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Chapter 287: Curbing Violence with Violence
The Tiger Whale King's voice reverberated throughout the area like thunder. Even the nearby volcanoes were shaking.

The mountainous region was made of sturdy volcanic rocks with numerous volcanoes spewing out black smoke.

The smell of sulfur hung in the air while red lava flowed across the ground. Some areas would prove fatal for ordinary living beings.

The Snow Leopard King had his back against a large rock, with half of his body soaked in blood. His right arm had been torn off by the Tiger Whale King and lay on the nearby ground with blood all over the place.

He was furious but had no way out of this predicament. He was far from being the Tiger Whale King's match and his friend had died right before him. He had already put his life on the line to block the attack but apart from losing an arm, the outcome remained the same.

"Why are you so silent now? Do you think that old llama is so powerful? There are people who can take his head even in a one on one fight. As for that Chu Feng… you can keep on praying. If he really does appear here, I'll make him suffer!" The Tiger Whale King pressed closer. He walked step by step over the lava and caused the ground to shake and crack open.

The distant lava began to boil and spew out gas bubbles.

Chu Feng had already heard the Tiger Whale King's voice after making his way here. He was standing on a distant volcano and gazing into the distance.

The most important fact was that the Tiger Whale King was domineering and unrestrained. His voice rang out like thunder and was transmitted several kilometers, allowing Chu Feng to sense him immediately and rush over.

"Not too late!"

He stood atop a tall volcano and his gaze swept over numerous volcano clusters until he found a tall and sturdy figure.

With his sharp vision, Chu Feng's also saw the Snow Leopard King. He was about to charge right in but decided to quietly close in to avoid harming the Snow Leopard King.

The tall Tiger Whale King moved forward at the base of the volcano. He had long dense hair and his eyes were like streaks of lightning. A terrifying and evil aura rippled out from his body.

With a swoosh, he utilized his spiritual energy to draw the snow leopard's amputated arm into his hands and grinned. "Tell me where the two oxen are and I'll give this back to you. With your flourishing king level blood energy, you'll definitely be able to reattach it and recover function."

"You don't need to ask me anymore. I've long since split up with them and have no idea where they are." The Snow Leopard King was very weak and didn't want to talk anymore.

"You don't want to speak? Then I'll roast your arm here and eat it slowly. Don't regret it!"

The Tiger Whale King laughed coldly. With that, he brought the bloody arm towards the flowing magma and began to roast it over the heat.

Even a king level flesh would emit a burning smell. After all, it had already been separated from the Snow Leopard King's body and was placed very close to the lava.

"You!" The Snow Leopard King's fury reached his head. The other party was torturing him slowly. This came as a great humiliation to him. If only he could get up and fight, he would want nothing more than to take the whale's head.

"Oh, this arm isn't done yet. Although the life energy is quite weak, it can still be reattached. Make your decision!" The Tiger Whale King glanced over disdainfully.

"Damn your mother!" the Snow Leopard King shouted in anger. He staggered forward, prepared to put his life on the line and fight it out. It didn't matter if he got killed because that would be better than being humiliated like so.

The Tiger Whale King sneered. "Even ten of you wouldn't be enough to kill me.

You dare to show anger towards me? You don't know life from death!"

He suddenly tossed the arm towards the distant lava in order to destroy it completely.

He himself moved forward and stretched out a large hand towards the Snow Leopard King's neck. He wanted to strangle the latter like a chick.

The whale was extremely powerful and the smell of blood was dense on his body. He revealed a cruel smile and said, "I'm going to build a gourmet ranking today and let that Chu Feng review it! However, the ingredients are all his acquaintances!"

The Snow Leopard King felt hopeless. He had used all his strength to summon an energy shield, hoping to block that large hand but the screen was soon crushed. It couldn't block the enemy.

Suddenly, divine light flashed through his eyes. His pupils went wide as if he had seen a glimmer of hope amidst this hopeless situation.

At the same time, a cold aura surged up from behind the Tiger Whale King. The latter disappeared from his previous spot and flashed over a hundred meters away, neglecting to kill the Snow Leopard King.

His large and sturdy body was also extremely nimble. He easily dodged the incoming scarlet flying knife.

"Chu Feng!"

The Tiger Whale King turned around. Two beams of radiance erupted from his eyes, his long black hair danced wildly behind him, and his murderous intent surged to the skies.

He hadn't expected the person he wanted to kill all this time would suddenly appear and was standing in the distance.

Chu Feng caught the Snow Leopard King's arm and prevented it from falling into the lava. He had activated his spiritual energy at the critical juncture and brought it into his hands. Additionally, he shot out the flying knife to attack the Tiger Whale King and avert the Snow Leopard King's peril.

"You really dared to show up!" The Tiger Whale King's eyes were glowing with radiant light. The blood in his body was surging wildly, pushing his combat power to its peak. Although he was tyrannical, he didn't dare to look down on this human.

"I'll beat you down soon!" Chu Feng only spoke this much because the flame of fury was burning in his chest after what he had heard and seen just now. If not out of regard for the Snow Leopard King's safety, he would've long since made his move.

Chu Feng's figure flickered. He arrived near the Snow Leopard King and handed the arm over to him. "There's still some vitality. It will probably heal."

The Snow Leopard King's eyes were filled with tears, not out of sentiment but out of excitement! He wanted nothing more than to kill this Tiger Whale King but he had no way to do this. He couldn't swallow this anger if he were to die right away.

After seeing Chu Feng appear, his blood began to boil. He wanted to personally witness Chu Feng kill this savage Tiger Whale King.

"Chu Feng, kill him! Use violence to curb violence—blast him to pieces!" the Snow Leopard King roared. His heart felt suffocated. Before him was a puddle of blood. That was his good friend from Kunlun who had been stomped to death by the Tiger Whale King.

"Leave it to me!" Chu Feng replied as he turned around to face the Tiger Whale King.

The Snow Leopard King was somewhat lost in thought. This was his first time meeting Chu Feng after they had parted at Mount Kunlun. He had become king not so long ago—at that time, the Horse King and the Snow Leopard King were both joking about letting their daughters marry Chu Feng.

Who would've expected that before long, Chu Feng had actually grown to such a level? He was about to face a peerless expert alone.

"How do you want to die?!" Chu Feng glared at the Tiger Whale King.

During this whole process, the Tiger Whale King wasn't standing idle. He let out a long roar, obviously notifying his fellow marine race experts in order to hunt Chu Feng down together.

"You can't even protect yourself at the moment, yet you dare to provoke me? I'll let you fall into a living hell!" The Tiger Whale King laughed coldly. He retrieved the spear on his back and grasped it tightly.

He was fearless and believed in his own strength. At the same time, he knew there were at least two marine race experts with six severed shackles nearby. There might even be four or five!

He had cried out earlier to signal them over.

"Why not tell me how you want to die!" The Tiger Whale King laughed indifferently. He pointed the spear in his hand towards Chu Feng with great confidence and added, "This spear once pierced the Mastiff King's body. It's stained with an expert's blood."

He was intentionally stalling for time. He hoped to attack Chu Feng together when his comrades arrived. That would make things more certain.

Whoever saw Chu Feng would find it difficult to tell him apart from an expert with six severed shackles. The blood energy within his body was extremely vigorous and warranted extra caution!

Chu Feng was very "cooperative". He didn't take action immediately but instead observed his surroundings. He had previously investigated the area but he wanted to confirm it again.

Following which, he brought out the dragon locking pillars from the spatial bottle. He shot them towards four different directions at lightning speed, encompassing a 500-meter area around the volcano within.

Even though the bronze pillars were incomparably heavy, they were easily and swiftly thrown out by Chu Feng, disappearing into the earth upon impact.

The ghostly labyrinth!

He had laid down a small domain. After comprehending the Heavenly Domain Book for some time at the Greatwoods Temple and practicing the use of the readily available Dragon Locking Pillars, he had learnt how to use them.

Many areas within this volcanic region possessed similar topographic features. It would be easy for ordinary people to lose their way after entering. Most importantly, there were geomagnetic abnormalities. These conditions made it extremely suitable to lay down a small domain such as the ghostly labyrinth.

"You..." The Tiger Whale King's expression changed. After seeing the Dragon Locking Pillars, he immediately recalled that they belonged to Hei Teng.

"You signaled the marine race experts to deliver up their lives. I'll help you accomplish your intentions. I'll kill everyone that appears!" Chu Feng said coldly.

If too many experts arrived afterwards, Chu Feng would draw them towards that area and kill them all.

The Tiger Whale King's expression shifted. He knew he had to find a way to warn the marine race experts not to walk into that perimeter. Now, he wanted to stall for even more time. "Brat, don't you want to know the two oxen's situation? Umm, and that donkey brother of yours, I cut off a part of its tail and soaked him in blood. It was hilarious. Don't you want to know how they're doing?"

"You're courting death!" Chu Feng believed the two oxen were still alive but he was still incensed nonetheless.

He had already laid down his small domain, the ghostly labyrinth. He no longer wished to delay and give opportunities to the Tiger Whale King.

With a boom, Chu Feng pounced forth at five times the speed of sound, almost reaching his maximum speed. His fists began to glow as if two suns were about to explode!

"Everyone…" The Tiger Whale King began to bellow. He knew it was impossible to stall any longer and wanted to tell everyone about the presence of the Dragon Locking Pillars.

However, Chu Feng let out a howl. He utilized the sound wave art—the Demon Flood Dragon Roar—which shook the vast skies and suppressed the whale's voice.


The Tiger Whale King was shocked and furious. The black spear in his hand was like a poisonous dragon as it erupted with black light and stabbed towards Chu Feng, aiming to take his life.

The black spear was extremely sharp and contained a terrifying amount of energy. At this time, it was surging with enough murderous intent to pierce through the mountain peak and shatter it.

The Tiger Whale King was indeed powerful. His racial trait afforded him an innate divine strength, making him considerably more powerful than his peers. He could easily collapse a great mountain!

However, with a dong, Chu Feng's glow fist smashed down with the force of over ten thousand kilograms. It caused the Tiger Whale King's arms to go numb, much to his surprise.

The Tiger Whale King was badly shaken. This human's strength was too powerful!

Although he was usually domineering, he didn't look down on Chu Feng. After all, this man had killed Hei Teng which warranted great caution. However, he was shocked out of his wits just now.

Even normal Tiger Whales would have superb strength, not to mention him. He had long since become a king and his strength was without peer.


He roared and waved his black spear violently, piercing it towards Chu Feng once again.

However, Chu Feng was now much stronger than he was when he killed Hei Teng because he had mastered the complete Demon Flood Dragon Fist and merged it together with the Demon Ox Fist. This raised his power by large margin.

Additionally, he had achieved the seventh layer with the Xingyi Fist's protective golden bell. These were all signs that his strength had been increasing.


The moment Chu Feng's fists smashed down on the black spear, a golden bell materialized, and a deafening sound reverberated.

He violently collided with the spear, causing the spear to slide off to one side with sparks flying off in every direction.

At this moment, Chu Feng was incomparably tyrannical. His combat strength had reached its peak.


Chu Feng's fist released a sudden glow which lit up a hundred meter area with blinding light—the earth and sky almost seemed to be swaying along with him.


The Tiger Whale King spat out blood. It was too difficult to resist the strike from Chu Feng's fists and the golden bell around his body.

With a clang, the black spear in his hand was struck flying.

"Impossible!" he roared. He had gone to Mount Sanqing before to observe the traces of battle. Hei Teng had obviously fought Chu Feng for a long time before dying.

He had always believed himself to be stronger than Hei Teng. In any event, he shouldn't have been wounded so quickly.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, had gone berserk and wanted to deal with him as quickly as possible. Additionally, his strength had increased by a great margin and was far ahead of him.


The sky shook and the earth quaked!

By the time Chu Feng's fists struck again, the Tiger Whale King could no longer escape. He could only interlock his arms to block the attack since he no longer had his spear.

With a thump, the Tiger Whale King was sent flying like a cannonball, coughing up large amounts of blood. His arms spasmed and one of them was even fractured.

Chu Feng was like a bolt of lightning as he caught up to the enemy with his divine speed and attacked once again.

Even the air exploded!

The Tiger Whale King was beaten until he cried out in pain and his eye sockets were almost torn apart. His fractured arm could no longer endure—it burst apart with crackling sounds.

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