or at least stay alive through the battle.

The salvo of arrows he fired at Silver Wing had created a great stir throughout the crowd of onlookers. Many people were having high hopes for him.

Naturally, there would be more people inclined to see the triumph of Silver Wing. Ever since the footages of him battling against that savage crowd of mutants was disclosed to the public outside, his popularity had skyrocketed. Most people from the crowd was on his side.

"Silver Wing would win for sure!"

"It would be the ultimate blow that he was delivering! It's going to be unstoppable!"

People from the crowd shouted as they were all on edge, eager to see who would come on top in this sensational battle.

There were also the faces of a few young females from the crowd. They were praying to god, wishing that the prince charming of their dreams would live on the legend and stay unscathed.

Chu Feng had seen the silver light dashing towards him from the distance. He stayed quiet and composed, then he drew out his bow and pulled the string.


It was an arrow composed entirely of dragon's teeth, with a body white like a jade. It flew as the sound of thunderclap resounded around people's ears, stirring up gusto of gales and swirls of rolling pebbles. It darted forward at lightning speed with an electric arc along the trajectory of its course.

The force done by a metal arrow could crush boulders and pulverize trees, let alone an arrow cast out of a dragon's teeth!

Silver Wing's heart palpitated with fear. He had never been so passive before, and right now, he could not even harm a hair of his sworn enemy at this range.

Especially after the arrow was shot, the fine body hair that grew on the back of his neck were now all standing on their ends. He had to withdraw himself from committing to the fight now.

He trusted his instinct. The stiffened hair on the back of his neck was a bad omen for a forthcoming danger. It was a forecast for the might of that arrow and the fatality it brought.

Silver Wing swayed his body sideways to dodge the incoming arrow to avert the danger. The arrow skimmed off the side of his skull, then with a deafening boom, it landed and pulverized a boulder of a height of at least seven meters in the distance with a blaring blast.

It was easily conceivable how powerful of a shot it was.

People from the crowd cried out in alarm.

It was a relief to those who were on the side of Silver Wing. They were happy that he had averted a fatal danger.


The crowd shouted encouragement to Silver Wing. They hoped that he could press on to the finish without let-up, and they wanted to see that Angel Ox die in a shameful defeat too.


However, another tooth arrow came in without any pre-warnings. It took Silver Wing by surprise.


The arrow pierced through the man's chest, splattering a pool of blood around the site of action. The arrow did not cease its relentless forward motion; instead, at a great speed, it carried the traumatized man with it.

With a bang, Silver Wing was thrusted onto a cliff of a precipitous mountain in the distance. His chest had been thoroughly penetrated by the arrow. It nailed his upper body firmly into the rocky surface of the cliff.

This was shocking sight for everyone on scene!

"Oh, god! Silver God had been badly injured!" someone from the crowd shouted.

"No! This is impossible! How did this happen?!" a girl from the crowd cried out in distress. Her face had turned all pale and colorless, and her eyes were watery with tears.

Soon later, the clamors of the crowd were inundated by the sound of gunfire and shooting. Form the distance, there was an array of attack helicopters pouring in rains of bullets in great unison. The firepower was deadly and terrifying. It was Deity's desperate attempt to ensure that Silver Wing would not die as a result of his shameful defeat.

In fact, Chu Feng had withdrawn himself from the scene soon after the two arrows were shot in succession. He did not pause to gloat over the suffering of his sworn enemy, but instead he chose to run for his own safety.

His sharp instinct had told him that an unspeakable danger was approaching, andhis senses told him that his life would be threatened if he kept on lingering.

He leaped into the air and landed somewhere that was over ten meters away the spot where he stood. This made him avert another danger.

"You're courting death for yourselves."

Chu Feng turned around, drew his bow, and pulled the string without demur. Suddenly, an iron arrow was let out with strings of electric arcs shooting upwards towards the helicopter.


The hovering chopper suddenly became a rolling ball of fire before becoming a wreckage once it finally plummeted to the earth.

Everyone at the Mountain of White Snake opened their mouths in astonishment. This was not the first time that they had witnessed Angel Ox shooting down a chopper, but they were still astounded nevertheless.

The means by which Chu Feng had chosen to fight against these killing machines invented in the modern era was beyond their understanding. It was bow and arrows after all; how could it possibly possess a power of such enormity?

Chu Feng did not pause in pride for the crowd to watch him in awe. He kept on shooting; one iron arrow after another, all went with an imposing manner, and all were accompanied by sounds of thunder and sights of lightning.


Blinding flares shot up through the sky, and another chopper was taken down by the force of the arrow.

In the distance on top of a hill, the entire scene was caught in sight of a white-bearded elderly. His body wavered and quaked. He was in shock.

Who would have thought that a sudden attack intended to catch Chu Feng by surprise had proven to be such a miserable failure. All the rockets and bullets had been invested into the killing, but everything was to no avail.

Was that a man, a demon, or a god? This moment had sent many mutants from the crowd into a fit of surprise and astonishment.

Everything that had happened today was a shock to the crowd. The brutal murder of Silver Wing and the relentless crushing of military choppers had all proven to be a heart-pounding scene to them.

They once believed that only Silver Wing and Kong Kim had reached a level where their skills and power were unparalleled. Their mutated power had rendered their constitution far beyond that an average human being, and thus they were almost invincible in this world; however, they had been proven wrong.

No one had expected a complete nobody to have defeated Silver Wing twice, and now leaving the god whom they had all once piously bowed to become more dead than alive.

"Where is Silver Wing though?" people questioned. They searched for him in between the ruins in the mountains' canyon, and finally, they saw him.

Blood drizzled down along the wall of a precipitous cliff. Silver Wing's eyes had turned cold. He slowly pushed his body against the wall into which he had been nailed, struggling to rid the constraint set by the piercing arrow.


He finally shook off the shackles of the arrow, but soon he found himself plummeting down into the dense jungle below. The calcified arrow, which was blended with his own fractured bones, snapped and splattered to the air in all directions.

There was a gaping hole digging through the depth of his chest. It was a horrid wound that was deep and wide. Clearly, the arrow had torn apart much of the man's muscle as it penetrated the man's chest.

The crushing of boulders and smashing of the stones had already put the blasting power of the arrow in full display.

However, one had to admire the unparalleled formidability of Silver Wing's body. He had not been forced into becoming a gory mixture of flesh and blood by the crushing force of the arrow; instead, he had somehow managed to live through this fatal infliction on his body.

The crimson blood pumping out from his chest had dyed half of his body red. He staggered and tottered as he walked, then he suddenly raised his head, glowering at the ox-looking man who was standing into distance, glaring back at him.

"I will claim your head once the production of my battle dress made of alloy steel is finished. When my body is protected from your pesky arrows, I will cut off your devil's claws!"

His pupils were silver white as he murmured to himself. His gaze was trained on his enemy. It was filled with hatred and thirst for vengeance. He finally leaped into the air like a soaring eagle, ambitious for the great height of the sky.

"Silver Wing!" people from the crowd shouted.

There were even sounds of tearful voices resounding in the crowd. The girls saw the defeat of the hero of their dreams as a tragic pathos. They sobbed in sadness and lament.

"Angel Ox!" There were supporters from the other side as well. They called out the name of the man who had only risen to prominence minutes earlier as he claimed victory of the fight. In their eyes, Angel Ox was like a sweeping comet. He was unreachable, yet glamorous and mysterious.


Chu Feng set off on his way again. He held the bow in hand, speedily chasing down the path where Silver Wing had chosen for his escape.

"What?" The crowd was astounded. "He's worthy of his title as an 'Angel Ox'. He just can't stop astounding us with surprises, ain't it right?"

Even up to this stage, Chu Feng still would not give up. Even though Silver Wing had made his run for the heaven above, Chu Feng was keen on hunting down his prey.


"Angel Ox! Angel Ox!" people chanted and cheered.

Amongst the crowd, Zhou Yitian was perhaps the most excited. He was drenched in blood due to an injury he inflicted on himself earlier; however, he still doggedly led his shooting crew to run into the site where the actions happened. Moments after moments of soul-stirring scenes were captured on his film.

At the summit of a mountain, Lin Naoi was still calm and composed. Systematically, she issued six consecutive orders, with three of them regarding the safety of the fruit. Her order was that whatever happened, the fruit must not be touched by anyone outside Deity.

She had thoroughly planned everything in advance. There was a measure for every case of emergence, and now, despite the sequence of setbacks instigated by Silver Wing, Mu, and even that old man, she was still calm and composed. There was a sense of resoluteness behind all the frosty yet charming appearance of her look.

Having issued the orders, she turned around and looked at something doggedly with a persistent gaze. There was a layer of soft luminescence immediately outside the layer of her skin, then she started floating in the air.


In the very next moment, she had thrust herself forward, darting towards Chu Feng who was speedily advancing. Her skirt fluttered in billowing wind, and her loosely hanging hair was also dancing in the wind like stipes of willow branches. Her temperament was still markedly frosty and cold, but she was still just as stunning as ever.

She paused herself beside Silver Wing in mid-air, overlooking the area below, waiting for Chu Feng to come over.

"Let's head over there too!" As the "national goddess" as well as the leader of Bodhi's expeditionary force, Ding Sitong issued her order. Many mutants from the crowd soon started to act accordingly.

Between the towering mountains of White Snake, the unsettled mutants were once again on the move. Some were drawing themselves away from the potential site of conflict, afraid that a maddened Angel Ox might harm the innocent with his formidable arrows once the fight trilateral battle began.

Chu Feng noticed the commotion around him. He paused and raised his head, blankly gazing at the air.

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