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Chapter 201: Imperial Edict
Creatures from the "other world"?

Chu Feng clutched onto his diamond chakram, ready to strike at any moment.

Even the Manchurian Tiger, with six severed shackles, was having scruples. An eerily green glint loomed over his eyes as his striped body tightened. He was also ready to strike.

There was a lanky man in the dense fog. His body had the shine of metal. He walked in strides towards Chu Feng, looking calm and composed. His hair was silver and shone like splendid fire.

Mists dissipated around him as he walked. Gradually, he became more and more visible in sight.

He wore a black suit of armor. It was not those heavy kinds of armor, instead, it was a very thin one. The armor looked like a thin cloth, but it shone like metal. The man looked soldierly; his demeanor looked sacred and divine.

He was a young man seemingly in his twenties. His silver hair had reached his waist, and there was an air of divinity around him.

"My name is Yamen," the young man introduced himself. He smiled, looking gentle and even-tempered. He was speaking in an Eastern tongue, and he pronounced every word correctly in a sweet, mellow voice.

Yamen was a handsome man. His face looked as pale as a piece of ivory, but there was a natural and healthy shine on his face too. He looked full of vigor. The ridge of his nose was high and erect, and his eyes were as blue as the clear sky. He certainly exhibited divine qualities.

Yellow Ox was gazing at some implements in the young man’s hand. The calf looked earnest. It was a lamp. The lamp was thoroughly silver, but inside that lamp, there was a pulsating flame.

"Sorry, my bad. This man isn’t from the ‘other world’, but this lamp is! Be careful! The lamp is very dangerous!" Yellow Ox was secretly communicating with the others via brain wave.

Chu Feng’s eyelids were twitching. "It’s just a lamp," Chu Feng told himself, but somehow, his instinct told him that hidden beneath the innocent façade of that lamp, there was something evil.

The Manchurian Tiger had a vicious look in his eyes. He wasn’t afraid of that young man, but he had scruples about that silver lamp. That lamp sent chills up his spine.

"I came here under the imperial edict of god. I’m here to talk to the kings and the experts of your world, so please bring me to them," Yamen said. He looked gentle and even-tempered. He sounded courteous and polite, but obviously, these were all just out of common courtesy.

The black yak felt somewhat disquieted by this silver-haired young man. Although he might sound polite and courteous while wearing a face that shone with smile, there was an unspeakable kind of arrogance hidden underneath that face. One could perceive that air of arrogance if he searched through the look in that man’s eyes carefully enough.

"Why does he want to talk to the kings and experts? Why doesn’t he talk to us? Are we not worthy enough?" Chu Feng thought to himself.

"Whose imperial edict? Which god? We don’t believe in god, and we’ll never do. We only believe in evolution!" The black yak sounded resentful.

"You’re blaspheming god! This is wrong!" Yamen angrily denounced the yak for his blasphemy. The smile on his face had vanished as the shine of his silver hair suddenly became even more splendid.

Yellow Ox stopped the black yak. He stepped up and asked, "The god you mentioned has never been seen by anyone in this world? So, I guess he’s living in depth of some sort of primitive mountains?"

Yellow Ox had phase shifted to look like a little boy. His blond hair now looked smooth and silky; his smile looked sweet and innocent; and his eyes were big and clear. Everything about Yellow Ox seemed otherworldly adorable. In the meantime, Yellow Ox was looking up, carefully observing Yamen.

Chu Feng and the others were carefully observing Yamen as well.

The look on Yamen’s face had not changed. He was still smiling, but in the depth of his eyes, there was a hint of malice. Both Chu Feng and Yellow Ox had perceived this.

"God has come to this world. He will show himself when the time is right. Don’t you want to bow to our god in respect? Well, soon he will come."

"Oh really? So you mean that your god can’t make his way to this world right now?" Chu Feng asked.

"He will come, and that is undoubted, but if I were you, I would shut my mouth and be quiet. You are not being very polite." Yamen looked solemn and serious. He raised his voice and spoke in a tone of reproach. He glanced across the crowd.

Chu Feng and Yellow Ox knew exactly how the situation was right now. This so-called God couldn’t make his way to this world because he was still stuck in the primitive mountain. This "god" was just like the other primitive beasts. They were too afraid to cross the boundary.

Yellow Ox was the first primitive beast that entered this world. He knew exactly how difficult it was for a primitive beast to cross that boundary. Those who tried to cross the boundary were risking their lives for it. They might either succeed or be scorched in blazing flames. They would then be reduced into nothing but ashes. Neither their body nor their soul would survive.

The black yak knew this too. He looked scornful. "Just another primitive beast who can’t even make it across the boundary. ‘God’ my ass!" the yak thought to himself.

That silver lamp might seem like a daunting piece of weaponry, but it was just a piece of inanimate object after all. Apart from the lamp, nothing could be said to be special about this young man. If this was all that he could offer, he was quite delusional to think that he was worthy enough to demand a chance to talk to the kings and experts.

However, Yellow Ox didn’t drop his guard. This silver-haired young man had already severed three shackles, and that meant that whoever was behind his back…

That silver lamp belonged to the other world. It contained terrifying power. They needed to treat it seriously!

Yamen’s expression became gentle again. He knew that these people were studying him, but he wasn’t really bothered by that. Because with the power he had, he believed that he could crush everyone in this world.

"You said you wanted us to bring you to the kings and experts, but why don’t you speak to us first?" the Manchurian Tiger said. Since this young man himself was not from the "other world" and that piece of weaponry alone wouldn’t be able to do much to him, the tiger had eased up a bit.

"You?" Yamen looked surprised, but he was still smiling. However, Chu Feng, the black yak, Yellow Ox and the Manchurian Tiger still managed to capture that brief moment of arrogance.

He mildly smiled and said, "I’m sorry, but you guys won’t be able to take the responsibility for a decision on the matters I’d like to discuss with your kings, so bring me to them."

The black yak was infuriated. The more courteous and polite this young man was, the more uncomfortable he felt. That hidden hint of arrogance and contempt especially infuriated them.

The Manchurian Tiger was even angrier. He had grown so accustomed to acting the bully himself in Siberia that when he was being scorned by this young man, he was infuriated. One could see his anger through his eyes.

"I’m a king with six severed shackles? If I’m not worthy of knowing your shady business, then who will?!"

"Oh, excuse me for my lack of manners. I didn’t know you’re a king as well. Well then, I’ll tell you," Yamen said. Although he was apologizing, he still looked calm and composed. He was still not afraid.

He was confident that his lamp would help him win any fights against everyone in this world. There was nothing for him to fear for.

"God wishes that you could let Schiller off this time," Yamen said.

Yamen did not say anything else. This was all he needed to say.

The black yak sneered. "God wishes? What god? You think we will let him off simply because you’ve told us so? How f*cking delusional! Does this bullsh*t ‘god’ not know what crazy things that wolfish knight had tried to do?" the black yak cursed under his breath.

But he didn’t shout these words out because Yellow Ox was trying to the best of his ability to calm him down.

Chu Feng’s face was frozen. "Is Schiller a henchman of this ‘god’?" Chu Feng thought to himself, "if that’s the case, we’re screwed!" Chu Feng could tell that this "god" was an omnipotent being, and an almighty one to say the least.

"Well, how cute of you to say that!" the Manchurian Tiger sneered. He was having an evil look on his face.

"God agreed that Schiller was acting rashly. It was his fault alright, but please, god asked for your forgiveness for his sin. Please give him another chance," Yamen was speaking in the name of "god" to beg for leniency and mercy for Schiller. Although he sounded polite, there was little sincerity. His arrogance and his conceit had been unleashed from the bottom of his heart.

"I’m sorry, but you may have to discuss this with the other kings and experts," the black yak finally spoke out. He had always been a temperamental person. He could easily get angry, especially when the person he’s dealing with was a nutcase.

He had been rather in restraint for the past few minutes because there was no need for him to become enemies with people from the "other world" if he didn’t have to.

"Well, in that case, I’ll discuss with the other kings and experts," Yamen said.

"I’m curious. Because with the presumption that your ‘god’ must have lived for a very long time, I want to know if he stays young forever," Yellow Ox asked.

"Of course, he stays young forever!" Yamen nodded. He then gently knocked on the silver light, and suddenly, a vague yet visible shadow appeared. It was the shadow of a man.


Everyone was taken aback.

The man that appeared on the silver light was an Eastern man. He looked quite young, but he clothed himself in a suit of ancient clothing. This young man was surrounded by black flames.

In the meantime, Chu Feng, Yellow Ox, the black yak and the Manchurian Tiger could all feel a fluctuation in energy in the air. Standing in the middle of this fluctuation, it felt like something were pressing on their chests, making it difficult for them to breathe.

The Manchurian Tiger became afraid. His pupils rapidly constricted.

"Okay, you go looking for kings and experts yourself. We’re not travelling in the same direction," Yellow Ox said.

Having said that, he and the others quickly turned around and left the place. They were heading for Kunlun Mountains.

Yamen was gazing at their receding figures as the four hurriedly scurried away. The mild smile on his face vanished, and arrogance and contempt were left in his eyes. A black bird king was hovering over his head. He hopped onto the back of that bird king.

The bird carried Yamen on its back, heading straight for Kunlun Mountains.

When the two overtook Chu Feng and the others, Yamen looked down at them with contempt. He didn’t say a word before he vanished on the distant horizon.

"He’s a very arrogant and conceited person," Chu Feng said.

"What’s the deal with that ‘god’ thing?" The Manchurian Tiger was very eager to know. Before, he could act the bully in this world because few people in this world were able to defeat him. But with the imminent arrival of those creatures from the "other world", he knew that the end of his good times was near.

"I don’t think we’re in too much of a disadvantage when we go toe to toe with him," Chu Feng said.

Yellow Ox said, "You’re right. The fact that he gave his weapon to Yamen instead of Schiller tells us a lot of things. It means that he is afraid—afraid that if Schiller had the weapon, he might overpower ‘god’ himself."

"That sounds reasonable." The black yak nodded.

"Why can’t we just kill Yamen, that son of a b*tch?! Then we can snatch that weapon for ourselves!" the Manchurian tiger asked. His bell-shaped eyes were gleaming with fury and hatred. He looked murderous.

"Don’t be reckless," Yellow Ox said. He believed that to steal this weapon would require careful planning and a lot of tough work. The flames that were burning inside that lamp were Fire of Ultimate Darkness. Its power was boundless.

With only a minute amount of Fire of Ultimate Sun, one could burn a beast king. While the Fire of Ultimate Darkness was the complete opposite of the Fire of Ultimate Sun, it would still be able to deal a horrific degree of injury to anyone who dared to come close to it.

Moreover, Yellow Ox had reason to believe that this so-called "god" must have been a young disciple of some Holy Sect in the "other world".

"The shadow on that lamp looked like the silhouette of an Eastern man, and it seemed like he was clothed in ancient attire," Chu Feng said.

"I have reason to believe that he is somehow connected to the Holy Sect of Ultimate Darkness. He could even be their disciple," Yellow Ox said.

The four were chatting as they walked on. In the end, they managed to come up with a few ideas about the situation.

"Soon, there will be no more peace in this world. When the disciples of those Holy Sects come to our world, we’ll be screwed!" the Manchurian Tiger roared.

They felt like it was too early for those otherworldly creatures to come to this world. They were not ready yet. They first needed to be stronger than every other beast in this world before they could take on the beasts that came from the other world.

Yellow Ox shook his head. He didn’t seem too worried. He stuck to his own point of view. He believed that it was not that easy for those creatures to cross the border and enter this world. The consequence of crossing the border was deadly!

These creatures were like a mob of thugs that had been put behind bars. No matter how capable they were, as long as they stayed in the primitive mountains behind the border line, no-one should fear them.

"If there’s gonna be another world war, then so be it! I don’t care if it is God, Jesus or Jehovah. If they wanna fight us, then come! Who am I? I’m mother*cking Old Black! I’ll skin the male ones alive and as to the female ones… Ha, ha… I’ll keep them with me, cozy and comfy!" The black yak laughed. He looked rather insolent.

He then threw his arm around Chu Feng’s and the Manchurian Tiger’s shoulders. The three giggled and chattered, with Yellow Ox the little boy being the only one left out of this group.

"Shh… don’t let the baby cow hear us speaking. Let’s not spoil the innocence of a child," Chu Feng said. He then winked at the black yak.

Yellow Ox still looked like a blond little boy. He turned his head around and glowered at them.

They were heading straight towards Kunlun. Yellow Ox, feeling pressured, was itching to find the Refinement Sacred Tree so that he could ask the tree to make him another piece of weapon.

"If Chu Feng could strike with his Diamond Chakram when the enemies least expect it, maybe we could destroy that silver lamp, but we ourselves have to be careful with the black Fire of Ultimate Darkness."

Yellow Ox was trying to come up with a battle plan.

They were planning to hunt down that arrogant young man before he became too powerful. The battle between them was inevitable, and it would come very soon. That so-called "god" might come to the light as well.

Chu Feng and the others were greeted with astonishing news as soon as they arrived at Kunlun Mountains!

The Peacock King and the Golden Crow King were terribly wounded at Himalayas. They were almost killed there.

"How is that possible?!" Chu Feng couldn’t believe what he heard.

With what the two were capable of, there shouldn’t have been any such incidents happening.

"It has nothing to do with the late Fanlin. The peacock and the crow found an ancient temple that were buried deep at the snow-capped mountain. It had been covered by ice and snow for thousands of years. The two led a massive army of beast kings to venture into the temple, but they came out terribly injured."

It was said that the ancient temple was ringing like a giant bell, but once you entered, the ringing turned into claps of deafening thunder. It was truly horrifying.

Yellow Ox’s eyes popped with astonishment. He mumbled to himself, "Bloody Hell! Don’t tell me that temple was practicing the Thunderous Breathing Technique, but damn, it really does sound like it, doesn’t it! Does the Thunderous Breathing Technique still exist? I thought it had lost to the world!"

Then, he quickly formed an association between this and that silver lamp. He said, "We can use the Thunderous Breathing Technique to maneuver that fire. This is a good opportunity for us!"

"Let’s go! Let’s fight our way back!" No-one had ever seen Yellow Ox being so excited. The calf even leapt into the air.

"No way! Even the Peacock King could barely survive at that place, what makes you sure that we’re going to succeed?" Chu Feng poured cold water on the calf.

"No matter! We can think of a way when we get there!" Yellow Ox said. The look in his eyes spelt persistence and determination. He was getting anxious too.

Right at this instant, Chu Feng’s communicator rang. It was his parents. There came his mother’s roar as soon as the call was answered, "You little piece of sh*t. The war’s already finished. Why haven’t you come back yet?!"

Chu Feng was diffident. He looked around him, realizing that everyone had heard what his mom had sad. They were gazing at him. Chu Feng quickly whispered, "Mom, don’t shout."

"Shout? I’m gonna beat your arse if you don’t come back immediately! I. WANT. YOU. BACK. NOW!!! You hear me? I don’t want you to be out there, fighting anymore. I want you to get married then you do whatever you want!" Wang Jing was a tough woman. This time, she was really getting serious. She had made up her mind, determined to get her son married so that she could see her grandson as early as it could get!

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