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Chapter 232: Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea
Chu Feng and the two oxen ran at full speed, breaking through the sound barrier with a huge explosion. Escape was the only thing on their minds; they couldn’t care about anything else.
They plowed through everything in their way, splintering ancient trees and sending stones flying in every direction.
Finally, they reached the bottom of the mountain.
The people there were all shocked as they gazed at Mount Longhu.
The whole mountain was glowing luminously like a glazed porcelain—every blade of grass and every little rock had turned extremely brilliant—the whole mountain was enshrouded in a misty haze.
The colossal dragon and tiger lingered around the summit emitting bestial roars which shook the very soul.
Chu Feng coughed up blood once again. They had finally escaped the immediate danger. The energy of the mountain nearly caused them to explode.
Some of the people nearby revealed odd expressions. Many people were gauging how badly Demon King Chu had been wounded and how much combat strength he had left?
Chu Feng’s injuries were still relatively light compared to the two oxen, who were currently in a fairly bad shape. They had been wounded under the mountain’s divergent race suppression and were bleeding from between their eyebrows with pale complexions and altered consciousness.
This place was too odd. The whole Mount Longhu was like a giant talisman designed to kill those of the divergent races.
"Brother Chu, are you alright?" An elder from the Tonggu Alliance came forth to express his concern before looking at the two oxen.
The others also approached to observe in detail.
"I thank everyone for their goodwill. These are just minor wounds that require no special attention," Chu Feng replied.
"How can this be? Let me help examine Brother Chu."
"Your two brothers over there seem to be in bad condition and require immediate treatment."
These people actively offered some of their most advanced drugs to help Chu Feng and the two oxen treat their wounds.
The black yak felt apprehensive and wouldn’t allow them to examine him.
He was on alert for corporate agents with ulterior motives who wanted to find out about his true powers.
There were wild rumors being spread in the outside world which claimed that Chu Feng possessed a breathing technique. This caused some people to be quite jealous and many might be eyeing his inheritance given the chance.
Chu Feng candidly accepted all the offered medicines. "Everyone, thank you."
He wasn’t overly worried. These corporations wouldn’t normally risk public condemnation to provoke him unless they were confident in completely finishing him off.
At this time, the mountain began to shake as dangerous energy fluctuations spread out accompanied by resplendent lights.
"It's truly unfortunate. Mount Longhu is simply too dangerous to conquer, worthy of its title."
Some people sighed. They knew they had failed badly this time; there was simply no way to climb the mountain.
Finally, the dragon and tiger clouds surrounding the summit faded into the mountain, eventually returning the lands to its previous serenity.
That flying saucer was previously broken into several pieces and fell onto Mount Longhu amidst crackling sounds.
"Marine race?"
Chu Feng’s eyes turned cold and cruel. Despite the great distance, he had already seen a number of life forms falling off the damaged vessel. A seahorse, a sea snake, and a shark revealed their true forms.
Their life forces were nearing exhaustion and holes could be seen between their brows. All of them had soon lost their lives to the murderous dragon and tiger from the mountain.
The others who noticed were all startled. They were actually marine race experts and not aliens?
"Brother Chu, you have to be careful. It seems the marine race is targeting you," someone from the Extrater

restrial Culture Research Institute warned.
"The marine race is incomparably powerful. Rumor has it that a certain dragoness from the Eastern Sea has led a group of experts to occupy the mainland. It’s been witnessed by quite a few people that these people are virtually capable of flying through the skies. They might not be any less powerful than experts with six severed shackles."
"There’s also been sightings of a certain black flood dragon coming ashore from the Southern Sea amidst crashing waves."
Those agents from the major powers all began to speak up.
Chu Feng duly nodded in response.
The marine race possessing a flying saucer came as a surprise to him. It reminded him of a certain legend regarding Atlantis. There should be living descendants of the island, although it had already sunk.
"Everyone, we shall take our leave then. Farewell!" Chu Feng said as he prepared to depart.
There was no point in lingering around here since they had no way to climb Mount Longhu.
At the same time, he was being on guard. They had come under focus fire from a flying saucer for no good reason. It would be wise to withdraw for now and make further plans.
The group of people was very amiable as they sent the trio off.
Yellow OX was feeling regretful that they had been unable to get their hands on the legendary weapon hidden within Mount Longhu. It was capable of emitting extreme amounts of energy comparable to a nuclear explosion and forming a mushroom cloud which took on the form of a dragon and tiger; these scenes were absolutely astonishing.
His exquisite little face was full of discontent while a trickle of blood could still be seen between his brows.
"How are you two?" Chu Feng asked after leaving Mount Longhu.
"We need to rest for a while. It’s best if we don’t move at all but we can still take action if and when needed," the black yak replied.
The two oxen had blood trickling down from between their foreheads; a crack had begun to form on the skull bone underneath. It would’ve been quite dangerous if they had escaped any later.
They arrived at the closest city uneventfully. Chu Feng sent the two oxen off by plane and watched as they left.
Chu Feng would first go back to his parents to accompany them for a while before meeting up with them at Mount Kunlun.

Meanwhile, in a villa somewhere else. The whole property was equipped with a host of household appliances, electronics, and tea sets, etc. However, everything here was afloat as if they were in the sea.
This was due to extremely powerful energy emitted from a certain man within the room.
The vertical eye between his brows was currently blinking at lightning speed. The mere sight caused the spirit to tremble in fear. This handsome man was currently emanating an evil aura—it was apparent that he had completely lost his temper.
"Chu Feng!!! A mere human with four severed shackles caused the destruction of my flying saucer. What a pity! How hateful!" he roared.
All the levitating articles exploded with a boom!
In the distance, a handsome white-robed youth spoke, "This is, indeed, an unfortunate accident. Mount Longhu is even more mysterious than I had anticipated. As for Chu Feng, you can just beat the daylight out of him and force him to hand over the breathing technique before finally killing him."
The three-eyed man’s hair fluttered wildly behind him. Killing intent flourished amidst his exotic temperament while a red glow vaguely appeared from his third eye. Finally, he calmed down and replied, "I can’t wait any longer. Have someone capture him!"
"Isn’t the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea near Mount Longhu?" the white-robed man asked suggestively.
"Hei Teng, are you still near Mount Longhu? Help me go and capture a certain human," the three-eyed man spoke through his communicator.
A young man sat cross-legged within a cave 100 kilometers away from Mount Longhu. He possessed bronze-colored skin, dense black hair, and eyes like cold lightning. He was currently recovering from his previous injuries. Blood trickled down from the laceration between his eyebrows and around his waist was a huge wound which almost split him in half.
He was the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea. At this moment, he was holding onto a specialized communicator which looked like a conch and talking to someone.
"Three-eyes, how rare of you to ask me for a favor but I’m badly wounded right now. I’m still very weak after barely escaping death at Mount Longhu," he replied.
The three-eyed man coldly spoke, "Capturing a human with four severed shackles shouldn’t be too hard for you. Weren’t you inviting me to go search for the Fruit of Draconification? I’ll go with you if you help me with this!"
"I’m not exaggerating. I’ve really been wounded badly. But since it's just a human with four severed shackles and it's you who asked me personally, I’ll naturally have to help!" The Black Dragon Crown Prince agreed.
Afterwards, the three-eyed man explained the situation to him and reminded him to take action immediately before they run too far.
"You’re flying saucer was destroyed?! What a pity! So many races were covetous of this great treasure and yet you carelessly lost it at Mount Longhu." Hei Teng was quite regretful. He had been yearning for that flying saucer. This kind of ancient technology could only be found in the sea but it was really too rare. Only a few select experts were able to get their hands on one.
Moments later, he transformed into his true form. It was a large black snake hundreds of meters long. Its body, almost two meters in diameter, looked like a heavenly dragon as it took to the skies.
It whizzed through the air, only landing on high peaks for momentary support and kicking up whirlwinds in its wake. It almost appeared as if it was flying accompanied by surging black mist and clouds of dust and sand. It was an intimidating scene to behold.
The distance of a hundred kilometers was nothing to the black snake. As an expert with six severed shackles, it could reach four times the speed of sound.
"Eh? What is that black bolt of lightning?!"
The agents of the major corporations hadn’t dispersed and were waiting for any possible opportunities to climb the mountain. It was at this time that they witnessed the distant scene.
There was a black streak of lightning shooting through the skies, emanating a terrifying pressure.
"A giant snake!"
Very soon, these people were shocked to find that it was, in fact, a giant black snake. The colossal snake arrived at the base of Mount Longhu and coiled itself into a small snake hill, its head several tens of meters above the ground.
"Which of you is Chu Feng?" Hei Teng asked.
His eyes were eerie and cold. A single horn protruding from his forehead added to his intimidating demeanor. Could he be a flood dragon? It was clear that he was no longer a normal snake.
Everyone felt pressured by the sense of immediate danger. This black snake was so powerful that he made all the king level entities present tense up in apprehension.
It didn’t take long for the people to guess this snake was the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea!
All these major corporations were well-informed and had long since known that the crown prince had come ashore.
"Chu Feng left just a while ago," someone replied.
"Very good!" Hei Teng spoke. He tore through the air with a swoosh and swiftly broke through the sound barrier to arrive thousands of meters away.
"Something big is about to happen. The Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea is looking for Chu Feng!"
The people felt that an earth-shattering event was about to take place. The ferocious experts of the marine race were about to make a move on Demon King Chu. This would definitely cause a significant and long-lasting ripple.
This would probably be the start of open conflict between the oceans and the continents!
Many people followed the prince in curiosity but their speed was far from being able to catch up to the Black Dragon Crown Prince.
After sending the two oxen off, Chu Feng was waiting impatiently for his own. He was pacing back and forth within the large waiting hall.
This airport was sparsely populated as not many people here were willing to undertake long-distance travel unless necessary. One of the reasons was that there were many vicious birds roaming the local skies and would occasionally pose a threat to air travel.
"Chu Feng, come out to do battle!"
At this time, a voice like rolling thunder surged from the distance.
Many people within the airport began to flee in panic.
Chu Feng had long since sensed the approaching enemy. Spiritual light surged from his eyes as he observed a large snake approaching the airport steadily, swatting a plane away in the process.
It was a giant black serpent whose standing part alone was over ten meters tall. Its jet black body appeared no different from a demon, and its metallic scales were shining with a cold luster.
With a swoosh, Chu Feng sallied forth to avoid implicating the normal civilians.
"Let’s fight in the distant mountains!" Chu Feng directly spoke. He felt the other party’s murderous intent and decided to fight without further nonsense.
The black dragon raised its tail and smashed towards Chu Feng who dodged swiftly to one side. The airport concrete immediately burst apart.
"I’m here to capture you, not to challenge you to a fight," Hei Teng replied coldly.

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